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What I've Learned from Writing About Children

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28 thoughts on “Writing About Children

  1. Oh, yes, To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Eyre were both amazing for their child characters! ❤ They're quite amazing …

    Yes, that makes perfect sense! Kids CAN be super babyish – or immature – or whatever, but they can also be very observant and such!

    You should!

  2. Love this post! And I so agree that we need more variety in the fictional children world! Some of my favorite aspects of books like To Kill a Mockingbird and Jane Eyre are their dynamic children main characters.

    I personally get more annoyed with kids that are portrayed as too “babyish,” but maybe that’s because I was extremely observant and perceptive as a child… then I would intentionally pretend ignorance because that was the safe thing to do. 🙂 So now I wonder how much more they understand than what we give them credit for.

    Maybe one day I’ll write an epic novel from the perspective of an observant little spectator… 🙂

  3. I honestly don’t know how those parts got in, but oh well … I’m glad you liked them! XD I must have been in a weird mood when I wrote this post … or just a what-do-I-care-what-I-write mood. 😉

    *tsks* Sounds like you don’t include a lot of children. 😛 Haha, seriously, though, that’s perfectly all right … I probably made it sound like children were necessary for a successful novel or something, when that’s not true at all. 😉

    Buuuut … 24% of the world’s population was children in 2010 and it’s probably around the same now, soooo they’re in there somewhere even if you’re not writing about them specifically. 😉

    Well, that does sound cute! I mean, the wise-beyond-their-years cliche is there for a reason? It is super adorable! I don’t know how realistic it is … but there is something to ‘out of the mouth of babe’s’ after all. 🙂

    Ooooh, that’s fun, actually! I would read that!

  4. Haha, this is awesome! 😀 (Especially the creepy stalker parts…is that a bad thing to say? But they were funny….)

    How many children characters would you say you’ve included in your stories? …Um, not many? I don’t think there are any in Battle Song, though I suppose one might crop up somewhere…probably not, though. I did start writing a novel from the POV of a…six-year-old, I think it was? But it didn’t get very far…although those characters are adorable and I need to write something with them in it!

    Do you intend to include them in the future? If they end up being important… 😛 Haha, I should probably write more children into my novels but…it just doesn’t end up happening…but there are sometimes parent-child relationships even though the child is a young adult…totally counts, right? 😛

    Were any of these tips helpful to you (or are you already a child-writing ace)? I am not a child-writing ace, and they were helpful!

    How many do you already know/use? I am pretty good at having them be both adorable and annoying…at least with that one novel I was talking about earlier with the 6 year old. Like she was cute sometimes but she also was really annoying at times. Although for side characters, I kind of like the wise-beyond-their-years cliche? It’s just so fun to have the children know everything! Hmmm…there’s a novel idea, where as people grow up they know less…that would be weird, haha.

    Thanks for sharing, Kell! This was a fun post. 🙂

  5. That’s awesome!

    Yeah, so true! Generally, I feel that children are portrayed as too childish … or incredibly wise. 😛 But every child matures differently based on experience … and they’re individuals, right!!!

  6. These are all AMAZING tips and hold true. 🙂 I don’t have any issues writing kids… I actually wish I did it more. xD I live next door to my two – going on three soon! – nieces and in fact… they help ME brainstorm novels…. like once, I asked Reyna (age 3-4) what made the monsters scary. She answers: “They’re scary because they’re real.” SO YEAHH…. 0-0 *dies laughing*

  7. I think I’m with you in that I don’t find writing about kids all that hard. This may partially be because I have a kinda photographic memory and distinctly remember a lot of not just what happened to me as a kid, but also my mindset at the time and how I saw the world back then.

    The main difficulty I’ve found is that everybody has different opinions on how kids of certain ages should act, probably biased by their own experiences at that age. For example, the Snow White in my retelling is 12 years old. One of my betas had no problem with how I portrayed her and neither did my mom, but my second beta thought she was coming off way too young. I did agree with some of second betas opinions and changed things accordingly, but I disagreed with others because it felt like she was thinking of how she was at 12 years old and my Snow White was clearly more sheltered and innocent than that beta was at that age. So, I think that’s an important thing to remember when writing children: One kid of a certain age can have a totally different personality and level of maturity than another kid of that same age, and that’s okay. You have to decide what’s right for your individual character, and if someone else experience that time in their life differently, it doesn’t mean you wrote your character “wrong”, it just means that one person didn’t connect with your character. This opinion has been reinforced by my years of working with first graders in Sunday school. The group I have one year will be WAY more mature than the kids in the group the following year, and so on. Kids are individuals, just like anyone else. 🙂

  8. Of course, there are many good things about a secluded life! 😀 I second Kellyn’s reasons. I don’t have solid evidence of this, but I’m fairly certain that my whole family is introverted. (Except maybe my mom, but that might only be because she easily talks to people :P)

  9. Hahaha! Alone? What’s that????

    My Dad’s an extrovert, but mom and the oldest girl is an introvert……………. 🙂

  10. Being alone and getting lots of stuff done … and not having to be with people … 😛 #isalsoanintrovert

    Haha, that’s funny! My mom is an introverts, but my dad isn’t, sooo!

  11. There’s good things about a secluded life?????? Tell me!!!!!!! 😀

    My family is run by introverts, and they never want to leave the house. 😛

    *smacks head on table millions of times*

  12. Well, there are lots of good things about a secluded life … sometimes I wish I were a lot more secluded! I think I must get a lot of kid-exposure because I also have a job working with children – kinda … it’s fun. 🙂

  13. No need to kid–I pretty much don’t leave the house. I leave the house approximately once a week, when we go to church. There are a few small children there, but I never interact with them. (Is that just introverted-me, or is it because there’s no reason/opportunity to?) But we didn’t even have a VBS last year. And basically nobody lives on our road. We live a very secluded life. 😛 But then my sister visits, and my nephew is enough to make anyone exhausted, especially when he wakes me up at 7:30 in the morning. That helps me to survive. 😛

    All my review copies are hovering over my head, too. 😀


  14. I’m glad you like it! Haha, that’s funny! I think I might want to escape if I were around kids all day every day, though … 😉

    YES. That’s so awful. People need to grow up and realize that they were kids, too. (And the Western twist was awesome!)

    (YOU SHOULD. 😛 )

  15. Thanks, Hanna! XD I … feel like I almost take it too far. BUT YEP. THAT’S OKAY.

    Really? No kids? *jaw drops* BUT HOW DO YOU SURVIVE YOUR LIFE??? 😉 Do you not leave the house …? 😛 Just kidding. But that’s awesome! Nephews can be fun.

    Yes, it’s definitely amazing! Huh, that’s funny, I just finished The Governess of Highland Hall and was gonna start Daughter sometime soon … though I might not because I have a lot of review copies. 😉

  16. THANK YOU! I’m glad you liked it! I never know if my posts make sense, lol. Awww, thanks! That’s sweet of you. ❤

    You're welcome! I always will, haha. ;P That's awesome! So much fun. I think I have four and five year olds and maybe a couple six year olds at AWANAs? I think. I'm not sure. XD But anyway, yes, loud and confusing and honest … but a little … older than three-year-olds. *can't think of any other way to explain this*

    OMW! That's so hilarious! My brother does things like that … he's ten … XD

  17. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Such good advice, Kellyn! 😀

    I am around children everyday, all-day, and all night. So, I have tons of experience(but I never write about children……………..).

    So right! Adults do treat children like they don’t know nothin’ and they ain’t worth a thing(I had to put in the Western twist…….Sorry). Guess what people! You were a child once!!!!!!!

    Anyways…………… Thank you for the wonderful advice(Even though you’re pushing me to write about children once and awhile)!


  18. Kellyn, you make me laugh so much! I don’t have kids around me very much, but it does seem that my sister sometimes is desperate to get rid of her son. (Not literally, but you know what I mean) In fact, I don’t think I ever met a little kid before my nephew was born. (except people my age, and I don’t consider them kids)

    I loved Andrew, too! I’m reading The Daughter of Highland Hall, and he’s still great. 😉 Kids definitely have a different perspective on life, but it’s great because it’s simple.


  19. Kellyyyyyynnn! This was soooo cool! You did such a good job! I really love this. Totally good for my writers ideas list. Even though I may not remember where I read it or who said it, this will stick with me!

    And thanks for sticking up for kids, and YES SUNDAY SCHOOL! I teach three year olds and they are EVERYTHING you just said about kids. Except the brat parts, but yes, they are loud, and annoying, and confusing, and honest (my little sister asked my friend yesterday what was on his head and he said “Acne”. *cringe* I’m like, Lillyyyy! You don’t ask stuff like thatttt!!!” XD XD

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