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24 thoughts on “At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour: Day 6

  1. They’re mostly all in the same series, lol. I don’t get tons of original ideas, haha … 😉 I hope you get to read this series soon! If you’re able, review copies are always an option. 😛

  2. HOLY COW YOU HAVE SO MANY BOOK IDEAS!!! This is so cool!!! I…am slightly jealous. XD I cannot wait to see what stories you come up with, and I seriously need to get a-reading this series before I’m super duper behind. XD (Plus I really like being caught in a series before the rest of the books come out, because I’ve always found the anticipation and waiting and excitement SUPER fun. XD [I am weird…])

  3. He’d be a terrible sheriff. “Aww, you don’t MEAN to rob the bank? Okay, I’ll let you off this time, Black Bart. Have a nice day, and see you at church! Wait, you are coming, right?” 😉 Okay, not really, but …

  4. Yep! (No, they didn’t, not officially. It was considered murder at that point. But it was something that was practiced like in the slums – and there were even doctors who would perform it. You know, secretly.)

    I KNOW! I don’t understand it! Y’all, seriously, there’s a new sheriff in town …

    *coughs* Okay, that came out wrong, but y’know what I mean …

    I just tell my internet friends, haha. I’m just like, “If I don’t do this, hack into my system and post embarrassing selfies …” Okay, not really, that wouldn’t work …

  5. Ooooh yay that sounds awesome! (Did they actually have abortion in Victorian times? I did not know that…)

    NOOO how can there be Kalice fans when Peter exists? Nope.

    Hehe, sounds like an interesting process. 😛 I think deadlines would help me…but I’d need someone else to set the deadlines besides myself.

  6. YES, Gibson’s book is turning out to be amazing! I actually started randomly tackling some tough issues (abortion? Like, how did that sneak in to my Victorian novel? WHAT AM I DOING SOMEONE HELP ME?!?!), but otherwise, it’s going great. XD

    YES! Peter is epic. (There are actually still some Kalice fans *gasp* but oh well … we’ll win them over with AA!)

    I just kinda randomly scribble all my blog post ideas down and then say which day I’ll post them on and deadlines help me. Which is weird and doesn’t apply to most folks … 😛

  7. Haha, we all have lots of project plans. (I hope it stays! I really like it.) YES I’M EXCITED FOR GIBSON’S BOOK SO I’M GLAD YOU STARTED WRITING IT.

    We all want Peter! 😀

    Thanks! 🙂 And yes, very fun. I think I might like Iris better than this novella (it’s just so emotional and awesome) but there are definitely some parts that I really love.

    Hopefully! I don’t know. I think I just need to get into the habit of blogging again somehow. I did have a couple of ideas for blogging posts recently… *should probably write those down*

  8. YEP I KNOW! 😛 Always a ton of projects over here, lol. (Aww, thanks! It might stay, though I don’t know. Depends on if it fits the book by the end … 😉 Order? Nope. I randomly started writing Gibson’s book last night but I need to make myself finish Alice Unanswered first at the very least. 😉 Not sure about all the others … as the mood strikes, I guess?

    It was definitely a fun guest post to write! I was so thrilled when the blogger said she wanted Peter. 😀 Just like, “Yessssssss!!!”

    Nice! I like Enhanced and Battle Song both … especially Battle Song. Just songs like such a cool idea … and always cool to have more stories from the world of Iris!

    Yes, of course you gotta slow down for college, methinks. Maybe you’ll have to take a break and pick it up again during summers or after college is over or whatever ends up happening …? Hmm.

  9. YAY SO MANY PROJECTS! 😀 (Also, by the way, I love the title “Only A Mother”! It is so great. 🙂 Do you have any idea on what order you’ll write them in, or is it more of whatever mood you’re in? 😉 That’s how I write, haha. 😛

    Also, Peter’s guest post was fabulous! I love him and it was so fun to see why he was actually in England!

    My writing plans? Ummmm, I’m not sure. I have Battle Song, of course, and then I have two other ideas that I haven’t said anything about (because they’re very vague and I really don’t know how they will turn out). Currently, I’m writing a novella set in the world of Iris (if you remember that novella) which I’m enjoying, but I should get back to Battle Song, heh. And then I have a ton of other novels I’ve started that I want to write at some point, like Enhanced…

    So basically I have a lot of ideas and not necessarily concrete plans…but yep. I feel like I won’t be able to write too much in college, but I certainly want to keep trying! 🙂

  10. I KNOW, ME TOO! 😀 I can’t wait! It’s so exciting. 🙂 Haha, a part of me wishes I was a participant and could win. And that’s not selfish! I mean, you are a participant, and you could win!

  11. I just entered your contest 😆😆😆 hope I win…can’t wait to check out those cool books😄

  12. I am super excited to see who wins tomorrow! 😃 A part of me really hopes I do (what? I love the journal 😂) but then the rest of me feels like I shouldn’t because that’s selfish. (I’m not actually sure if it is or not)

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