Alice Unanswered? What’s that all about?

Alice Unanswered_ What's That All About_

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14 thoughts on “Alice Unanswered? What’s that all about?

  1. Oh! Don’t tell me Alice lives in [place] with [husband] and his family, especially his cousin?? I’m already anticipating it. 😀


    1. Aw, I’m glad! YES, Alice and Husband! Or, as I like to call them, Halice. Or Ausband. Or Husice. I’m not sure which yet …

      We’ll see … *evil laughter*

  2. *realizes I have probably commented at least a hundred spoilers about who Alice’s husband is in the comments* Oops… heh.

    ANYWAY, I’M EXCITED! 😀 Not for my heart to be broken. Well, maybe a little bit, since feeling emotion in books is awesome. 😛 But I can’t wait because AFOPPPPPPPP. 😉

    Also, you have fans! At least one fan. *bows*

    1. That’s okay … I don’t think anyone noticed … 😛 (And if they did, it’s not too big a deal!)

      Yes, feeling emotions in books is definitely awesome, although who wants their heart broken? *loves drama* *but also hates having her heart broken* *ponders*


      Awww … *bursts into sobs* 😉

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