How 2017 Went

how 2017 went

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23 thoughts on “How 2017 Went

  1. Exactly! I’ll be like, “Ah, yes, my good friend Lana …” And then they’ll want to buy YOUR books because obviously you’re super creative and such … *nods*

  2. Haha, definitely. When your books are super famous, everyone will be like, “Who came up with that fabulous acronym?”…and then I’ll be famous to.

  3. Haha, yes, I don’t believe it will be your GREATEST legacy, but one of your legacies, yes … 😛

    Yeah, I don’t always comment … oftentimes don’t, in fact …

  4. Yay! That’s a great feeling to have.

    Haha, alright. Someday, AFOP will be my greatest legacy…okay, hopefully not my greatest, but a great one. 😛

    I always read people’s posts in my email…and then sometimes I comment and sometimes I don’t. 😛 *should do better*

    I did know that! From the YWP. 🙂

    Ooh, good luck with that! I hope you come up with some awesome goals and are able to accomplish them!

  5. Of course! And no worries at all- I nearly forgot about my nomination, too! But if you do end up doing it, I’ll be excited to see your post!

  6. Basically, they read through a pre-published manuscript and give their opinion on it. They may also comment on any obvious typos or grammar errors, but they don’t have to.

    I’d love to have you! But it’s up to you, haha. I won’t try to force you. 😉

  7. Thank you! I’m actually super surprised because I haven’t been doing much these last couple weeks – well, except for the last few days – so I thought I hadn’t done much all year …? But then I started writing this post and was surprised.

    Okay, I’ll mention it sometime next month or whatever. You can read it anytime, though, haha … just ask. You came up with AFOP after all. 😉

    Yes, it’s fun! I have an old Kindle with no internet or screen brightness too just for reading. It’s really nice!

    I have read that post! Though I’m my email, haha. I always end up reading your posts when they first come out in my inbox and then ten years later I reread them and actually comment. xD

    Haha, that’s fun! My fam calls me ‘Kell Bell.’ (You should know that, haha.)

    Aw, I’m glad! It was fun for me to look back and all. I’m the same! I still haven’t decided all my New Year’s resolutions and goals and such, but I will! Soon!

  8. Congrats on all the publishing things, Kellyn!! And your driver’s license and your new job and your new dog (I’m so sorry about Gidget tho <3). Aaghh, that's amazing that you brainstormed/outlined so many stories and ideas — I only have vague story ideas with no plot! 😂And I WISH I could write 100K+ a year! I can barely write 50K in a month hahaha.

    Hope you have a great 2018!! ❤

  9. Love it. ❤
    Newbie coming into the series, and I REALLY enjoyed how many of your resolutions were very similar to mine. I’m looking forward to beta reading/reading more of your blog!

  10. YAY CONGRATULATIONS KELL I’M GLAD THIS YEAR WAS SO GOOD AND YOU MET A LOT OF YOUR GOALS! 😀 I’m so impressed with all of your writing stuff–good job! And on everything else–ESPECIALLY turning 16. That’s like the best accomplishment ever. 😛

    Also YAY AFOP! 😀 Everyone shall start fangirling! YES! I would like to beta read maybe, but I feel like I’m going to be busy, so I can’t promise I’ll be able to. Maybe remind me in a month or something and I’ll see if I can do it then….(and no, this is not just an excuse for me to read it again. What are you talking about??? hahaha #totallyanexcusetoreaditagain #afop)

    As far as my resolutions:
    (I know! I actually posted on my blog!)

    Ooh, a Kindle Fire! Fun! I have an old kindle that doesn’t have a touchscreen (but I like it that way because it doesn’t hurt my eyes and it feels more like a real book…but I can’t access the internet or anything, so that’s a downside).

    And I also got some lovely PJs! Mine have llamas on them! It’s sort of a joke in my family because I got llama PJs last year, plus my name sort of sounds like “llama”. You know, “Lana,” “llama”… 😛

    I’m glad Christmas was so great! 😀 This post just made me happy. I’m not really sure why, but it did. Just happy and excited for the future, which is a great feeling. 🙂 Thank you, Kell!

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