Photography, Poetry, and Life

Another of my three-in-one posts. 🙂

First, the new YWP NaNoWriMo site is out! You can find it here: I’m now know as RubyBell, though people can call me Kell still, of course.

I’m pretty happy with the new site (especially since it’s just a beta site which doesn’t have all the stuff it will have over time). The only thing I’m not pleased with is the fact that people under thirteen can’t comment on the forums anymore.

I know they had to do it to comply with the COPPA regulations … but, gosh, it’s so terrible! I’m over thirteen, obviously, but I knew soooo many under-thirteen people on the site. I’ll sure miss them.

Moving on, lots of stuff has been happening around her recently. First, lots and lots of rain. I mean … lots. Also, leaves are turning, dogs are growing, and cocoa is being spilled all over the place! See the below photos to find out more. 🙂

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BIBPC, Category #7

Well, it’s time for the last BIBPC. *sobs* The final category is “photo editing.” When I saw that, I thought, “Hmm … I’m going to stink at this.” But I did my very best. It’s nothing spectacular; I just played around with the lighting and tint a little.


Original Image

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BIBPC, Category #6

Ok, it’s time for another BIBPC! This time the category is “action.” Well, a couple years back we went up to Wallowa with my grandparents in the fall.

wallowwallowa mountain

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BIBPC, Category #5

bibpc poster 2

Well, it’s time for another BIBPC! 🙂 This week’s theme is flowers. So, here’s my humble contribution to Team Hummingbird …

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BIBPC, Category #4

Well, it’s time for BIBPC again! Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for anything today. And, once again, my head is spinning. I, um, stayed up until 3 last night reading Catching Fire. And I like Peeta a lot more now. Though I still like Gale more.

Think about it.  Sure Katniss and Peeta share this traumatic experience, but Katniss wants to forget that, right? And what better way than to leave Loverboy behind and marry Gale?

Maybe I’m just being stubborn because I originally decided I liked Gale better, and my pride won’t let me back down. 😄


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BIBPC Category #3

Ready for another entry for BIBPC? Well, it doesn’t matter whether you’re ready or not … it’s time!

Just FYI, I’m working on coming up with a better schedule that allows me some wiggle-room. I love wiggle-room … and order … so I’ll need some orderly wiggle-room. I’m sorry; it’s my weird personality.

Category #3: Textures


Water has texture! Isn’t it beautiful? I took it this February when the creek was roaring at its highest, threatening to sweep us away! Nevertheless, my brothers and I waded through it and got soaked and nearly froze! And, since I had my camera, of course I took a thousand pictures … well, 107, but still! 😀

Anyway, I’d better post this … I’ve been shaving deadlines waaaay to closely as-of-late. 🙂

~Kellyn Roth

BIBPC, Category #2

team hummingbird

As some of you may know, Megan (A Barefoot Gal) is hosting a photography contest, BIBPC (Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest). This is the second contest of this sort that Megan has hosted. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do the first one, but I’m participating in this one. I’m in Team Hummingbird!

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