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16 thoughts on “At Her Fingertips, Blog Tour: Day 5

  1. Yes, it definitely makes knowing where you’re going easier … because, of course, you know where you’re going! #obvious 😉 Good luck with your writing endeavors! You can do it!

  2. This is super interesting!! I absolutely love hearing about other writers’ writing processes. I’m not sure why, exact. It just makes me super excited to work on my own stories… XD As for whether I’m a plotter or panther, I think I’m sort of a half-and-half. I plot SOME things out, but then I leave quite a few gaps to be filled in with my creative mind later. (Except that’s not how things USUALLY pan out, but still. XD) I’m hoping to become more of a plotter in the future, though. It would make dodging plot holes SOOOO much easier, I think…. XD

  3. Yes, Only a Mother is my last Ivy story at the moment. 🙂 But yeah, things changed so much that who can know what I was originally planning. 😉

    I think I have a boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia. But a boxed set of The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy would be a nice addition … 😉

  4. Haha! (The one I remember is Only a Mother, but I guess I thought that was about Alice? But it’s about Ivy! *is excited*)

    I just think a boxed set would look cool on my shelf. 😉 Also, I’ve never had a boxed set of books before, so it just sounds great.

  5. Yes, it was my biggest day! A little crazy, but I have survived! Mostly! I think! 😛 Yes, there’s going to be a lot of books. (Hmm … not that I remember? But the numbers fluctuated so often until recently that it’s likely. I just don’t remember it!)

    Sounds like a plan! 😛 Haha, boxed set is an interesting idea. I’ll have to see about that. 😉 I know I’ll eventually stick them all together so people can buy them at once and discount them so it’ll be a little cheaper to buy them all at once – anyway, as much as I can with the restrictions Createspace puts on me – so I’ll have to look into it …

    Usually I make extremely drastic changes! With TDS, I switched POV and changed the ending completely – like, even how the characters ended up and what not! So different …

  6. Wow, there were a lot of posts today! I liked reading them, though! 🙂 I’m excited to hear that there will be a story about Kirk and also 3 books each for Alice and Ivy! (Didn’t you at one point have ideas for 4 books each? I remember seeing a cover for one on the YWP a long time ago, hehe…)

    Also, I now realize that I need to read AFOP with the changes put into it, since I only read the first draft (which was still fantastic). If I don’t win the giveaway (which I probably won’t, but I’ll try anyway), then I’ll have to buy the ebook. 🙂 Waiting on the paperbacks until the series is finished and I can buy a boxed set because that just sounds fun. 😉

    As far as my writing process…I’ve discovered I like outlining…but I still love discovery writing especially if I know my characters well. (Because I like making drama for them, hehe.) I have never had a last draft, so I can’t say if I’ve made any drastic changes from first to last draft, but I probably will have to.

  7. That’s cool! Well, not in any special era particularly. I LOVE HF fiction in general. Right now I’m working on a novel set in 5th century Greece. But I love the WWII and the 1900s in general. So, let’s just be honest, I’m a history buff!!😂 Anyway, I’m excited to read your books!!

  8. Interesting post! I didn’t know you were an indie author. As an aspiring HF author, I like getting to know more about publishing and how other writers are doing it. Thanks for explaining your writing process. Excited for the giveaway!!! 😁

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