Happy 2017th Birthday, Jesus!


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15 thoughts on “Happy 2017th Birthday, Jesus!

  1. YAY AWESOME!!!!

    Yeah, synopses. That works. It doesn’t have a wiggly red line under it, so it must be right … 😛

    Haha, well, let’s hope it continues that way!

  2. That’s true!! Which means that I AM FINALLY ON TOP OF THINGS THIS YEAR!!! WHOO! XD

    Yessss! I think it’s probably Synopses…. That sounds about right… XD Let’s just go with it and ignore the fact that we’re probably wrong. XD

    EEEP! I CAN’T EITHER!!! This year has been fantastic, though, so I’m pretty pleasantly surprised with how 2018 is going… XD

  3. Well, some people celebrate Christmas until the 5th of January, I think, sooo … you’re not late someplace! 😛

    Awww, thank you, Smudge! 😛 Synopses, I think? Is it plural already? Synopsises? I have no clue, frankly. XD But thank you!

    You, too! HAPPY 2018!!! (I can’t believe it’s another year!)

  4. EEEP! Merry Christmas!!! I’m coming to the party a tad bit late but WHATEVS. Christmas can happen on the first of the new year. Obviously.

    And might I just add how much I loved those story descriptions??? THEY ARE PERFECTION, SIR!!! XD Mostly because they sound a lot like how //I// write out my synopsises (synopsis’? synopsi???). I’m really in love with Sail Away (because that one just sounds absolutely lovely and fun) and also 100 Facts About An Angel, because AWWWWWWWW!!! That is far too adorable for words!!!!

    I hope you had the absolute Merriest of Christmases and Happiest of New Years!!!!

  5. Hehe, candy is always great! I got a lot of it as well! 🙂

    See…it would be so fun to figure out and see how all the characters interact with each other!

  6. We just finished with stockings which was … A lot of candy. 😉 (My parents know me well …) Hope you have a good time!

    I’m kinda leaning that way at the moment just ’cause I think Hazel would be fun to write … Though I need to figure out how Philip manages to keep all these secrets and is a relatable jerk. xD

  7. Merry Christmas! I’m having fun so far (even though I haven’t actually done anything yet…just waiting to go upstairs.)

    And you should totally write God Love a Yankee! Or Alice Unanswered…but I think it would be so fun to read about Hazel and Philip…

    Anyway, I hope you have an awesome Christmas!

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