AAWC: Challenge #4

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3 thoughts on “AAWC: Challenge #4

  1. Oh, good! I think the next one is gonna circle around back to Christmas again (the prompts demand it) and then I can … I don’t know, skip to the future a little? I’m not sure what I want to do there. I’ll think about it. xD

    Aw, well, I’ll feel better soon after I get over meself. 😉 BUT … let me tell you, it just got worse! I think I have a mild concussion now, though I don’t know. xD

  2. Yay! The pictures made me laugh, haha. And I think there are 6 stories total, so you’ve got two more to wrap it up! (Although, you could always add an extra one at the end if you need to, haha.)

    And I’m sorry your Saturday/week has been awful…I hope it gets better! 😀

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