Hello All! I decided to share with you a post from the blog I co-author on, Send the Light. The subject is “Responsibility.” I’d love it if you headed over there and read it … and maybe even gave me your thoughts, as I’m not sure I said anything legible. 😉



Nowadays, people just don’t want to take responsibility for themselves.

If you get pregnant, it’s okay. You don’t have to deal with it. Just get an abortion. If you’re underage, your parents will have to pay for it anyway. You don’t have to take responsibility.

If you don’t want to get a job, it’s okay. You don’t have to deal with it. That’s what Obamacare, food stamps, and such are for. You don’t have to take responsibility.

If you riot and destroy personal property, it’s okay. You don’t have to deal with it. The government will ignore it. You don’t have to take responsibility.

If you reveal national secrets, it’s okay. You don’t have to deal with it. We’ll let you run for president. You don’t have to take responsibility.

Even if you’re not guilty of any of these things, you’re not taking responsibility for something, aren’t you? I imagine everyone here…

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How much is too much?

I wrote another post for Send the Light, a Christian blog I co-author on … this time on a somewhat different subject than what I’m used to … makeup.

What? Makeup can be a very tricky subject for Christian girls! It really can! 😛


That’s right. Today we’re talking about cosmetics. No, I’m not going to give you beauty tips. I’m going to talk about Christianity and makeup. Some people seem to think they don’t jive. Well, I disagree … to a certain extent. So here are my thoughts – and my advice – to you.

As girls, we want to look our best. We like to be pretty. Makeup can definitely enhance our natural beauty … or cover up anything you don’t think is beautiful. We also want to feel safe. Makeup can give you security. We want to be accepted. Makeup is definitely popular nowadays.

This isn’t going to be another post about you being beautiful on the inside. Being beautiful on the inside is what counts – but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about makeup.

I think I was about twelve when I started wearing cosmetics of any kind (except for costumes…

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Something I need to say.

I don’t do this often, so you must forgive me when I do. Especially since this is a great post, and I’m sick of everyone throwing baby fits just because their favorite candidate didn’t win.

Flourishing by Restful Falls


There’s something I need to say.

If you’re an American citizen, Trump IS your president. Period.

Personally, I don’t think you can say you’re an American if you don’t accept the outcome of the election. Having your own view is good, but slamming down on our president is NOT ok. He is our commander in chief, and trust me, he isn’t leaving any time soon.

And the more you rebuke the result of the election, the more our country will separate and become weak.

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”
Romans 13:1-7

Trust me, God made Trump our president, he has a plan. And we need to trust that plan. God uses all kinds of people for his good. Do you want “proof” that Trump becoming out president was all…

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Merry Christmas! And I mean it.

Another post I wrote on Send the Light. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂



Hiya y’all!

Before I go any farther, I just want to say …


Don’t you DARE be afraid to say it to EVERYONE you meet in these next couple weeks! HAPPY HOLIDAYS IS HEREBY BANNED FROM YOUR VOCABULARY!!! Politically correct? Puhleeze. Don’t even try. Trust me; it’s impossible to be a politically correct Christian (see my most favorite non-carol Christmas song).

Why can’t you be a politically correct Christian?

Because the Truthisn’t politically correct anymore.

It isn’t politically correct to say that homosexuality is a sin.

It isn’t politically correct to say that women can’t kill their babies.

It isn’t politically correct to say that Jesus Christ is the only Way, the only Truth, and the only Life.

Never be afraid to shout the truth to the world! Don’t fight…

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Dear Fellow Writers: No Man Is an Island

I know I’m supposed to be blogging myself today (and I will! Just be patient; my “December Dares” post will be up this afternoon), but I decided to reblog this fantastic post by Hannah A. Krynicki. I believe I’ve told you before that I write primarily to share truth (without climbing up on the pulpit, at which point peoples’ ears generally turn off). Well, this is a fantastic summing-up of something I’ve been trying to say for a long time. 🙂

Hannah A. Krynicki

Did you enter the eBook giveaway yet? It’s still open, and you can enter as many times as you like, so be sure to jump in! Now, enjoy my latest missive. 

Dear fellow writers,

I need your help.

We’re in a war. This is the age of information, and books are written quickly and in huge quantities. Every week my phone notifies me of hundreds of new books to browse in the Kindle store; and that is just in the electronic library. Humanity has been writing since practically the beginning of time, and people keep producing new stories at a viral rate.

We writers are tempted to view the other authors as the competition. Like generals, we scour the Kindle store to see how we can maneuver our own small army of books and gain more ground. Fairytale retellings are the in-thing now? I must write one so I have a chance…

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I know, I know … no posts on the weekend. But that’s my rule, not your rule, so what do you care?! Seriously, though, folks, this is another post I wrote on Send the Light. I hope you enjoy, like, comment on, and share it. 🙂


imageSome people believe in the ‘age of accountability.’ Essentially, this means that, until a certain age (most say twelve or thirteen), children are not accountable for their actions as they are not old enough to choose Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

This way, infants – especially those who died before birth due to miscarriage or abortion – would be able to get to heaven despite the fact that they never became Christians in the traditional sense of believing in Jesus, etc.

However, this idea doesn’t really make sense to me. I want it to be true … but children choose to be the little brats they are (’cause I know I did! Do, actually … I’m not past being a little brat … only now I’m a big brat … and pretty soon I’ll be adult brat … it’s really not cool!) it’s not mentioned in the Bible. It says in…

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God for President?

A post I wrote on the blog I co-author on, Send the Light, is now up! Go check it out, and, if you’ve a mind to, subscribe to our posts! 🙂



Today millions of American have to choose between two presidential candidates.

One is Delilah in her trickiest form.

The other is a bull-headed Samson.

That’s a hard choice, and I won’t even try to tell you which one is better. This is one of the most debated elections in the history of the USA, and I think I’ll stay out of it, especially since I can’t vote. 😛

Secular audiences seem to be of the opinion that if Clinton or Trump (whomever is their favorite) is chosen, America is going to become ‘great’ again. Because man is going up, up,up! (Ha!)

But that leads to the supposition that America was once great before.

Let’s think. When was America great? Most would say it was pretty good when the US first started up, back in the late 1700s. They might say it was greatest in the 1940s, the 1910s, or some point…

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Social Media: What Does an Author Really Need?

I was going to do a second post for The Plotting Crash Course today … but you know what? I want to devote what I have of today (and it’s not much) to Ivy Introspective, so I’m going to direct you to another great blog post and hope my mother reads it. 😛

By the way, I may be moving Plotting Crash Course posts to Tuesdays and Fridays only … I know it’s off the schedule, but …

Writing in the Light

What social media sites should an author have?

There are so many social media sites, but does an author really need to be on all of them? Is one or more of them indispensable to the serious author or do they just clutter and waste time? And the answer is… *draws deep breath* everyone has different views. What a surprise.


From what I’ve seen, focused work on most platforms can bring in revenue if you know what you’re doing. At least there are courses on how to grow and make money on Twitter, or using Pinterest, or with Facebook ads, from people who have used these sites themselves. That being said, an author only has so much time, so you want to spend it on what works and not just throw out information and hope it draws some people in. This involves trial and error (or buying a course), analytics…

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Relatable Things for Homeschoolers

I know I’m not supposed to post on Sunday … but to be fair, this isn’t posting. It’s reblogging. Reblogging is very different from posting.

Anyway, this as a great post from The Upstairs Girl (a cool blog you should check out) and … yep. It’s about homeschoolers. It’s pretty hilarious.


The Girl Upstairs

Hi guys! *waves*

First off, I want to thank all of YOU for the lovely feedback you left me on my survey. 🙂 Nearly 40 of you took it and you had some extremely helpful thoughts and aroused some new posting ideas. (I’m going to post a new blogging series on Monday! 😀 )

A lot of you said you loved my post, The Life of a Fangirl, and I decided to do one similar to it. 🙂 This time, it’s Relatable things for Homeschoolers! (I was thinking of turning posts like this into a series…what do you think?)

Today I have a list of things that homeschoolers can relate to and will probably find funny. 😉 If you’re not homeschooled, this post might help give you a look into the life of a homeschooler. 🙂

Let’s begin, shall we? 😛

i am both of these. (and yes i'm a princess too.):


Sooo true! I’m Rapunzel…I woke up at 5am this morning. o_0…

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The Life of a Writer

I just finished reading this post on Blue Eyes, Gray Eyes, one of the blogs I follow. It is amazing. I am finally understood. These GIFs understand me. 😛

let's be lost

Pictures that most writers can relate to — I know I can. (There’s lots of images, but they’re funny.)

This happens to me. All. The. Time.:


  1. Staying up until two in the morning just thinking is a real thing for us writers. That’s why I always keep a notebook in my bed — so I can write down plot ideas in the middle of the night. It can be pretty terrible, because sometimes you JUST WANT TO SLEEP.

finish writing the story please:


2. Sooooo many unfinished story. Dozens of them, gathering dust in notebooks or forgotten computer files.

Rather accurate.:


3. But so, so worth it.



4. I would suggest that they make the light blue section a tad bit bigger.



5. I look up the weirdest stuff for my writing.

I think every writer needs this.:


6. I actually printed this out at taped it to my door. 😄






8. YES.



9. UGH. Why is this so…

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