25 Spoiler-Free Facts about Ivy Introspective


25 Spoiler-Free Facts About Ivy Introspective

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16 thoughts on “25 Spoiler-Free Facts about Ivy Introspective

  1. (How could you!? I need one of those!)

    Oh, you never know. It could be gentle evil laughter. Like an evil witch rocking her child to sleep … *nods* *decides this is a thing* *hums Mother Knows Best*

  2. (Dang it! I sold my world domination plans last week…sad day.)

    They are fun! 😀 And yay!

    Oh dear… o.O Evil laughter from you is never a good thing. (YESSS)

  3. Woah! It looks like the overwhelming majority of voters want you to continue doing spotlights! I was one of them. I like the author-ish inspiration.

    Thanks for the 25 facts, too! X)

  4. Thanks! (World domination is really the only thing I NEED right now … 😉 )

    I think I might, partially because people seem to want them to come and partially because they were fun to do and they gave me a chance to kind of have fun with sharing my work with people. *nods* (I loved Iris … or what I heard about it, anyway!)

    I guess you’re informed. *nods* (*whispers to accomplice* this girl knows too much … you’d better change the passwords again … I’ll deal with the rest … *evil laughter*) (AND YES. HE IS AWESOME.)

  5. Ooooh this one was so much fun! I liked it (and especially the longer quotes)! also bribes, you say? hmmm…what can I bribe you with?

    I voted continue spotlights because… *flips hair* But I also totally understand where you sometimes don’t have anything to put onto spotlights, so it’s okay if you don’t do them anyway. (I haven’t done any since I finished Iris…or whatever that’s going to be called someday.)

    Also, I think I knew most of these! I didn’t know most of the stuff leading up to the final draft, but I knew everything else. (AND JORDY. OKAY YOU MENTIONED HIM, I JUST HAVE TO MENTION HIM IN A COMMENT.)

    Anyway, this was really fun! 😀

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