Guest Posts

Interested in doing a guest post on Reveries? Submit your idea here, and I’ll contact you as soon as I can!

Why should you guest post?

  • It may attract people from my blog to yours. Share a blog post by you on my blog and several of my readers are bound to see it and check out your blog!
  • If you reblog it, it’s a big favor to me in way of advertising Reveries. I’m not a big-time blogger, although I do have quite a few followers. I appreciate what publicity I can get. 🙂
  • You can concentrate on writing the blog post and not have to worry about publishing and maintaining it. You have to admit that actually publishing a post takes time. Seriously. And then there’s replying to comments … okay, maybe the actual publishing isn’t hard. But it does take some time. 😉
  • I’d love to do a blog post swap, in which case there will be a day in which you don’t have to write a blog post. Taking a break is always nice! It’s one of the reasons I like to do blog posts, actually. It lets me relax a little.
  • It’s fun! This is my biggest reason for inviting guest bloggers to Reveries. It really is a lot of fun! 😀

What should you know about guest-posting on Reveries?

  • You’ll send me the blog post in full via email (or message on a social media site if you’re not allowed to use your email), including images, links, etc.
  • I’ll be responsible for the format, but will try to make it match your specifications.
  • I’ll post it myself, clearly crediting you as the author and adding a short bio, a link to your blog, and links to any social media website you’re on as requested.

What kind of posts do I want on Reveries?

Acceptable subjects include …

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Art
  • Music
  • Christianity
  • Fun facts

Even if your blog post doesn’t quite fit in with the above subjects, I’d be willing to consider it. Or perhaps you don’t have a solid idea … but you’d love to have a guest post on Reveries! We can brainstorm together if you’d like. I’m often fresh out of blog post ideas myself. 😉

Ready to guest post? Submit your idea here!


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