Beautiful People, March 2017


Hi guys! Can you believe it’s time for another Beautiful People? I know I say this every month, but wow. Time flies. It really does.

This month I’m interviewing a character from the novel I’ll be working on during April, Once a Stratton. Her name is Lilli Strauss, and she’s the main character of the aforementioned story. I believe you’ve heard of Lilli before. If not, there’s no time like the present to meet her. 😉

Before we dig into the questions, take a look around you (assuming you’re viewing this post on my blog). Notice anything … different? *flips hair*

(I’m not sure why I felt a need to flip my hair. It was an impulse. It must make sense, right? Or are my impulses really that random? Your thoughts?)

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October Character Studies ~ Costumes

CS1a.pngFirst: OH MY GOSH!!! She liked my idea. Is the world collapsing on you or is it just me?!?!?!

Wait a minute … why would the world be collapsing if I actually thought up something good that someone liked for once instead of a bunch of mindless blither-blather? Well … I don’t know. Maybe because everything’s been kind of going wrong with me lately.

I was reading over reviews of The Dressmaker’s Secret, and I started going all like, “AAAH IT’S SUCH AN AWFUL BOOK, HOW COULD I HAVE WRITTEN THIS STUPIDITY, EVERYTHING’S WRONG WITH IT, etc.” (Although I have gotten some amazing reviews … but others were honest …) Then I read over old blog posts and they are so full of typos that they are impossible to understand! So, yep. Things like that keep happening …

I’m sorry guys. I’m such an awful person. 😦 😉

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September Character Studies: Celebrations

L.pngYou may not have noticed, but I was too busy to do last month’s character study, so I’m doing it today. 🙂

There are ten questions here. You can also find them on Morgan Dusky’s amazing blog, Studies in Character. Remember to check them out and perhaps do them yourself!

The theme this month is ‘celebrations & parties’ (as you can see by Morgan’s amazing new graphic).

I’m interviewing Alice Knight as an eighteen-year-old from At Her Fingertips. As I’m working on developing her (and her fellow main-ish characters) this week, filling out these questions was really great (and a lot of fun!).

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Character Studies ~ Family


Well, believe it or not, it’s time for another Character Studies!

A quick refresher: Character Studies is a monthly character interview hosted by Morgan Dusky @Studies in Characters. Morgan’s blog has been taken over by her characters, and these eleven are a lot of fun! You should totally check out her (or rather their!) blog.

I’ll be answering the questions for both Part 1 and Part 2.

Today, Miss Selle will be answering the questions. Do you remember her from The Dressmaker’s Secret? Well, if you don’t, she’s the headmistress of Miss Selle’s Boarding School for Girls, which was founded by her mother. She uses the name ‘Selle’ for credit … it’s actually ‘Jones.’ 🙂

So, the questions! This is gonna be great, because she doesn’t really have that great of a family … or any family at tall, besides her sister.

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Beautiful People #19 & #20

10928109_595959117172101_1450331761_nA couple months back I did Beautiful People #18. I forgot (well, didn’t have time) to do #19 (Random Questions), so I decided to answer those now. 🙂 I’ll also be answering the questions for #20, which is Appearance.

What is Beautiful People? Well, you can find out anything you want to do about it here. It’s just me asking my characters questions, yada yada. Today I’ll be interviewing Troy Kee, a character from The Lady of the Vineyard (again).

Note: I changed the questions around a little so they’re asked directly as the character instead of to the author about the character.

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July Character Studies ~ Beliefs, Ideals, and Morals


Well, it’s time for another Character Studies! This time we have “Beliefs, Ideals, and Morals” for the subject. It’s a fun one. I’ve noticed that most people are doing unfeeling pessimists. Or perhaps that’s just me. At any rate, I’m doing a character I don’t know much about, so … maybe she’s an unfeeling pessimist. Goodness knows!

Introducing Mrs. Collier, or Granny, Adele’s mother and Judy’s grandmother from The Lady of the Vineyard.

Oh, before we go, I’d better do some reminding for new readers and old ones who don’t remember.

Character Studies is a monthly character interview hosted by Morgan Dusky @Studies in Characters. You can find out more about Character Studies here! You should totally do them; they’re one of my favorite, fun ways to develop characters.

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June Character Studies ~ Comfort


Well, another Character Studies has come around! As some (most, that is) of you probably know, Character Studies is hosted by Morgan Dusky ( She has the coolest blog you ever saw! Her characters have (supposedly) possessed it, and they write the posts. Very entertaining (and informative).

Today, as usual, I’ll be doing Parts 1 & 2. 🙂

This month’s theme is “comfort.” Well, Ereinne (one of Morgan’s characters) calls it “affection,” but whatever. Same thing. XD

This week I’ll be interviewing Tae (or, if you prefer, Crowned Prince Taevian of Gigia), a character from my partially-finished work-in-progress (and likely to stay a work-in-progress for a long time), Caught in a Spell. He’s conceited and uncaring and … this is going to be fun.

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May Character Studies: Hobbies


Well, it’s time for another Character Study! 🙂 For those of you who don’t know, Character Studies is a monthly character interview hosted by Morgan Dusky at Studies in Characters. You should totally check out her awesome blog! It’s so creative!

So, this time I’m going to be interviewing one of my favorite characters from The Dressmaker’s Secret, Nettie. Nettie is … well, Nettie’s just plain awesome.

Anyway, it’s time to get started! Hopefully it won’t be too boring … despite her loveliness, Nettie’s pretty dull sometimes. XD Continue reading “May Character Studies: Hobbies”

April Character Studies: Faults

imageOnce again, it’s time for Character Studies! As you may know, it’s hosted by Morgan Dusky at Studies in Character. You can find out more about it here.

This month’s theme is Character Faults. I’ll be interviewing George McAllen from The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy. He’ll make an appearance for the first time in the series in Ivy Introspective as Dr. McAllen’s assistant and trainee.

I was going to interview Ivy, but then I realized that I wanted to know more about a different character … and hopefully this will help me.

I’ll be using the questions from both part 1 and part 2.

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March Character Studies

Morgan Dusky at Studies in Character, a wonderful blog written almost entirely by the author’s fictitious characters, hosts a monthly character study. You can find out more about it here. This month’s theme is Introductions.

And yes. I do realize that it’s April. I’ve been having a crazy week … actually, I’ve been having several crazy weeks … and there’s a lot of stuff I need to catch up on, this included!

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