I’m always working on several projects. These are (some of) my current ones.

Once a Stratton

Lilli Strauss never meant to offend anyone … but apparently marrying a German immigrant from the Philadelphia slums is an inconceivable action that must separate her from her family, the illustrious Strattons.

A year later, with a baby to think about, Lilli accepts her overbearing older sister’s request to come with her and her family, the Farjons, on their Virginia plantation while Lilli’s husband Chris goes through college.

However, Lilli soon finds that she simply can’t live in a place where her fellow human beings – regardless of their color – are enslaved. She can’t just look away; she is no longer what she once was; she is changed now. She is simply once a Stratton.

Progress: approx. 40K written. Goal: finish in August.


Interpreting Callie James

With his family relying on him for support after his father’s death, former football star Charlie Hanson takes extra work doing odd jobs for reclusive “Crazy” Callie James.

Unable to follow his buddies (and best girl) to college, Charlie is sure he’s lost everything, but Callie soon shows him that there’s more to life than a having a group of friends to approve your every move, wise or not.

Even a crazy person living on the edge of a swamp is worth getting to know.

Progress: outline completed. Goal: write in August?

At Her Fingertips

Alice Knight has always had definite plans for her life. Now that she’s eighteen and about to come out into society, her plans seem to be at her fingertips: she’s on her way to becoming a debutante and then, she hopes, a bride.

However, for the first time in her life, Alice’s emotions and common sense prod her in different directions.

What does God lead us to follow? Our heads or our hearts?

Progress: revisions starting now. Goal: get to alpha readers in August.


Adae has always come second to her gorgeous twin sister, Blythe. Second in brains, second in individuality, and second in beauty. The one thing she’s not second in is birth, and even that Blythe threatens to take away from her.

The only thing she has is the magic mirror and the wisdom of the genie within. At first deemed a useless gift which has no power but to reflect, she soon finds that Carmelli, her friend in the reflection, can look within her and reflect her true self.

But will that be enough?

Progress: brainstorming. Goal: start writing in August.

8 thoughts on “Works-in-Progress

  1. OMIGOSH PLEASE PLEASE I RLLY WANNA CRITIQUE AT HER FI- *ahem.* sorry bout that. I really like all of your covers! I really like Ivy Introspective, and really any of the “Ivy” books and things, I just love the character!
    Annecy, Your Faithful Reader

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, that’s sweet of you! Maybe you’ll get an opportunity to read At Her Fingertips this summer. It isn’t really about Ivy, though; it’s about Alice. 🙂


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