Pre-Made Ebook Covers

Pre-made covers already have everything but the title, author name, and any series/subtitle – which I will add in at your request. After you have purchased a pre-made cover, it will never be used again. It is all yours.

What would before and after look like?

Before and After

Each pre-made cover is individually priced. The cheapest is around $8 and the most expensive comes to $20. Prices are negotiable, at least to a certain extent.

Changes besides adding the correct title/other text will cost $1 each for small changes (e.g. font, text position, colors) and $2 each for large changes (changing or re-positioning photos, changing of color scheme, photo edits).

I can add a matching back cover for $5. I am not currently able to make a full cover including a spine.

To order a pre-made cover, send me an email (, contact me on social media, or fill out this form!



Pre-Made Covers Currently Available

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