March 2017 Spotlight: Sun Shadow ~ the Reveal

I have a Pinterest board that was for a while secret but has been public for several months now. It’s called “Sun Shadow,” which is presumably the title of a novel. Well, yes, it is. That board contains all sorts of stuff for a novel that I’m eventually going to write, Sun Shadow.

You can find the Pinterest board here. It is mostly a random assortment of quotes with pictures of airplanes and movie stars from the ’40s (to the point where you might thing I’m stalking Lauren Bacall … who is dead … which makes it even weirder). For the most part, you can’t tell a ton about the book from the board, except that maybe it’s set during WW2 and involves a blonde and a brunette who are best friends, one of whom is an INFJ.

However, this writing will not happen for years and years. Why then do I mention it? Because that’s what spotlights are for. Well, that and the ramblings and contests and prizes.

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February 2017 Spotlight: Goals and Titles (Again)

Sorry about the post being so late, guys. I’ve been distracted … by How to Train Your Dragon. What? I need to spend more time with my brothers, so … okay, you’ve got me; I like HTTYD. Then I’ve been in this kinda mood these last couple days:

And my family is like this:

And I reply:


Seriously, though, we’re gonna have an awesome spotlight this month. So read on, and you’ll … I don’t know. Enjoy this post. And just remember …

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Quick Announcement for Five Fall Favorites


Hi guys! We of the Five Fall Favorites blog party decided to up the stakes!

If we reach 75 people entered in the Grand Prize giveaway, we will give a 2nd place prize of:

a $5 Amazon Gift Card and Two Kindle Books

If we reach 100 or more people we’ll give a 3rd place prize of:

Three Kindle Books!

Enter now and tell your friends and family to do the same! 🙂


There will also be offered – as an incentive/thank you for taking our survey at the end of the party – (we’ll have the link to it on Rebekah’s blog on Friday) – a short story kindle book of the participant’s choice. Rebekah Morris’s Fitting In and At the Christmas Lodge will both be available, along with others. 🙂

Thanks for reading,

~Kellyn Roth

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