I’m always working on several projects. These are (some of) my current ones. I tried to cover all the novels I’ve mentioned on this blog, however.

Once a Stratton

first novel in the Lilli Strauss series

Lilli Strauss never meant to offend anyone … but apparently marrying a German immigrant from the Philadelphia slums is an inconceivable action that must separate her from her family, the illustrious Strattons.

A year later, with a baby to think about, Lilli accepts her overbearing older sister’s request to come with her and her family, the Farjons, on their Virginia plantation while Lilli’s husband Chris goes through college.

However, Lilli soon finds that she simply can’t live in a place where her fellow human beings – regardless of their color – are enslaved. She can’t just look away; she is no longer what she once was; she is changed now. She is simply once a Stratton.

Progress: approx. 40K written. Goal: putting aside for a time.


Interpreting Callie James

a historical novella

With his family relying on him for support after his father’s death, former football star Charlie Hanson takes extra work doing odd jobs for reclusive “Crazy” Callie James.

Unable to follow his buddies (and best girl) to college, Charlie is sure he’s lost everything, but Callie soon shows him that there’s more to life than a having a group of friends to approve your every move, wise or not.

Even a crazy person living on the edge of a swamp is worth getting to know.

Progress: outline completed. Goal: putting aside for a time.


At Her Fingertips

the third book in The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy

Alice Knight has always had certain plans for her life. She will go to London. She will meet a dashing, rich gentleman who will sweep her off her feet. She will marry and raise a perfect family.

However, Alice’s life doesn’t seem to be cooperating with her plans. When her childhood friend arrives at Pearlbelle Park with amorous intent, she isn’t sure how to respond.

With her head pulling her one way and her heart another, Alice doesn’t know where to turn. Can she make the right choice in the most important decision of her life?

Progress: alpha reading! Goal: start draft 3 in September.


Adae [WIP title]

a fairytale-retelling novelette

Adae has always come second to her gorgeous twin sister, Merita [Blythe?]. Second in brains, second in individuality, and second in beauty. The one thing she’s not second in is birth, and even that Merita threatens to take away from her.

The only thing she has is the magic mirror and the wisdom of the genie within. At first deemed a useless gift which has no power but to reflect, she soon finds that Carmelli, her friend in the reflection, can look within her and reflect her true self.

But will that be enough?

Progress: writing. Goal: finish in September.


The Shadow of the Sun [WIP title]

Christian historical romance

full-length sequel to The Lady of the Vineyard

(WIP blurb!)

Millie Lark has always taken second place to her best friend, Adele Collier, in everything. She’s not as smart, she’s not as beautiful, and her personality is by no means as flashy. However, with a job at the War Office [undetermined], she hopes to pull herself out from underneath Adele’s long shadow and find her own place in the world.

But, Adele still seems to have a hold on her. Millie has never had a boyfriend, never gone on a date that wasn’t just to help her friends juggle men, never done anything exciting or daring, and never fallen in love.

All that’s about to change.

Progress: brainstorming; I’m not really working on it now.


Beyond Her Calling

the fourth novel in The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy

note: the summary is very much a WIP!

After her sister Alice’s marriage and subsequent move, Ivy Knight feels lost and lonely, worried that she’ll be expected to take her sister’s place as eldest daughter of the family. Missing her friends in Scotland, she begs her parents to let her visit. They gladly agree, and Ivy heads to McCale House.


Jordy McAllen has just graduated with honors from the University of Edinburgh (?) and sees his plans to become Dr. McCale’s partner unfolding before his eyes. However, first he needs some medical experience, and where better to get it than at his hometown, Keefmore?

Ivy desperately wants to find something to do with her life, and helping Jordy with his work at Keefmore seems like the perfect opportunity. Still, she doubts herself, and so does Jordy. Is Ivy’s purpose in life simply to be, or is there more for her? To find out, she must go beyond her calling.

Progress: outlining. Goal: write in November.


Caught in a Spell

a Christian fantasy novel

[Princesses Jessa and Havi are forced to flee their kingdom, Killeen, along with Havi’s fiance, Millum. Two years later, they’re given an opportunity to win their thrones back, but only if they agree to work with narcissistic Prince Taevian of Gigia.]

This plot (and subsequently the blurb) need a lot of work.

Progress: putting aside for a time.



10 thoughts on “Works-in-Progress

  1. OMIGOSH PLEASE PLEASE I RLLY WANNA CRITIQUE AT HER FI- *ahem.* sorry bout that. I really like all of your covers! I really like Ivy Introspective, and really any of the “Ivy” books and things, I just love the character!
    Annecy, Your Faithful Reader

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, that’s sweet of you! Maybe you’ll get an opportunity to read At Her Fingertips this summer. It isn’t really about Ivy, though; it’s about Alice. 🙂


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