Writing Plans: Why They Can Be Disastrous

writing plans

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29 thoughts on “Writing Plans: Why They Can Be Disastrous

  1. A mess, an art form, tomayto, tomahto. πŸ˜‰

    Yes, definitely! I don’t think you should stop writing even when you don’t feel like it.

    You can do it! And thanks! πŸ˜€

  2. I don’t know about writing being an art form, but it is certainly a mess. At least, in my life it is.
    This post does make sense! I lose the muse frequently. I hardly ever have the muse. But I have to keep writing or I am sure I would suffer from spontaneous combustion or something just as drastic. Most of the time I write things that I would never show another human being, but at least I am writing and therefore improving my craft. (Right? Right???)
    I have not actually finished any novels but I still have the audacity to call myself a writer. I will get there! I am working on it.
    This is a great post!

  3. I’ve actually busted through quite a lot of blocks that have been holding me back recently, so that was really fun!!! XD YAY FOR MR. MUSE!!!!

    It definitely made sense to me! (But I totally understand what you mean. Sometimes I wonder if my posts are making any sense at all, haha!) Ugh, that is oh so true. And also slightly saddening because it would be so much more fun if we had ALL OF THE INSPIRATION, ALL OF THE TIME… XD

  4. Haha, that is a problem! I’ve kind of been doing that a lot … though more like coming up with a title and a name for the main character and then dropping it. xP

  5. YES, where does all the time go?! Seriously, I want to know. What am I doing that is preventing me from writing a zillion books?! πŸ˜›

    Yes, I can do the same thing. Although I like to outline a lot, so it can be hard …

  6. Thank you, Jordy! And yes, I’d definitely say that God oftentimes is – and SHOULD be – the muse!

    That is a great way! I haven’t been super active on many blogs lately … but I’m always glad when I’m able to find time to ready yours. πŸ™‚

  7. Well, you did finish something, which is awesome! I know what you mean by a bajillion unfinished books … *moans*


  8. I love this! I totally related to not knowing where the time goes. I was planning on finishing a novel by the end of this summer, and well . . . oops.

    It’s also crazy how inspiration comes. I feel like I’ve been switching between my different projects lately because I keep getting inspired to work on different things.

  9. I loved this post. It’s so relatable! And I love what you said: “Not to get all β€œpreachy”, but God inspires all things that are awesome, so … you might want to look there, darlin’.” Perhaps, in some cases, He’s the muse?? Yeah… I don’t know how many books I’ve started, but the ratio is whatever that number to 4 (unless you count a book that I wrote and that my mom helped me print and bind in 5th grade…

    And PS – yes, I did come get up-to-date on my blog because you commented on my most recent post. That’s one of the things I like when you comment. It’s like a reminder to go check out your posts (when I get consumed with other things in life and have been forgetting for a while) and it’s a much more personalized, cheerful way than WordPress feed.

  10. Haha I’ve finished a couple short stories, one three chapter book, and 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 unfinished books….. *sigh* I’VE LOST EVERYTHING I CANNOT WRITE I HAVE NO IDEAS (plus I’m lazyyyy)

  11. Yay! I hope you’re able to keep writing! I love when inspiration strikes and the muse is there! It makes me really happy. πŸ˜€

    I’m glad you agree! I wasn’t sure if I was making any sense, but it’s so true! You can plan all you want, but you can’t count on writing sometimes. I mean, you can write, but … it’s not going to be quick & easy most of the time!

  12. I love this SOOOOOO much!!! My pesky muse has abandoned me for a long time, and even though I know he’s been gone, I’ve still kept working on my novel. (It has been EXCRUCIATINGLY slow progress, haha! XD ) But he has JUST returned a couple days ago, and I am SOOOO excited!!!!

    And might I just say that I agree with you 100%??? I had so many ‘writing plans’ at the start of this year, and basically none of them have come to fruition quite yet… #OOPS So THANK YOU for saying that writing plans don’t usually work. It makes me feel like a lot less of a failure, haha! XD

    Wonderful post!! I absolutely loved it!

  13. I have a weird personality, in that I can be very perfectionistic, but I can shut it off sometimes if I make a decision to do so. Which is … weird and means I’m probably not a perfectionist at all. I just sometimes act like one? That makes no sense either. Oh, well, I give up on my personality. πŸ˜‰

    Ooh, impressive! I’m definitely the kind of person who starts books and doesn’t finish them. I do this on a regular basis. If I set out to write a book from start to finish (e.g. for NaNoWriMo), I usually will (usually as in the four times that I’ve finished a novel … although actually 4 is misleading because one was a novella … and if I’m going to count novellas, I should count my little short stories that are 10K or less and that’s too complicated). I think if I’d started writing when I was older, I might have finished more novels. πŸ˜›

    Ooh, same here! That is, my stand-alone blossomed into a series, haha. I’m going to write the fourth book in that series this November. I hope. πŸ™‚

    That’s a good idea! Taking breaks and writing shorter things, that is. I should try that. It might work for me … especially as I generally have a couple different stories going, haha.

    Yep, also writing a Snow White retelling that needed to be done last month. I know what you mean … πŸ˜‰

  14. Exactly! You can always write … but it’s not always going to be good writing. πŸ™‚

    I can do that, but it depends on the book. I think that was probably part of the reason At Her Fingertips came out well … I’d been thinking about writing it for months ahead of time and I’d played almost every scene out in my head.

  15. Thanks for the comment, Rebekah! What a fun challenge. πŸ™‚ And thanks! Yes, I’m not a Sherlock fan myself (although to be fair I only started the first episode and never finished it, sooo?), but some of my friends are … πŸ™‚

  16. Thank you, Jesseca! (And that’s okay … commenting takes too much time! πŸ˜› )

    I should probably take more breaks. Most of the time I just try to plow through and end up not accomplishing anything. πŸ™‚

  17. That line about Sherlock made me laugh. XD

    Good points. I have to be careful about writing plans because I can be over-optomistic at times. As someone with perfectionistic tendencies, I have to remind myself that I may start the year wanting to write ALL THE THINGS but writing does in fact take time and if I can’t do it all, that’s okay. As long as do my best, that’s enough. Now if I could just get better about resisting procrastination…

    To answer one of your questions at the end, my ratio of books started to books finished is actually quite small: 4 to 0. That’s not counting the 50+ book *ideas* I’ve written down for future use but haven’t started, and I should make note I’ve only been writing for (almost) 4 years, and the first two years were a major learning curve, plus the fact that I have *brilliant* timing :p and those first two years of writing were also my final two years of college. #DontTryThatAtHome

    Anyway, I actually admire that you’ve finished 4 books, no matter how many other books you’ve started but haven’t finished. I’m very much the type who likes to finish old things before starting new things and the only reason I’ve started 4 books without finishing is because my first book decided it wants to be a trilogy, and as I’ve accepted the fact it could take years to finish, I’ve given myself permission to take occasional breaks from it and write other (shorter) things. Which still aren’t finished. :/ Well…the Snow White retelling is in the later half of the story, and I *will* finish it before the end of the year, but I wanted it to be done, like, a month ago, you know what I mean? πŸ˜‰

    I hope you feel better soon!

  18. Yeah. You really can’t force or rush good writing. I mean, you CAN write even if the ideas aren’t there . . . but your end product will be lacking.

    I tend to do about 70% (give or take) of my writing process in my head, even before I sit down at the computer. So when something isn’t working right, I get up and walk away and start working over it in my head again, from the beginning, because that’s what helps me most.

    Aw, I’m sorry you have a cold! I hope it goes away soon.

  19. Oh my goodness, I LOVED this. Especially about the muse not being in Sherlock… I have known people like that…

    Commenting as part of my challenge: rebekahdevall.wordpress.com/challenge/

  20. Oh, goodness, Kell. Your posts always crack me up. I love them so much! (Even if I hardly every comment… xP)

    And I totally agree with this! Sometimes you just need to stop and take a break. Normally it helps a ton. πŸ™‚

    I hope you feel better soon! ❀

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