A Review of California

A Review of California (1)

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44 thoughts on “A Review of California

  1. Haha, this was such a fun post! 😀 Your pictures were either crazy or awesome and I loved it. 🙂 And I went to the USS Midway last year on choir tour! But we didn’t get to stay for very long, so I didn’t have time to get bored, hehe. I’m glad you had a fun trip! (Or at least it seems like you had a fun trip!)

  2. It was pretty cool! YES, it was so expensive! We got icecream, and it was SUPER expensive! It was like … I don’t know, $5? UGh …

    Haha! That is so embarrassing. xP That’s kinda-sorta happened to me? Not exactly the same, though … not in front of his mom! 😛

    Direct sunlight is not fun! It was kinda cold/windy that day, so other than being a little chilly when we were up on the deck, it was okay. 🙂

  3. Ooooh I’ve been to the USS Midway too! We went with a family that my mom knew on Facebook that came from Alaska to visit a few years ago. It was a cool place, but it was super hot that day. I remember the small restaurant area being very expensive as well as the gift store. The airplanes were very cool, but we stood around for a while with the sun directly on us. I specifically remember my mom and the other mom joking about me and her son a year older than me meeting, falling in love, and getting married. Meh, so annoying and embarrassing xD *blushes*
    It was still cool to see all the old airplanes and everything! I’m glad you got to go visit California and I loved your photos! 😀

  4. I like northern California! I’ve been there and it’s awesome! 🙂 We drove down the Oregon coast and then drove around that area. Pine trees are awesome … and I love Papa Murphy’s! *is coming right over there* 😉

  5. Hmmmm….. I cant blame you for not liking the CA traffic, but were I live in north-eastern CA rush hour is three cars at the same intersection! We have no BIG cities. But we do have a LOT of pine trees! I do not know were you got your pizza but we have Pizza Factory and Papa Murpheys that are good. You should come here instead! 🙂

  6. LOL!!! This is so perfect …

    The trial was three months later. Fortunately, the judge was a former sailor, and he understood how hot the engine rooms could be … and how hard it was to keep properly hydrated …

  7. I live in California, and I’ve never seen a gorilla-moving truck. 😉 AND YOU’RE BLAMING YOUR BAD SELFIES ON CALIFORNIA????!!! Just saying, it wasn’t CA’s fault.

  8. I can understand that! I really want to go on some amazing rides now, but I haven’t gotten a chance yet. I mean, some of the rides at the place we went were pretty awesome, but I look for even better. 😉

  9. At 8, I was way to scared to go on basically every good ride. 😂 So I feel like we’re both kind of in the same kind of place. 😛

  10. We were there for like five hours, and I hadn’t eaten anything but an icecream cone all day. 😉 So I was just like, “Can we go now?”

    But yes, it was definitely quite cool! It never saw action in WW2, but it did in a lot of other little wars, and the Korean war and such! Basically everything was open for display, and they had different people telling about different things. It was SO complicated! Like, seriously, I got so confused about how all the orders were processed … so much seemed to go into even the tiniest turn to the left, for instance!

  11. EXACTLY! And they were like, “Wow! Thanks! But we don’t really have any change to operate it with …” Because for some reason they didn’t. And then the one guy who had change (I guess he was not a … change-loser …) was basically hounded to give it up with promises of gifts of paychecks and such when such came in, but he wouldn’t! So they murdered him!

    Okay … that went downhill really fast …

  12. Umm. Um. Um. KELLYN YOU WERE ON A MILITARY BASE?! AND YOU SAW AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER?! AND YOU TOURED IT?! AND IT WAS COMMISSIONED THE SAME YEAR WWII ENDED?! Yes, I think I just might swoon. That seriously sounds like the most amazing experience EVER! HOW COULD YOU BE BORED AND MINUS RATINGS FOR IT?! That’s like…heaven. Or a piece of it. I’ve always wanted to tour a carrier. *insert all the heart eyes*
    *coughs* that’s all. I’ll hush. XD

  13. Oh yes! I use that liberty sometimes… mostly if it’s a spammer but the comment makes sense, I’ll just pull out links and fix spelling mistakes and then publish.
    Right? It’s awesome. We just can’t let it get to our heads. XD

  14. AUTO CORRECT IS MY WORST ENEMY! And also my best friend …

    Well, I can edit, but I don’t know if you can. Also, it’s kind of scary that I can edit if you can’t … like, I could totally change your words! *dies of the magnitude of the responsibility of being a blogged* 😉

  15. Well, that definitely changes things. Of course, who knows if 14 is a super high score? I’ve never rated a place before. 😉 I’m biased against Cali, too, so that helps. 😛

    LOL, perhaps … 😛 I didn’t really think about it. Made it up as I went …

    Neat! I’ll have to look for that one.

  16. Well no! I was just commenting off of my phone and it was so long there was no way to go back and revise. Plus the *amazing* auto correct butchered most of the mistakes. And you can’t go back and edit it after it’s published… or can you?

  17. Ooh, neat! I’ve never been to Disneyland. When I tell people that, they act like I’m deprived or something … 😛 Haha, yes, besides the pizza, it was pretty good! 😉

  18. Oh my goodness! I totally missed that drink machine on the ship! I have absolutely no clue if it was an old display or a new thing … *stares the picture in shock* I must have walked right past it and not thought about it!

    I mean, it must be a real drink machine, because it’s lit up and has modern labels! It looks so weird just sitting there, though … like some time-traveling happened or something … 😛

    Thank you! They keep the sun out of my eyes. *nods* And yes, though palm trees … :/ 😛

  19. PSYCH!!! I think that’s a cool name for a physic. 😛 Well, technically, he wasn’t really a physic so……….

    Ooh! I just got new shades!! I really like ’em!!! 😀

    The Midway!! We went and saw that like three years ago it was super cool! 😀

  20. I cannot believe how many spelling mistakes were in that comment. I’m sorry Kellyn.
    They are so bad it makes me laugh. XD.

  21. Looks like you had a lot of fun and yet we’re bored. XD.

    I don’t think that Cali scores 14 points! I’m gonna have to do a score next time my. Family goes. We went to San Diego Zoo last year, and Disneyland (for freee! I got a previously famous uncle with connections.) plus, I think I’m a bit bias because that’s where my friend isnright now in Bolible college, and that’s where I wanna go for Bible College.
    Plus, Sacramento is where my mom and dads family settled down for a while when they first can to America from Russia.
    And my grandparents live their.
    And my greatest grandparents..
    So I’ve got a couple of +s there.
    Also, I think towards the middle you started eating more based off of what your eating already was, so if it was too high, you subtracted a lot more then you would have if it was low.
    Anyway, that was a fun post. I’m going to Seattle Washington in April and plan to do a trip post too.

  22. I went to California once when I was 8, to go to Disneyland. I’ll get to go again in 3 years (when I graduate). Your trip looks really interesting, and besides the pizza, the food sounded good! 😃

  23. This is awesome! xD It’s been years since I’ve been to a base but my brother’s an Army pilot so instead of ships I got to see planes and helicopters and such. Lol. Also – is that a coin operated drink machine on a ship? *cackles*
    Nice sunglasses, Kell! It’s cool to see you had fun – minus those blasted palm trees.

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