Introducing the Characters of Beyond Her Calling

Beyond Her Calling, characters

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23 thoughts on “Introducing the Characters of Beyond Her Calling

  1. All right, all right… 😛 Just kidding, I’d way rather have named AFOP because PETERRRRR. 😀

    Nice, haha. Now I know the true origins of the name mwahahaha. (I’m in a very odd mood today.)

  2. Yes, same! They’re great together. And Ivy is a little different from your average INFP in that she does have some mental disabilities which alter her personality slightly. She simplifies things a lot more than your average INFP, for instance.

    I think I’ve going with Jorvy. Nice and neat and it makes sense. *feels guilty over not taking your suggestions* *hides* You named AFOP, though …

    Yes, it’s fun. 🙂 I actually wanted to use the name of Keira Knightley’s daughter and then I just like … took the E off and decided it was gonna be short for Edith. (Her daughter’s name is Edie …) I don’t know why my brain does these kinds of things …

  3. I don’t care. I think Jordy and Ivy will work out fantastically together.

    Yeah, I like both of them!

    Haha, that’s quite possibly true…. Ooh, cool! I like Edi as a nickname.

    (Oh, good….)

    Thank you. I hope so too! 🙂

  4. Ooh, Jorvy! Love it! Too many options, though … I’ve got to decide. One of my other “couples” it Kalice. But I never decided on the Jordy/Ivy ship name.

    Thanks, it was fun to do! And yeah, Scotland is a super fun Scotland. I’m part Scottish on my mom’s side (and Norwegian and Swiss, haha). I’ve done England and Scotland now … I’m planning on writing a book set in Italy soon. Honestly, America isn’t fun enough for me. 😛

    Yay, that’s awesome! You can do it! Challenge yourself, girl … you know, within reason, of course. 🙂

  5. I think Jorvy would be a really cute ship name — or maybe Jivy? Irdy? 😂 And WHOA YOU HAVE SO MANY CHARACTERS HOW DO YOU DO IT. I suck at remembering characters, both the ones I write and the ones I read about. 😛 And I LOVE the aesthetic for their ship haha!! I also really like that your setting is in Scotland — how cool is that??? We need less American settings so we can explore the many other beautiful places in the world! 😂

    I’m doing pretty good for NaNo so far! So now I think I’m actually going for the full 50K instead of just 25K?! So that requires me to stay up later but whatever. 😉

  6. I’m so excited to read this!!
    I don’t think I will be doing NaNo unless I can get an outline and at least 5000 words before the middle of the month. XD #procrastination

  7. Yeah, I’m glad to get it out there, too! I really love them as a couple. Even though people have been telling me lately that people of their personality types wouldn’t work out easily … but oh, well. They can’t rain on my parade. 😉

    Maybe Ivordy. Ivory would be cool, though, too. Ivordy makes sense, but Ivory is actually a word and ivory = pianos which is just … cool because Ivy and music … I don’t know. 🙂

    Yeah, no one could understand it based on those descriptions. 😉 Ena is awesome! I love her. She’s so common sense and awesome. Edi is short for Edith. 🙂

    (Nah, not awful at all! So do I!) Thanks! I really like how it turned out. (And the image for the post, too.)

    Well, good luck! I hope you’re able to accomplish lots of planning this month! 🙂

  8. OH. 4:30? Are you even sane? I would never want to be seen with my eyes open at 4:30, or even three hours later than that. 😀

  9. YAYYYYY JORDY AND IVY JORDY AND IVY I’M SO HAPPYYYY *dances in circles* I mean, I knew it was coming, but still–having you say it was so fantastic. *grins* 😀

    *tries to think of a ship name* Jordivy. Ivordy. Ivory? I dunno if that works, but…. Jorvy? Hehe. Ijor. Ivydy. Vyjor. Um…I think Ivory is the best one, if it’s okay to take out a letter of someone’s name when making a ship name… If not, I also like Ivordy. Your thoughts?

    Also, your characters sound cool! Although I’m a little bit confused about who they all are, so it will be interesting to see how you pull it all together! Ena sounds so awesome and tragic, and also Edi sounds super cool. What is Edi short for?

    ALSO WAIT. You’re going to make me cry with Jordy? How dare you. (Although…is it awful that I get kind of excited about tragic characters?) OH and I like your mood board! 😀 Especially the picture with the hands almost touching…it’s so cute!

    And I like your image for the post! (Sorry, I’m really scattered in this comment…I’m just so excited! Also I get excited every time AFOP is used, hehehe.)

    As far as NaNo goes, I haven’t done anything yet so far, but I am planning on doing something soon! Hopefully after I finish this comment, ’cause I already got all my homework done.

    Anyway, one more time…YAYYAYAYYYAYYYY!

  10. That’s great! I guess you don’t have to spend all morning doing schoolwork… 😛

    Oh, sure, anyone can be friends. But their personalities are so different, it wouldn’t work in marriage.


  11. I’ve written 2K already!

    Well, then you’ll be happy! 😀 Nope, I don’t particularly like Jordy/Violet either … except as friends. I guess they can be friends. 😉 Yes, exactly … he can’t hop from Alice to Ivy like that! It would be terrible.

  12. Quick, Kellyn, write Beyond Her Calling, so I can read it! 😉 Since Ivy and Jordy are probably my favorite characters, I can’t imagine how I won’t like it. Also, I don’t like the Jordy/Violet combination. What I think is that if you’re going to add new characters, you have drop some old ones. (How well I follow that pattern is yet to be determined… :P) As for Kirk and Ivy… well, you’re right. They’re just friends. If Kirk really likes Ivy, than he’d seem a little wishy-washy. 😛


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