I’m always working on several projects. These are (some of) my current ones. (Yes “some of.” You don’t know hard it is to keep them organized.)

I update this page somewhat infrequently. (Last time was 03/03/2018.) I try to update the sidebar every week or so.

Once a Stratton

first novel in the Lilli Strauss series

Lilli Strauss never meant to offend anyone … but apparently marrying a German immigrant from the Philadelphia slums is an inconceivable action that must separate her from her family, the illustrious Strattons.

A year later, with a baby to think about, Lilli accepts her overbearing older sister’s request to come with her and her family, the Farjons, on their Virginia plantation while Lilli’s husband Chris goes to college.

However, Lilli soon finds that she simply can’t live in a place where her fellow human beings – regardless of their color – are enslaved. She can’t just look away; she is no longer what she once was; she is changed now. But … she was once a Stratton. Is family or beliefs more important?

Approximately 45,000 words written.


Interpreting Callie James

a historical romance novella

With his family relying on him for support after his father’s death, former football star Charlie Hanson takes extra work doing odd jobs for reclusive “Crazy” Callie James.

Unable to follow his buddies (and best girl) to college, Charlie is sure he’s lost everything, but Callie soon shows him that there’s more to life than a having a group of friends to approve your every move, wise or not.

Even a crazy person living on the edge of a swamp is worth getting to know.

Outline completed. Unsure as to when I will pick it up again.


Beyond Her Calling

the fourth novel in The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy

At twenty, Ivy Knight feels as if she hasn’t accomplished anything of worth. Her life stretches on before her, empty and pointless. Though her faith in God and her mental abilities have been strengthened, she still doubts herself. Does God have a purpose for a socially awkward, often confused and frightened young woman?

Jordy McAllen has just returned to Scotland after his education in London. Though he has accomplished a lot for a farm lad such as himself, he fears that what everyone has always said about him may be true: he won’t really make a good doctor. Determined to prove himself, Jordy snatches up the opportunity to become the doctor in the village of Keefmore near his parents’ farm.

Helping Jordy with his work at Keefmore seems like the perfect opportunity for Ivy. Still, she doubts herself. Is there a purpose to Ivy’s life?

The first draft is completed at about 70,000 words. Revisions began.


Alice Unanswered

the fifth novel in The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy

Blurb coming soon!

Writing draft 1.

Water on the Rocks

a historical romance set in WW2 Oregon

Zion Oglivy has always rebelled against every trace of authority, from his parents to God. Three years ago, his world was turned upside down when a collision with a logging truck left him in a full body cast for six months and without a wife. A pilot of the Army Air Force, he will soon be shipped off to the Pacific, but not before he finds a secure place for his five-year-old half-Native American daughter, Patty, to stay until he returns … or if he doesn’t.

Linda Anderson lives a neat, orderly life and does what is right and proper no matter the cost. She volunteers in every area she can to help the war effort, her church, or whatever other cause needs aid and considers herself the model Christian for her efforts. When she finds out that one of her Sunday school student is half-Wyam, a Celilo Falls Indian, she doesn’t know what to think.

Zion and Linda take an instant dislike to each other. But when Linda’s parents agree to take care of Patty for the duration of the war – longer, if necessary – Linda must spend time with the disagreeable pilot. It’s especially difficult since Mr. and Mrs. Anderson seem to think he’d make the perfect husband!

Outlining and researching round 1.


18 thoughts on “Works-in-Progress

  1. OMIGOSH PLEASE PLEASE I RLLY WANNA CRITIQUE AT HER FI- *ahem.* sorry bout that. I really like all of your covers! I really like Ivy Introspective, and really any of the “Ivy” books and things, I just love the character!
    Annecy, Your Faithful Reader

    1. Awww, that’s sweet of you! Maybe you’ll get an opportunity to read At Her Fingertips this summer. It isn’t really about Ivy, though; it’s about Alice. 🙂

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