NaNo Update #5: Finishing Her Up!

finishing her up!

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53 thoughts on “NaNo Update #5: Finishing Her Up!

  1. HELLO. *waves* *is unsure why you said HELLO three times* *shrugs*

    THANKS MAY! 😀 And *coughs* it was actually 70K by the end, hehe. I don’t know? Like, I’ve been doing it for a long time now, so yep. And yes, I AM SO HARDCORE. At planning, that is. 😉 Like seriously: (has pictures of my creepy planning equipment that I get out every year) (and then plan like a maniac) (it’s kinda nerdy, tbh …) (okay, it’s super nerdy …)

    HEY, that’s not bad! At least you had a plan, and you still wrote a ton this month! And any progress is awesome progress. *highfives you*

    (And thanks again! 😛 )


    I know I’m late, but CONGRATS!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ That's seriously awesome that you won NaNo with 60K words — I could never imagine doing that?? And omgggg you are SUCH a hardcore planner?? You have all these points?? HOW DO YOU DO IT. For my current WIP I literally just laid out like ten major plot points. That had no detail. And there was nothing in between them. (It was a bad idea.)

    Anyways, congrats again!! ❤

  3. I DON’T KNOW I DON’T WANT TO GIVE AWAY SPOILERS. Also, it’s a mess right now … the whole book is super all over the place. So nothing really makes sense …

    #xD #:P

  4. Yes, I suppose it is! Except I’m not leaving home, but I guess that’s not a prerequisite to college; just one of the things that usually happens. *shrugs*

    That’s interesting! *is really going to read more about the snowflake method someday* *if only because it has a great name* 😛 I don’t know … more conflict is technically always good, right?

    Um … for you, it’s a bad thing? Bailey (bff) read it and enjoyed it, but … that was because she doesn’t like Ivy for Jordy. (I know … she’s crazy!) You will probably hate me forever. I’m still not sure I have the guts to stick with it. But … on the last day, I was just like, “I’M GONNA SUDDENLY CHANGE THE WHOLE PLOT” and it was crazy, but I did it, and um … yep. That happened.

    Um … well, technically, you’re not supposed to do punctuation in #s, so I suppose it shouldn’t be a thing … you could do #xD though because there are no punctuation marks, but not #:D … but … who cares about what is allowed on Twitter? TWITTER CANNOT BE THE QUALIFIER OF SOMETHING AS DIVERSE AS A #! (So go on. Live your dream. 😛 )

  5. True. Although I did want to get 30 hours, but…that’s okay. Now I have time since it’s December!

    …Isn’t community college still college? 😛

    Ooh, a midpoint… Hmm. Well, for the snowflake method, you have to choose three major disasters, so I sort of have those, but it’s this awkward place between the second and third disaster that I’m having trouble with. Maybe I just need to make it as short as the other parts (although there’s stuff that needs to happen that takes time…) or add another disaster or something… hmmm.

    Oooohhh why are you in turmoil over the ending? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    Haha, I do need to get back to blogging…but what to blog about?

    COME ON JORDY. I mean, I guess you already finished so I can’t yell at him anymore, but still…

    #:D (can you even do emoticon hashtags?)

  6. Super fun! I’m subscribed now. Possibly want to do a guest post? I’ll contact you when I have it written. 😀

  7. *don’t scream* *don’t scream*

    *smiles sweetly*

    *takes a deep breath*


    Guess what? I finished! Well…..Not really…..Just hit the word count. I still have…….finish the novel….. 🙂

    But………..I’m writing about a funeral so………*hands poor Natasha a tissue*

    Poor child. *smiles* *hides in room and cries*

  8. Hi Dani! Thanks for reading my post.

    Yes, it’s lovely to have accomplished it … gives you a happy feeling inside, if you know what I mean. 🙂

    Haha, I’m glad! They are troublesome little beasties … 😉 Thanks!

  9. Hey Kellyn, CONGRATULATIONS on winning NaNo!! That is so great… I know you have tons of writing under your belt for a young author but still each milestone is so great on a personal level. Also I love your ramblings about your characters!! That is adorable and I CAN SO RELATE! Hahahaha, good luck on draft two! ❤

  10. Oh, right, you told me about him! That’s sure a ton. I don’t know if I’ll quite get to 70K, but I hope to get close. I’m at 65K-ish now, with about 4 scenes less, so probably slightly less.

    You can do it! Just write hard! 😀

  11. Congratulations, Kell! So happy for you!

    70k! That’s a ton! A friend of mine finished on the 14th! He had 60k! So you beat him! But…..He is working on another one of his novels so……..

    Now…….Down to business……..

    *glares at docs* *smiles innocently*

    I was only doing 20k this year. But……..

    I only have 18……….We kinda……went to………CO this winter…….(Arizonians in CO? For the winter? I know…..confusing…….)

    So…..I hope to finish today! Only 7 hours to write!

    Congratulations again, Kellyn!

  12. Thank you, Lana!

    Awww, too bad! Though planning is a little different, so I suppose success in that area is more a matter of personal goals. *nods* Right? Kinda?

    Yep, I am graduating this year, though not going to college – going to work and attend community college for the first year.

    Middles are hard … mine are usually pretty crazy and don’t make sense. I think technically the trick is to choose a midpoint and branch out on either side from that but …? Too much work. 😛

    ANYWAY, at least you got the beginning and ending figured out! That’s quite a good start. I’m still in turmoil over the ending despite the fact that I’m going to be writing it today. 😉

    I’m glad you do! And I enjoy reading your updates, by the way … *nudges you* 😉 Just kidding; I know you’re busy!

    YES. How dare they be bothersome? They are my characters and I make the rules! Yes, I feel same … for some reason that first draft was awesome and I fear there will be no repeat. *growls* I’m excited for Jordy, too … EXCEPT HE NEEDS TO STRAIGHTEN UP AND FLY RIGHT.

    Ha! That cracks me up. And I totally read it in Rapunzel’s voice and it was perfect. #TangledForever


    I have not won. Because a) I can’t technically win because I’m not writing a novel, just planning one, b) life is BUSY especially applying for college UGGHHHHH (wait, aren’t you technically graduating this year? or did I imagine that?), and c) I’m feeling very apathetic today and have been for the past few days. Also d) I have no idea how to actually space out the scenes in the middle part of my novel and what exactly those scenes will be, though at least I do have a decent beginning and ending planned out.

    And yes, I have enjoyed your ramblings very much! 😀 Even if I haven’t commented much this month. Updates are really some of my favorite things to read, so I don’t mind all of them, but other posts will be exciting as well.

    And how dare your characters be so bothersome. Although admittedly, I can’t imagine any first draft could be as awesome as first draft AFOP. BECAUSE PETER. ALTHOUGH I AM VERY EXCITED FOR JORDY AS WELLLL SO HE SHOULD START DOING WHAT YOU WANT HIM TO.

    *in a Rapunzel voice* Well, I do like dolphins.


  14. Well, I only have two siblings still at home and they’re boys who never want anything from me (I’m too boring, haha), and our dogs are outside all the time and don’t get walked, so yep. And we don’t really have neighbors. 😛 So I guess I have it easy!

    I’m trying to think of the logistics behind this, actually … maybe just some sort of a chat forum that people could log into anonymously. 😉

  15. That would work! Dolphins are just so cute!

    You must have very understanding siblings! 🙂 For me, if it’s not a sibling calling my name or asking for something, it one dog barking for her walk, or the other dog insisting that she must be pet 24/7 (with literally both hands!), or the phone ringing five million times a day, or someone at the door, or my cat “helping me” by stepping on the keyboard and erasing my work with the backspace, etc. . . I don’t mean to sound unappreciative of my siblings, pets, or neighbors, but when it’s consistently a circus, it’s pretty hard to write. Oh well. . .

    Yes! The Broken Pen is a great name! 🙂
    ~ Megan Joy

  16. Thank you, Elizabeth! (Nice to meet you, by the way … I think this is the first time we’ve chatted? If not, curse my terrible memory!) I’m glad you like them … it’s something I really struggle with.

    Yes, so true! Draft 2 is where the awesome happens, even if draft 1 is full of all kinds of random inspiration. Personally, I do more plot-fixing than anything in draft 2 … for some reason, I can’t seem to make it make sense in draft 1! 😛

  17. AND … I accidentally clicked ‘reply’ before I was done replying. *facepalm* #KellWillNeverFigureOutTechnology 😛

    Thank you! Yes, I will be, eventually, though probably not until next summer. I’m going to be working on editing At Her Fingertips (which is book 3 in this series – the one I’m writing now is book 4) first. 🙂

  18. I was thinking I’d hold onto a dolphin and it would help me swim. 😉

    Oh, yep, I totally get that! Some days, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t find time to write … it’s really annoying! What is it that’s interrupting you? Because sometimes I have been able to explain to my family that I love them but I’d like thirty minutes to myself to write … and they’ve given it to me. 🙂

    I would LOVE to do that, honestly! 😀 We could call it … let me see … The Broken Pen? 😉

  19. Ah, sorry about your characters misbehaving! Yep, mine can be particularly naughty sometimes. *stuffs them all in a box* And yes, so little time! Why can’t months be longer?

  20. Congrats on doing so great with nano! That’s so many words in just a month (Nearly 70K…what!!!)
    Also, your graphics are great! So pretty!

    And my first draft was pretty awful. Draft 2s are where we can really, really buckle down and work on character building. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, and discovering totally new things about my characters. It’s such a fun journey.

  21. “#VioletNeedsJesus #WaitDidntSheAlreadyHaveHim #ConfusedAuthor” 😂 😂 Exactly what I say about one of my main characters. 😂 In that case I’d put #(Character)NeedsMOREJesus

    Congratulations on winning NaNo, and best of luck with finishing your novel! Are you going to be enlisting beta readers for it?


  22. I like dolphins! It’s a goal of mine to one day swim with them (although I don’t swim too well)!
    Right now, with writing, I’m so frustrated, because I know the characters, I know the plot, I know the outline well, but I just don’t have time to actually sit down, get into their world, and write it out! I want to finish the first draft so badly, but whenever I open up the file, flip on Spotify, and begin writing, I’m interrupted by SOMETHING! It’s like a conspiracy! Argg! Sorry, for rambling, but I just have to tell a fellow writer who understands. You know, you should start up a writer’s help-line for the mentally-insane-driven-writers out there, like me.
    Anyway. . . Good luck with your drafts!
    ~ Megan Joy

  23. Sounds like your characters are misbehaving even worse than mine right now! And I totally agree; I want to finish my novel, but there’s so little time left, and so much to write. 😂

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