March 2017 Spotlight: Sun Shadow ~ the Reveal

I have a Pinterest board that was for a while secret but has been public for several months now. It’s called “Sun Shadow,” which is presumably the title of a novel. Well, yes, it is. That board contains all sorts of stuff for a novel that I’m eventually going to write, Sun Shadow.

You can find the Pinterest board here. It is mostly a random assortment of quotes with pictures of airplanes and movie stars from the ’40s (to the point where you might thing I’m stalking Lauren Bacall … who is dead … which makes it even weirder). For the most part, you can’t tell a ton about the book from the board, except that maybe it’s set during WW2 and involves a blonde and a brunette who are best friends, one of whom is an INFJ.

However, this writing will not happen for years and years. Why then do I mention it? Because that’s what spotlights are for. Well, that and the ramblings and contests and prizes.

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February 2017 Spotlight: Goals and Titles (Again)

Sorry about the post being so late, guys. I’ve been distracted … by How to Train Your Dragon. What? I need to spend more time with my brothers, so … okay, you’ve got me; I like HTTYD. Then I’ve been in this kinda mood these last couple days:

And my family is like this:

And I reply:


Seriously, though, we’re gonna have an awesome spotlight this month. So read on, and you’ll … I don’t know. Enjoy this post. And just remember …

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January 2017 Spotlight: Yet Another Peek into the Workings of At Her Fingertips


Another spotlight is upon us, and today I’m going to veer into uncharted waters with a discussion about The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy, Book 3: At Her Fingertips.

What? you say. You’ve posted thousands of excerpts and quotes and made us read through post upon post about every stage of your outlining and writing process!

I know, I know! But I’ve been focusing on other projects throughout December and January, so it’s time to return to the book which critics (well, my friend Bay Ray) are calling “Kellyn Roth’s best work yet.” (though probably with more spelling errors and exclamation points, knowing Bay …)

Though I guess there technically aren’t any uncharted waters here.

Well. Let’s see if I can’t give you some new information without spoilers.

For At Her Fingertips, anyway; there will probably be spoilers for The Dressmaker’s Secret. After all, we’re talking the third book in the series and it would be almost impossible not to … so yep.

Beware of TDS spoilers! Even though there are spoilers for TDS in almost every post now. What can I say? You need to read it! 😉

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December 2016 Spotlight: I Don’t Usually Write in this Genre …


I know it’s been several months (September, to be precise) since the last spotlight, but you remember what a spotlight is, right? Well, just to refresh your memory (or to inform you if you just started following me), it’s me shining a ‘spotlight’ on something I’m working on at the moment. Kinda like an author update, only a more in-depth peak. With a special name. And lots of pictures. And (I just determined this) a theme.

Can you guess what the theme is? If you can and you comment it first, you win a free ebook copy of The Lady of the Vineyard. I have PDF, MOBI, and EPUB, just so you know.

I am not kidding! I will need an email address, though (although you can email me so you don’t have to post it in the comments or anything), so yeah. That might narrow things down because I know some of you don’t want to give away your email addresses. Especially since you read this blog post … and realized how blood-thirsty I am …


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September 2016 Spotlight ~ IvIn Excerpt and Theme


Well, it’s once-again time for our monthly spotlight! Just in case you need a refresher, here’s the first spotlight post where I explained what a spotlight is, where I got the idea from, etc.

This month I’m going to be sharing a little bit of my novel, Ivy Introspective, which is hopefully coming out sometime in early 2017. I actually only have eight days until I’m either going to finish IvIn and burn my house to the ground.

Don’t you mean “or”?

What’s the difference?

Well, if you don’t say “or,” then … you’re going to burn your house to the ground either way.

Oh. Whatever. “I actually only have eight days until I’m either going to finish IvIn or burn my house to the ground.” Satisfied?


Somebody tell me they got the kinda-sorta reference! Please? Hasn’t anyone else watched that amazing, stupid, wonderful, hilarious movie?

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August 2016 Spotlight ~ Character Theme Songs and Important Updates


One of my dearest friends in the blogging world is Lana from The Music of Words. Which is a great blog, by the way. one of the few I actually read through every word of every post. *guilty grin*

Anyways, moving on …

Lana started doing this thing recently called ‘spotlights.’ She’s done two so far (find #1 here and #2 here). And Lana’s explanation of what that is …

What is this “Spotlight” you speak of? you may be asking. Well, I’ll explain it to you. During the week or two I’ve been gone from the blogosphere did you notice? I was (as well as procrastinating from Camp NaNo) thinking a bit about how to improve my blogging. And I decided I wanted to share more writing with you more often, but I can’t exactly write a short story every week. Then I thought of writing a novel solely on this blog, which would be fun, but I have no ideas, let alone motivation to actually do it.

So I came up with the idea of the Spotlight. Basically, weekly I will “shine the spotlight” on some of the writing I worked on that week, which will probably include excerpts of some of my favorite parts, anything that I really enjoyed writing, cool descriptions, thoughts, etc. Basically anything that I feel really struck me gets to be posted here!

That means that not only will you get to read more of my writing through excerpts, you’ll also get to know my characters a lot better and get a feel for my novel. Are you in? I hope so! (source)

She’s letting me steal this idea (at least, I think she said it was okay … didn’t she? Lana?), and so here I am. Stealing the spotlight. 😄 Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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Personality Types in The Dressmaker’s Secret

As some of you may know, there are sixteen basic personality types and, more or less, everyone can be classed into one of them. I favor the INTJ personality. At least I think so. My mom thinks I may be an ISTP or something else.

Anyway, I took the personality test for the characters of my upcoming novel, The Dressmaker’s Secret … and here are the results I got. 🙂

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Where do all these ideas come from, anyway?

‘Tis a question we authors ask ourselves after the book is completed and we’re trying to remember when it started. When did we get the idea for a character or a part of a plot or a sentence that turned into the monster novel we created?

As some of you may know, I wrote The Dressmaker’s Secret in November of 2014 for NaNoWriMo. I didn’t decide on writing The Dressmaker’s Secret until a few weeks before NaNo and even then the plot I had in mind was nothing like the plot of The Dressmaker’s Secret now … or the plot of TDS (The Dressmaker’s Secret) in the first draft!

I hadn’t really decided on much, but the basic idea was a little girl wanting to know her father. And getting to know him. It wasn’t about finding him. It wasn’t about proving her legitimacy. It was about her establishing a relationship with him.

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Christianity in The Dressmaker’s Secret

“If it’s at all possible, Lord Jesus, couldn’t you have Mummy tell me something – anything – about my father?”

The first draft of The Dressmaker’s Secret contained almost no mentions of God … which is pretty lame consider the fact that I decided when I started writing novels that I was going to do it to glorify God.

Sometime in early 2015, I decided to add Christian elements to The Dressmaker’s Secret. I then realized how fun it would be! Alice, an eight-year-old little girl, is a very devoted Christian who almost constantly prays throughout the day … or at least she will by the final draft!

“Dear God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit … Take care of me. Help me be patient and kind and good. Take care of Mummy and Ivy and Uncle Charlie and Aunt Christy and Nettie. Make Mummy be a Christian before she dies and can’t be with you. Oh, and … if Mummy isn’t happy, won’t you help her be? Jesus’ name, Amen.”

It was easy to add in, deepened Alice’s character, and added more to what I want to be the effect of all my books; though life is hard, there is always something beautiful if you just look hard enough.

Other than Alice, there is Nettie, Alice’s teacher and nanny and Miss Chattoway’s best friend and maid.

Nettie is one of my favorite characters in The Dressmaker’s Secret. She is motherly towards Alice, Ivy, and Miss Chattoway, she is firm in her tireless faith and friendship, she is kind, she is understanding, she listens well, and she never thinks of self. I wish I could be like Nettie!

“Claire, listen for a moment. I’ve told you time and time again, but you won’t listen. Jesus can heal you; He can wash you clean! No, He already has, if you repent and accept His Gift … if you only believe!” [Nettie]

“Well, I don’t believe.” [Miss Chattoway]

In the first draft, Miss Chattoway had no relationship with God whatsoever … but then, none of the characters did. In the beginning of the new draft, Miss Chattoway is very different. She knows that she is a sinner and refuses to understand grace, so refuses to admit that there is a God at all who will punish transgressions.

Free? What did Nettie mean, ‘free?’ Nothing good in this world came free! For everything, there was charge!


Later, when Ivy becomes fatally ill, Miss Chattoway has a sudden change of heart as she feels her own helplessness.


Although there will be Christian elements, I hope non-Christians will also be able to enjoy it. 🙂

Well, I’d better go now. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to comment and like!

~Kellyn Roth