In Which Kellyn Rests

When you read that title, you probably went, “Oh, no! Kellyn’s going on [yet another] hiatus!” You’re probably in a state of near-panic, right? Well, aren’t you? Eesh. I can’t believe it makes no difference to you. But the real question is, Are you really leaving us?

Well, I am and I ain’t.

I will be slowing down and concentrating on things other than blogging for the next several weeks (perhaps even months; I haven’t determined an exact time yet); however, I will be making an effort to post every Monday. Some Mondays I won’t, but I’m going to try to. But Reveries will not be my main focus for this period of time.

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California, Cats, and Contests


I’m in California, guys! Been here since Saturday. And … nothing big to report here. I’ll probably post some pictures next week (as in the week after this week). Stay tuned for that.



I admit ‘cats’ is completely random, unless you count the one sleeping behind me on the couch. Which is my bed at the moment. His name is Bruce – he’s my sister’s – and he bears a ridiculously strong resemblance to Garfield.



This is what you’ve all been waiting for, right? You all were patient, looking at my Californias and cats, when this was really what you wanted to read about.

Well, I shan’t disappoint.

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Back from “Hiatus”

I put it in quotation marks because, though I was technically not blogging for these last couple weeks, I published three posts (all reviews) during that time. 🙂

Well, guys, I’m back, well rested-up now. I’ve finished up school for the year, gotten through the terrors of band concert (which is actually not terrible … and a lot of fun … and easier than I expected), and I got a little bit of work done, too!

Ivy Introspective, front cover

I’ve also made some headway on Ivy Introspective … I now have over 13,000 words. I want to get at least 50,000, but that shouldn’t be a problem … I’m only at the beginning of the rising action.

At the moment, I’m trying to get through a couple scenes I need to happen before I ship Ivy off to a boarding school in Scotland. I have to make my way through Christmas and a Boxing Day fox hunt, send some guests away and get Alice and Posy (a secondary character, daughter of Mr. Parker) to boarding school themselves.

I’m also spending some time researching autism, though my headway has been little, I’m afraid. I’ve been reading a book on it, but it’s really, really “a beginner’s guide,” and I need more. Does anyone have any idea how I could go about this researching?

When is my goal for finishing the first draft of Ivy Introspective? Before the end of July. I refuse to allow myself to delay any longer … I’m seriously going to finish it this coming month! And I mean it! 😀

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Blogging Hiatus

Hi guys!

I’m not going to be blogging for a while! Well, I’ll be back around June 1st to be specific. I’m pretty busy right now with school and band concerts and writing deadlines and stuff.

See you in June!

~Kellyn Roth