Money + Plans for Money + Other Stuff

Money + Plans for Money + Other Stuff

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37 thoughts on “Money + Plans for Money + Other Stuff

  1. Yup…

    Haha, that sounds like an adventure. 😛 But I think you’ll pass! You’ve been practicing and all, right?

    Wow, you got home fast! Well…compared to me, haha. But yup, no traffic until we tried to leave…

  2. I know what you mean about not wanting to make plans ’cause you won’t keep them! Usually I just make the plans anyway and then late I go, “Oh, wait … I actually have to follow through ….”

    Haha, whoa. Well, my grandpa was telling me how he ran into a car on his first driving test. XD He didn’t pass, needless to say. But yep, hopefully I’ll be able to pass and not have to wait a month to try again … or whenever they can fit me in. It’s crazy getting an appointment! :/

    YAY! It was pretty cool. Yeah, we were just a little under 2 hours away. And when we got where we were going, we just sat around for hours and hours waiting for it to start. There was no traffic until we tried to go home … we saw a total of 70-something cars pass by where we were parked. But on the way home it was kinda busy. We just took back roads, though, and got home in about 2 hrs.

  3. Yay! Haha, that’s totally okay. I haven’t noticed I’ve been gone either! 😛

    YESSS SENIOR BUDDIES! *high fives* Aww, hehe. I think it’s awesome.

    I LIKE PLANS! But I tend to make them…and then not keep them. And sometimes I don’t even want to make a plan because I’m afraid I won’t keep it, and then, of course, I’m not keeping it right now…

    YOU’LL DO GREAT! I did pretty badly and I still passed, hehe. There was this stop sign that I didn’t see and so I stopped way past it…and then my parallel parking was awful and my test person even said it was, and then I went almost ten over the speed limit in one place because the speed limit changed from the sign and there wasn’t another sign (or I read the original sign wrong, but I don’t think so). Sooo….I think you’ll do great. 😛


    Hehe, well, you’re a lot closer than we are. It took us about 4 hours to drive there…and much longer than that to drive back… (We woke up at 2:30 am…I think I got four hours of sleep, but I slept more in the car.)

    That is a bit odd, hehe…though my personality often contradicts myself as well. I don’t even understand myself most of the time. *headdesks*

    Amazing! 😀

  4. You guys should start your own talk show……It would be so funny(NO OFFENSE MEANT)!!!

    I am so good at procrastinating………..I’m pretty sure every writer is. 😉

  5. YES I’M BACK! And I’m glad you’re back, too, even though I’ve been so preoccupied that I hardly noticed you were gone … except that, you know, you haven’t posted in awhile. *blushes* (And yes, focusing on real life is awesome even though a huge part of me doesn’t want to!)

    YES WE CAN BE SENIORS TOGETHER! And yeah … Bailey keeps telling me how ‘dumb’ it is that I’m a year ahead. Which is her way of saying it’s dumb that I’m smart and get to graduate the same year as her … XD

    I HAVE PLANS! Like, Alice-worthy plans. Alice and me both need to take a chill pill and actually be Christians with faith and such. (Uh …) But … I just have always had a plan (even though I don’t really have a plan … basically, I know that I want to do SOMETHING) and I’m more of an acter than a thinker … I just like getting things done. And … that’s my secret. Random personality quirks. 😉

    Congratulations, Lana! I’m getting nervous about getting my license, personally. I mean, I was pretty competent, but putting it off kinda made me nervous, y’know? Grrrr, this wait is killing me!

    I need to work more on Quiet … *tries to figure out how I’m going to end it* *shrugs*

    I’M GOING TO SEE THE ECLIPSE! We have to get up at 4. I should probably be sleeping now … but heck, I still get five hours of sleep if I wait an hour. And I’ve lived on that at sleepovers. And I can sleep in the car even though it’s only gonna be like a one or two hour drive.

    It’s weird to think that we’re both that near the eclipse, haha! But I guess it does stretch across the US …

    I’m the same! Though I honestly don’t like myself even as I love myself most the time, so I’m often like, “I don’t have any desire to change my awful sin-ness.” Like, I’m both conceited and hate myself. It’s a weird combo. It comes from loving one’s faults while recognizing that they’re faults (like, on some weird level I’m proud that I’m stubborn??? I don’t know; it’s so wrong!) But yeah. I’m a weird person. XD

    Yeah, of course, I’m sure it’s that simple …

    Nah, it didn’t get blocked, wonder of wonders!

    ALSO I AM BACKKKK (y’know, I was on vacation and I don’t think anyone knows because I haven’t written a blog post in weeks but…. -shrugs- it’s kind of nice to focus on real life, you know? also I have so much homework to do before school starts…)


    Also why are you so motivated with life? Tell me your secrets! I know I need to get a job, but I don’t want a job. How do I stop being so lazy so that I can earn money for college and living on my own? I don’t knowwww. -is slightly stressed about this subject at the moment because I’M GOING TO COLLEGE NEXT YEAR AND I DON’T HAVE MONEY AND I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LIVE ON MY OWN- Rant is now over.

    Ummmm I think I had something important to say. OH YES HELLO HOW ARE YOU AND I MISSED YOU MY FRIEND.

    Oh and I also got my driver’s license! Wahoo, congrats to me at 17. 😛 I’m really not that excited about it though, because I still don’t like driving. (I guess I was hoping that getting my license would magically make me like it…nope. But maybe now I can do awesome things like visit my cousin and stuff.)

    Oh I think I remember reading the first part of Quiet! I’m not sure, though, I will have to see. Also I like your covers! But I shall respond to your post about them in a moment…what else.

    Oh, what I’m doing with the rest of summer + how life/writing/blogging has been. Okay, so for the rest of the summer…I’ve got to finish my homework. And I have church tomorrow. And then Monday I’m trying to convince my mom/family to drive up to where we can see the total solar eclipse, though I don’t know if that’ll happen + more homework. *nods* I did indeed procrastinate.

    So how has life been? Well, I just got back from a camping trip–well, it was more “glamping” because we were in an RV–with my cousin and her parents which was really fun! I’ve been being lazy and reading a lot of books recently…procrastinating…trying to figure out who I am and what I need to change in my life in order to be a more valiant servant of God…except I don’t know where to start and I’m not even sure I want to start (how dare you, natural man), so…I haven’t been doing much of anything on that front, though I need to.

    Blogging…nada. I haven’t even responded to comments in forever… and writing? Well, I haven’t written very much. At the beginning of the month, I was doing really well at writing 1k in Battle Song every day and then I was busy doing some summer homework for another class and so I stopped and I haven’t written anything in it since. But I am participating in May’s Scribbler challenge and so I’ve written some stuff for that but it’s all not very good (why are there word limits…) but hey, at least it’s writing. I want to do more, though.

    So yep. I’m trying to find out what I need to do with my life but procrastinating instead, and I know I need to start doing things, but…it’s hard. Maybe I need to start with baby steps. I don’t know, I need a game plan. A detailed, step-by-step game plan that will guarantee me becoming more Christlike and finding out what God wants me to do for Him. Because that’s exactly how it works…

    Okay, I think I’m done. …eesh, long comment. I wonder if it’ll get blocked; it’s practically like a blog post itself. 😛 I’m just glad to see you again! 😀

  7. Emma is fun! Me and my older sister stayed up late one night for a 4-H activity and watched it…..
    That’s scary! I hope their friends aren’t following your blog!!!!!

  8. I told my brothers so much about Emma (by Jane Austen) that they now recognize it anywhere. XD I feel a little bad for them … I hope their friends don’t find out. 😉

  9. I do that to my brother! I ask him if he is going to read the book(most of the time he isn’t) and then I just tell him who dies, who the bad guy is, what happens. He’s just like “Cool”
    And then he doesn’t understand how I can cry after something bad happens. Or how I can be sooooo excited when I finish the book. And of course kinda bored because I just want to read it again but I know what happens so I don’t want to…..

    Our family is kinda crazy…………

  10. I’m terrible with spoilers because my best friend and I always tell each other the entire plot of books we’ve read from start to finish – and then I read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies (like obscure old-fashioned ’40s movies) that they’ll probably never read or watch, so I just tell them the entire plot … haha. So I’m terrible at keeping details to myself!

  11. Yeah…..Last month was the AFHE convention. Mom and Dad bought like ten books……I read them all in a week, and was bored for the next three weeks before school………

    And of course, everybody else is still reading them, so I’m like

    “Oh, you’re at that part? You are going to cry.”

    And their all like, “Liberty!!!!!!”

    I don’t give anything away though, so…………

  12. Nah, I’m not budgeting as in organizing my money. I’m budgeting as in not spending any money and writing down all the money I make. *nods* Which … okay, yeah, that’s not budgeting, but whatever … I have no expenses.

  13. Yeah….my history is way below me, but the one above, there are books Mom doesn’t want me to read……….. That was one of the only reason I wanted to do history….For the books.
    And it gives you like two weeks to read the book! I’m just like:

    “OOH! BOOKS!” someone tries to interrupt me.
    “Liberty! Clean your area!!!”


  14. Oh. 😛 It’s a lovely thing to be done with school, I’m sure. I’m staring at two final years (besides college, which I’m not thinking about) filled to the brim with work. I just hope I can fit in my novel writing.

  15. I’ve always known what my grade was, but mostly because my mom’s super-organized. I know people who are just like, “Whaa?” when I ask them what grade they’re in!

    Neither of my parents went to college and they’re both pretty awesome. My dad is supervisor at his work! I definitely think college is overrated. No one really needs a degree to be successful in life!

  16. Welcome to the club! 😀 Really, though, I feel like we’ll figure it out by the time we actually want to do/are meant to do by the time we actually have to? And God’s always there. 🙂

  17. That’s what rich husbands are for … 😉 To me, you don’t have to be old to get married … like, in my head, I’d be fine with being married now and I don’t even find that idea weird. I’m an odd one … XD

  18. Oh, yeah! That’s probably where I got it because I was researching Italian culture a while back … *nods* But I forgot everything I researched because it was night. XD

  19. I’m supposedly in Junior high…… And I’m home schooled, so I have no idea what the thing is with grades. When people ask I say, either, 7 or 6…….
    I don’t know what my parents have planned for college, and stuff.
    But my older brother didn’t go to college. And he works at the Palo Verde power plant. His boss is telling him he needs to go get a job somewhere else because of how talented he is………

    So I guess you don’t need college! Depends on what you’re going for though………..

    Man do I need ways to make money! I bought lots of books July, (THE BEST DECISION EVER), now I have like nothing…………..*sob* My poor empty wallet.

    Good post!

  20. Good luck with all the decisions and the working and the school and the… everything. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I graduate, honestly. I have no clue. NO CLUE. *hides*

  21. *screams into the abyss* Why are we so old, Kell. Whyyyy? Good luck with earning money! I’m hoping to get a job next summer so I don’t really have to worry about it … though I do *sort of* budget and squirrel all my money away for college so I don’t starve on the streets when I’m an adult but YA KNOW.
    I lurrrvee the cover design thingamabop! It’s so pretty! 😀
    And hopefully you’ll meet a lovely guy and settle down … though that seems so weird. I honestly don’t feel ready to be old yet, man. xD

  22. I’m pretty sure that “Arrivederci” means “goodbye” in Italian. But what do I know? Oh wait, Google says it means “a farewell remark.” 🙂
    So, I’ll say “arrivederci amico!” (farewell friend!)
    ~ Megan Joy

  23. Wait are you homeschooled?
    Hope everything works out for you! 😉 I’ve been desperately trying to earn money. And HOW. HOW can write so many books and actually FINISH them? 😮 XD

  24. I’m skipping my senior year. Or my junior year. One of the other … I’ve done all my required highschool credits except one, so yep … I’d be pretty bored if I did another year. Besides, I am so ready to be done with school! 😛

    Yes, there are lots of decisions to make! Hopefully it will all come clear in the next year …

  25. Okay, first, I’m only a junior in highschool. So why are you ahead of me?? (My mom explained who some people move their kids ahead for some reason or another, but still!) I’m a little uncertain about my future too- I mean, being an author really doesn’t get you a whole lot of money- but I’m not thinking about it. I like not thinking about it, especially because I don’t have to! With those sorts of things, I’m more than happy to leave it to God. 😉


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