The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy

The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy is a series of Christian historical fiction novels set during the Victorian era (1870-1895).

Book 1, The Dressmaker’s Secret, is focused on Alice Chattoway, a curious eight-year-old who longs to reunite her family.

Book 2, Ivy Introspective (coming June 24th 2017), is about Alice’s “simpleton” twin sister, Ivy, and her adventures at McCale House, a boarding school in Scotland.

Book 3, At Her Fingertips, returns to Alice, now a young lady experiencing her first London Season.

Book 4, Beyond Her Calling, shows Ivy struggling to find her place in a world she doesn’t seem to quite fit into.

34 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy

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  3. Eheh, I just found you through Lana’s blog. I didn’t know you had a blog! (I’m Shim from the YWP, by the way.)

    WHOA THOSE COVERS ARE SO GORGEOUS. I especially love the last two. Where did you get them, if I may ask?

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  4. Man, I need to read the first one! “At Her Fingertips” is gorgeous! Is “Beyond the Wall” the last book you’ll write in the series, or the last one planned so far?

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  5. Well, don’t do what I do; “Here’s an outline for a trilogy! I haven’t written even half of book 1, but I think there should be a book 4! And 5!”

    (This is Dix from YWP)

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  6. I love the cover of Beyond the Wall!
    And you really need to write At Her Fingertips and Beyond the Wall so that I can read them! 😉


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