AAWC: Challenge #1

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18 thoughts on “AAWC: Challenge #1


    Awww no. Well, at least there was Alice waiting for him. 🙂 (You know, I don’t think my comment is making sense, but whatever.)

    Hehe, yeah, I can’t complain too much because I can’t think of how someone would make a better one…

    Haha, definitely! Christmas all year round!

  2. Kell.
    Those illustrations belong in an art gallery.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this – it was really good! No, there’s nothing wrong with writing a Christmas story in January. GO TEAM FOREST!

  3. Haha, well, Peter has seen it happen before … 😉 Actually, this is the same Peter. He has two sisters and a brother. Which *coughs* I may or may not have left out of AFOP in the first draft accidentally. *coughs*

    You got it. Actually, Peter talks about Maddie a little bit in AFOP. And then worries that he’ll make the same mistakes – he never told her how he felt – with Alice.

    Yeahhh, it really shouldn’t be graded like that. But I figure it’s a fun writing exercise, anyway. Though I tend to pick and choose among the prompts sometimes. 😛

    Yay someone agrees with me!

  4. Haha, I enjoyed this, especially the pictures! 🙂 My favorite is Peter’s thought process about Riley falling off the cliff! 😛 And this isn’t AFOP Peter, right? I don’t remember him mentioning a sister, so…

    Right now I’m going for Riley x Maddie, but it could go either way… unless Peter is AFOP Peter, in which case it’s DEFINITELY Riley x Maddie because Alice. 😛

    I’ve never actually participated in these sorts of writing contests. Personally, I just feel like they’re graded unfairly, on how much stuff people can put into the story rather than how well they can write it. But you did pretty good at making the prompts work! And it makes me want to read more. 😀

    Also, Christmas stories in January are totally acceptable.

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