Beautiful People #22, A Free Book, and a Poem

Guess what? Beautiful People is back! *dances*

Okay, so let me be completely honest with you … Beautiful Books was fun and all … but I totally missed talking about my characters … or rather from my characters’ perspectives, as I always change the questions so my guys can answer them instead of me. Because I’m boring. But me charries? Not so much.

For those of you who don’t know, Beautiful People is a monthly linkup hosted by Cait and Sky. You can find out more about it here.

Before you read on, I have something really cool to share with you … a free ebook!


That’s right! The Lady of the Vineyard is free on Amazon Kindle today. Get it now! You should ’cause it’s a great book. It has people in it. *nods*

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A (Brief) Tour of My Room and Random Poems

I decided y’all need a tour of a published author’s room so when y’all are published authors, you’ll have some ideas for décor.

Okay, who am I kidding? I just want to show off my organizational skills … which are really awful, by the way.

To fend off the boredom, I’ve got a bunch of random poems posted at the end that I found in old notebooks while organizing (read: going through all my stuff). And a couple poems I wrote today, too.

Ready … set … picture #1!

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Christmas In Theory


In theory, Christmas is a ton

Of joyfulness and merry fun

Of presents gifted from the heart

Of puddings and plums and strawberry tarts

In theory, fir needles never fall

Off a tree, which isn’t too tall

Or too short, too fat, too dead

And Christmas carols don’t hurt you head

By being sung just out of tune

Mistletoe is opportune

Ly placed just where the sweethearts stand

And sleigh bells ring throughout the land

And relatives arrive on time

And get along. So all the signs

Point towards a joyous day

At least that’s what the carols say.

~Kellyn Roth

Photography, Poetry, and Life

Another of my three-in-one posts. 🙂

First, the new YWP NaNoWriMo site is out! You can find it here: I’m now know as RubyBell, though people can call me Kell still, of course.

I’m pretty happy with the new site (especially since it’s just a beta site which doesn’t have all the stuff it will have over time). The only thing I’m not pleased with is the fact that people under thirteen can’t comment on the forums anymore.

I know they had to do it to comply with the COPPA regulations … but, gosh, it’s so terrible! I’m over thirteen, obviously, but I knew soooo many under-thirteen people on the site. I’ll sure miss them.

Moving on, lots of stuff has been happening around her recently. First, lots and lots of rain. I mean … lots. Also, leaves are turning, dogs are growing, and cocoa is being spilled all over the place! See the below photos to find out more. 🙂

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The Lady of the Vineyard Blog Tour, Day 4

Wow … I can’t believe we’re already at day 4! Only one day to go! Well, I’ve got some sad news. This is our smallest day due to some problems people (including me!) had that made us have to do some re-scheduling! Oh, well. I deserve it for totally forgetting about 9/11.

Everyone: *posting pictures saying ‘Don’t Forget’*

Me: Don’t forget what?

Such a great American …

Anyway … time for Day 4!


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Today’s Posts:

A review and author interview by Angela R. Watts (The Peculiar Messenger) YES!!! AWESOME REVIEW! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY!!!

A character interview by Daisy Ferrell (Happy Days with Anonymous A). I love this one! Adele can be so much fun when she wants, and Zeph’s additions are great!

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Poetry Teatime: The 4th Week of March

Poetry Teatime

Hi Guys and Gals! 🙂

Today I’ll be introducing my favorite Easter poem. 🙂

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Poetry Teatime: The Third Week of March

Poetry Teatime

Welcome to (somewhat late) Poetry Teatime, March the 18th, 2016! I’m so glad to see you all here!

Today I’ll be talking about Emily Dickinson’s Dear March, come in!


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Poetry Teatime, the 2nd Week of March

Poetry Teatime

Hello! Welcome to Poetry Teatime, March 11th 2016! 🙂 Today, I wrote another poem. Don’t worry, I won’t be endlessly dishing out my lazy rhymes to you every Friday! I intend to do something different next week, but today I haven’t time for more than just the usual. 😉

My brother helped me write this one. He’s not much of a poet, but he has some common sense, and is good at finding rhymes.

Well, I offered to credit him on the post (under a pen name) and he wants to be known to y’all as Dumas Duck. *sighs* Yep. That’s my brother …

James and Kelly selfie 009

Getting him to pose is very hard, not because his narcissism is lacking, but because he wouldn’t stop making funny faces and giving me bunny ears.

The Fairies from the Cherry Tree

by Kellyn Roth and Dumas Duck

The fairies from the cherry tree

Threw moondust in my eye,

So now I see what they can see

I know when they are by.


The fairies from the cherry tree

Tossed stardust down my ear,

So now I hear their laughter

I know when they are near.


The fairies from the cherry tree

Put magic on my tongue,

So now I speak of happy things

All sad things are now done.


The fairies from the cherry tree

They took me for their own.

I live within their palace now

I’m never all alone.

Well, ol’ Dumas and I had fun writing this poem. Do you like it?

~Kellyn Roth

Poetry Teatime, 3/4/16: Ode to a Plateful of Peas

Poetry Teatime

As a child, I could be a really picky eater. Actually, I still am a picky eater. And this is my five-year-old self sitting pouting at the table while my parents clean up dinner …

Ode to a Plateful of Peas

When I am grown, I’ll do as I please;

I’ll never eat your icky peas.

I’ll never, ever go to bed;

I’ll never do as anyone says.


I’ll never, ever read a bit,

Or do some math, less I see fit,

And as for dull geometry,

I shan’t know of the word! You’ll see!


I’ll live on sugar and on cream;

I’ll eat exactly when I deem,

And if someone says, “Time to wash!”

I’ll just say, “What a lot of bosh!”


When I am grown, I’ll do as I please;

I’ll never eat your icky peas.

Vegetables, Peas, Harvest, Food, Green, Frisch

I do realize that the rhythm is pretty off at times … but what do you think about it, other than that?

~Kellyn Roth

p.s. What do you think of the new look for the blog? What do you think of the “Poetry Teatime” banner?

Sunshine by Kellyn Roth

Sun, Clouds, Sky, Cloudy, Rays

I know … I’ve been posting a lot of poems recently. 🙂 But it’s easy and fun and, honestly, I’m really excited to share them with you! They may not be masterpieces … but it takes me an average of fifteen minutes to dash one up, and I really haven’t time for a longer post this today. 😉

Joy is like the sunshine

Dancing on the wind

It brings us warmth and laughter

And then it’s gone again.


And though the clouds may cover

And keep the light from view

We know above the tempest

The sky behind is blue.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to let me know what you think … I love comments! 😀

~Kellyn Roth