Why I Keep Coming Back to the Victorian Era

Why I Keep Coming Back to the Victorian Era

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26 thoughts on “Why I Keep Coming Back to the Victorian Era

  1. Yes, that would be fun! I’d like to see your reasoning. Especially since I kinda want to write fantasy – well, more like lame fairytale fantasy, haha – at some point!

    Yes, authors definitely make a distinction! Rules were slightly different in the Regency and fashions, politics, even the view of morality as well as lots of property laws were different – so if they have any degree of accuracy, there should be a big difference! Though *coughs* not everyone cares about accuracy. 😉 But they are two pretty different genres – you see Regency romance all around as a particular genre, and most Victorian gets shoved into “historical romance” along with Edwardian. Not a lot of people seem to say “Victorian novel” like they do “Regency novel.” Kinda weird to say the least!

    (also, I’m not sure how it works since the site is now private … will you be able to reply? I’m not sure)

    (Also, I realized I didn’t explain – I have Reveries set to private because I’m switching over to self-hosted, haha, and I need people not to be crawling all over it for a bit …)

    (crawling all over it is a weird way of describing things, but whatever. My blog, my odd and slightly derogatory descriptors!)

  2. Oooh, fun post! Maybe I should write a post about why I like fantasy so much! (I mean, it’s not exactly the same thing, but it would still be fun.) *adds post to idea list for when I come back to blogging*

    I read your post on the three different eras also…a bit confusing, hehe. Is there actually a distinction made between Regency and Victorian eras in romances novels that take place in that time period? Uhhh that was a confusing question. I guess I’m saying, without looking at the dates, is there a way to tell whether a book is set in the Regency or Victorian era? Do most authors even make that distinction? Hehe, random questions, sorry. 😛

  3. I wouldn’t go for an old one, but an exact replica could be interesting.

    Exactly! Or if you’re going to go on tangents, at least make them interesting!

  4. SAME! I don’t care about some momentary discomfort – not like I’ll be wearing it all the time – but I definitely want to know what it’s like!

  5. YES, exactly! The morals of the era give you a base to build the story on, kinda? Like, you don’t have to convince the characters that something’s wrong AND that they need to turn back from it – they already know it’s wrong. 😉

  6. Haha, that’s funny! I didn’t know they still made one. I’d want to find a really old-fashioned one myself – like exact replica or even an old relic. 😛

    YES, right?! C’mon, just give me the facts!

  7. *slightly jealous* 😉 I’ll do that next time I’m in the area! 😛 I’d love to do some reenacting sometime, but I doubt that will happen.

  8. I feel very similar about the Victorian Era! It’s so fascinating, and the rules make it more so rather than taking away from it! It is also a lot easier, I feel, to portray a Christian society in the Victorian times, than the modern one.

  9. I seriously considered buying a corset at one point. People still make them; you can get Victorian-looking ones for cosplay, but you can also get more modern versions for everyday (or non-cosplay) wear. Apparently, they help with period cramps, not to mention posture. (I didn’t end up buying one, because they’re expensive and I’m generally broke, but y’know.)
    Also, I sympathize with stupid history books that need to get their priorities straight.

  10. As an aspiring Civil War reenactor, I’ve worn a corset often. And yeah, it gets hot, and there are a LOT of layers that take forever to put on, but it’s not too bad 😀 Pop over to my house and I’ll let you try my things on. 😉 😛

  11. To each author, their own genre. 😉 I personally love writing fantasy-adventure stuff, and I hope to say truthfully and without sounding like I’m bragging that I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

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