September 2017 Dares & Summer Ends

September 2017 dares

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32 thoughts on “September 2017 Dares & Summer Ends

  1. WELL IT’S ONLY BEEN FIVE DAYS; THAT’S NOT TOO BAD. Haha…it just causes problems for me when I write in my journal and realize–I don’t know what day it is. (I have flipped my calendar, mind you.)

  2. *is pretty sure I stole that wisdom from someone else, hehe*

    *isn’t sure how to respond to that…* Don’t hurt yourself…

    Yay! 😀

  3. I like Tangled better…….It’s just so funny. And I do prefer Flynn Rider better than Eugene Fitzherbert………

  4. What?! No, Crystal, you gotta be different! I would like you a lot less if you weren’t a special human being and pretended you liked Moana when you didn’t or whatever. “To thine ownself be true,” ‘member! 😀

  5. Well, thanks, Crystal! Most of the time I’m kinda like, “Eh … if I fail, it will be amusing to talk about on Reveries … and they understand ….” *facepalm* I should not be thinking that way! XD

    I do the exact same thing (about God). I’m like, “Shiny books! Shiny writing! Shiny blogging! MUST DO ALL THIS!” and then later I’m like, “Oh. Yeah. God. Uh … hi?” You know?

    I just read a lot of my Bible last night to catch up. Which … probably wasn’t the best idea? But I did retain some of it, I’m sure … XD I need to read slower!

    Really? Huh. Well, I guess it’s a taste thing. I didn’t LOVE it (I definitely liked Frozen better … liked Tangled better … probably liked Brave and Moana about the same … and I liked … most other movies better), but I thought it was pretty good.

  6. *is shocked at great wisdom* Not that you don’t have great wisdom all the time, but that this is shockingly amazing wisdom. *nods* But yeah, you’re right … probably … *glares at things to do*

    Those are all great goals! My main goal is “don’t die.” Gosh, I just remember I haven’t flipped my calendar yet. XD Okay, I don’t know why, but I’ll just be sitting doing something else (like responding to comments) and then suddenly I’m like, “Oh! I haven’t done that!” and I am simultaneously too lazy to do it and absolutely stressed that I haven’t done it. *is weird* *and self-murderous* *suicidal is the word I’m looking for, I think*

    Yes! The ocean was gorgeous!

  7. Haha, yeah, right. 😉

    My brother likes to sing “you’re welcome” (just those two words) whenever he does something. XD He’s like, “I just smiled. YOU’RE WELCOME.” Conceited little fellow … 😉

    YES! I know what you mean. I keep accepting all the pretty books and I have too many to read and review now! Mostly I struggle with actually getting the reviews out more than anything. I read waaaaay too much!

  8. I guess one song from Moana wasn’t horrible, but I don’t remember it that much. Something about her wanting to sail or whatever. I wish I could’ve liked Moana, since everyone else does. But that makes me different! Sigh, who wants to be different… I want to fit in… 😥

  9. You have great goals! Not saying I enjoy you fail, but it’s nice to see another person that’s not perfect and is okay with saying it. 🙂
    Goals for this month… ah write my story more, read books (some of which that I need to review), work on my blogs, focus on God (when I get excited about writing or whatever, I kind of don’t think about Him for a bit.. SAD I know), actually try to get all of my math right (I try but not enough), actually read my Bible more (been slacking)… yep probably more but that’s all I could think of.
    Moana was the worst movie in the world for me. It didn’t make sense and was kind of dumb/weird to me. I prefer Frozen over it, sadly. 😛

  10. Hey, I think you did pretty good on your summer goals! 🙂 I mean, you did some of them, at least…and I didn’t do all that much this summer, so feel good about yourself. Only feel bad enough to do better. *nods with great wisdom*

    Hmmm, goals for this month. I need to write more. And I need to start practicing for my voice lessons…aghhh. But also just going to school and doing homework promptly. I do get stressed easily, and Moana was pretty great. The art/animation was really pretty with the ocean and all…

    Umm, yep. 🙂

  11. Yes I do! *glares back* I can…. um… welll….I…HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO. 😛

    Yeah!! My brother always gets mad at me whenever I sing How Far I’ll Go. But it’s getting annoying even to me too now. 😛 XD

    This isn’t even related, but I HAVE SO MANY BOOKS I HAVE TO READ. *is trying to type properly while trapped under pile of books* XD I should learn not to tell everyone possible that I can read their books if I have other books to read already. Oh dear… 😛

  12. Well, maybe you’ll get back into the swing of things now that you’re back into the school – oh, wait. Thou hast no excuse, Zielle! *glares* 😛

    I know! It was so amazing! The aesthetics and the songs and … 😀

  13. I didn’t even FINISH my dares!! XD (as in I never posted how I did for the past few months 😛 ) I love Moana! It’s such a great movie!

  14. Ahhh I’m absolutely obsessed with these posts! I mean I love monthly wrap ups and goals more than anything and yours have got to be one of my favourites!
    I hope you complete all your goals, and that you have an amazing September!! 😊❤

  15. Yes, there is. It’s long and boring, but it’s not terrible. XD

    I haven’t watched the series yet. I need to sometime, though.

    Well, some people are good at sleeping at night and waking at morning. I am … not. And my mom allows me too much freedom in that area. 😉

  16. There is a book for North and South? I am so watching that again!

    I used to not like the guy main character, until I found out he is THORIN!!!!!!!!! And Kili is Poldark(Totally different show)!!!!!! THIS IS LIKE SO EXCITING TO ME! Even though I am not aloud to watch most of Poldark…….#hobbitlover

    The first one…….Mom has been sending us all to bed at 9 this month…….We are supposed to get up at 6:30 every morning……..I usually am up at around 45ish


  17. Go ahead! I’m glad you can use it. 🙂 Haha, yeah, it seems like a lot of people I know didn’t do much during the summer, so I feel slightly less guilty. 😉

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