Why Writers Should Be Bloggers

why writers should be bloggers

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39 thoughts on “Why Writers Should Be Bloggers

  1. I’M NOT LETTING HER DIE SHE JUST IS. xD Really, though, there’s not much we can do for her.

    I know what you mean about wanting to keep it all secret. 😉 I blog a lot about writing because that’s ALL I really have to say, but other blogs are so cool! And I think any kind of blogging improves your writing no matter the subject! 😀

    YES! I definitely agree with you there. It seems like all my favorite authors are just like, “Eh … I think I’ll post once a year … maybe ….” 😛 But then a lot of my favorite authors are also dead, soooo … there’s that. 😉



    I agree! I’m a writer (not an author, sadly) and I blog! TBH, I hardly blog about my writing??? BECAUSE I REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. Do I talk about the sound of my keyboard??? My plot bunnies?? I WANT TO KEEP IT ALL SECRET??!

    Anyways, all of my favorite authors need to blog about their life more. I actually really enjoy reading bookish recaps of events, like NYCC or BookCon because it sounds SO FUN AND COOL and I cry because I want to be there. happy times.

  3. Well, I suppose it kind of depends on what kind of person you are? I just really love the finality of a blog post – I write it, it takes me a couple hours, I’m finished, I never have to touch the slimy thing again. With books … not so much. 😉

  4. Haha, I’m glad you love it. 😛

    Hehe, yeah…blogging has been and I think always will be harder than me for writing. (That’s not to say I don’t procrastinate writing, but…)

  5. Haha, yes, that would definitely be nice!

    I see what you mean! I don’t read a lot, and I have quite a bit of time to spare as it is, so I am able to do it, but for someone with a tighter schedule … I don’t get how anyone could!

  6. I actually would appreciate it if He said it just like that. XD Since nowhere in the Bible it says “Blogging is a good and honorable thing. Every author should have a blog,” it’s hard to know if and when God wants me to…

    Yeah… unless I get up two hours earlier (Please, no!!) I don’t see how I could find that time, while keeping things like reading and writing. I know that I obviously could carve out a chunk of time to make and write a blog post, but for now, I’ll just be glad that I don’t need to worry about it right now. (Or at least I’ll try to convince myself of that…)


  7. Awwww!!!! ❤

    Oh my goodness, yes! I took a month-long hiatus over the summer, and when it was finally time to return, I was SOO excited to just write ALL OF THE THINGS!! Sadly, I burned out a LEETLE too quickly, haha! XD

  8. Excellent points! Exactly! I mean, I didn’t blog long before I published and I didn’t blog seriously (or really get into the community of people who read my genres … okay, I have still yet to do that, haha … I just love all my friends here too much! 😛 ), and I’ll always regret that.

  9. OH MY WORD LANA AAAAAH! I love that. I’m going to have to remember that … XD I love my desert of readers … they’re awesome.

    I know, I’m the same about not wanting to blog if I haven’t written even though I’ve been trying to steer away from constantly talking about my writing. I’m like, “Eh … I didn’t write … do I want them to know that, too? Isn’t my own self-hatred enough?” 😉 But seriously, writing is important, and I don’t ever want writing to play second fiddle to blogging (even though blogging is a much easier thing for me to do than writing at the moment) and yeah.

    I am currently inundated with lots of blog post ideas for once in a blue moon, so … I can’t sympathize. 😉 Seriously, though, this has been a problem for me since forever. At the moment, I have lots of ideas, but for how long? *stares off into the two sunsets moodily* *uh …*

    Yes, blogging writers are awesome! I think I’m more interested in writing-related posts than reading-related posts …. which is in part why I haven’t really put a ton of effort into Reveries Reviews.

  10. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the post & that it inspired you! This comment made my day. ❤

    I know what you mean about not knowing what to blog about! In recent months, I've had more ideas (hiatuses are awesome! They fill you will all kinds of amazing blogging ideas – that you can't use at the moment, but when you get back to blogging, you're like, "OMW I HAVE SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT IDEAS IDEAS IDEAS." 😉

  11. Well, I do think you should eventually get a blog or website, but not until you have time and God is saying, “Hanna, IT IS TIME.” (not necessarily like that, but you know what I mean!)

    I personally don’t spend a ton of time on blogging … but it depends on the post. I can take FOREVER to write a post and get it formatted and everything (like, up to two or three hours) so I definitely see what you mean about taking time away! And then I did spend a couple afternoons working on my website recently. Still, it shouldn’t need any more work until I publish another book …

  12. This was very good, Kellyn! A lot of people in our church are writers and I think they all have a blog. Yup, they do.

    I do want to publish someday soooooo……….

    Maybe I can convince my mom to let me start a blog now………………


  13. Interesting! I think writes having a blog can really help them market their book and if they blog for a long time BEFORE they publish their books they can build up a readership and then have the book be quite hyped in the YA book blogosphere or whatever genre their book is.

    I also think blogging and blogging help you become more aware of the online world so once you publish your book you are not completely oblivious to what is going on. I think giving writing tips also helps YOU as a writer so that can be really beneficial! It’s also nice to look back on your blog about writing and see what your thoughts were like whilst you were writing your book.

    Great post!

  14. Oooh, I can come up with something. So…sand…it’s made up of little tiny grains but if you get enough of them, then you get a desert…of awesomeness…so if you get a lot of readers on your blog, then you get a desert…of readers. *nods* There you go, Kell. Your picture makes perfect sense.

    Also, I am a writer and a blogger. (SHOCKING.) But I’m struggling at the moment because a) I don’t really know what to write about (which this post helped with some, I think, yay) and b) blogging takes time away from writing. Not that I don’t procrastinate from writing, but part of me feels like if I don’t write, then I have nothing to blog about. (Which isn’t entirely true, since I still have my opinions and all, but it still kind of feels like that…)

    Anyway…I think blogging writers are awesome! Although I always tend to be more interested in the writing-related posts than the reading-related posts (I guess why I don’t always post a lot of those?). But I like listening to writers talk, especially young writers who are trying to get published and do awesome things.


    Okay, so this post was super motivating for me??? Like, I’m already a writer and a blogger (and my blog has just passed it’s one-year-anniversary), but this really motivated me to KEEP writing and blogging…

    Also, I LOVED these ideas on topics to write about! Even as a-sort-of-official blogger, I still struggle with coming up with ideas occasionally, but these really got the gears rolling!!! So eek! Thank you for this post!!!

  16. I do think I will need a blog and/or website eventually; it’s just that I’m not sure God wants me to yet. I don’t want it to take away from actually important stuff… like writing and school. 😉 It’s like, every time I make a blog post, that would time away from writing. So… counterintuitive?


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