25 Spoiler-Free Facts About The Dressmaker’s Secret

25 Spoiler-Free Facts about TDS

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30 thoughts on “25 Spoiler-Free Facts About The Dressmaker’s Secret

  1. I THINK HE DOES. They’d get along so well. And so true! Thankfully, I do have a cat in my life, and she’s very cuddly. 😀

  2. Heheh… Well, I haven’t really decided what place animals have…I mean, obviously, they’re needed. But I don’t know what kinds of animals are still there and to what extent that they’re used. Honestly, I can’t remember if I have a different region for livestock and farming or if they’re the same… I dunno. 😛 I think there might be a couple of pets in the city, though. Maybe I’ll add a dog. Or a cat. Will needs a cat in his life, I’ve decided.

    I’m very relieved that I was wrong about that. 😛

  3. Okay, good to know!

    Yes, it’s currently out of stock as I removed it from the market to do some revisions. It needed another run-through, and I replaced the cover, too.

    There will be either four or six books in the series (I’m still working it out). Book 2 (along with the revised edition of The Dressmaker’s Secret) will be coming out this June. 🙂

  4. Loved reading this, Kellyn! 🙂
    It was certainly not boring and I think 25 is a good amount. I also think you should do this for your other books too. 😀 I’ll have to read your book sometime; but it’s out of stock on Amazon!! 😦 How many books do you have/are planning to have in the series? Or is it not a series?
    ❤ Zielle

  5. Okay, good to know! I guess I’ll stick with approximately 25, then.

    It is the first book in a series (The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy) which currently has four books (although … I have an idea for a fifth and sixth. But I don’t want to commit to extra books if I end up deciding the fourth book is the perfect ending). 🙂

  6. Well, that’s all right! I don’t expect you to read all the posts. Just read the ones you’re particularly interested in (if any).

    Okay, I’ll check out your comment! And there’s no need for you to commit completely before … the fifteenth of June, I think? Maybe a little later? It depends on how things go. 🙂

  7. Why not try to complete a short story? One time I finished a short story, and then I felt better able to accomplishment a whole novel, which I (eventually …) did! Even if it’s just, like, two pages, it’s a huuuge accomplishment! Seriously, writing is hard! Every little bit is amazing! 🙂

  8. I agree with your friend Lana! 25 was the perfect amount though you could go like to 22 or 27 too if you just wanted to slip in a few more or a few less. The book sounds really intriguing. Is it a standalone now I wonder after you stated it was meant to be three books? A great idea!

  9. Oh my goodness, Kellyn! There are about five of your most recent posts (before this one) that I haven’t read! In the craziness of this phase of my life, it’s just one of the things that keep getting pushed to the back. :/

    My interest is piqued about hosting you for your blog tour. I’m hesitant to even bring it up because I don’t want to commit to something that I can’t do. However, how willing would you be to accept a tentative agreement to be part of your tour? And I have more questions, but first I’ll go read you post where you talk about it in more detail. I’ll “see” you soon when I comment there.

  10. Hmm … maybe someone could have an animal secretly in the city … like, they weren’t supposed to have one? (Okay, that’s probably a terrible idea …) I didn’t see any animals in the … farm-area-land. Is it an animal-less area?

    Haha, yes, I was being veeeerrrry harsh with my revisions … XD But nope, WHITE. Not DARK. WHITE. 😛

  11. Definitely.

    And yay! I feel that way about characters a lot…but not necessarily about animals. I just realized I don’t have very many animals in my novels… The Blade has an awesome horse, though. I’ve decided Enhanced needs some sort of animal. Any ideas?

    Yeah. I was thinking “Well, maybe Kell wanted to get realllly into the revisions in a super harsh way…?” but then I figured it out. 😛

    Yeah, that makes sense. 😉 I’ll look forward to them, though!

  12. Yeah, it’s on my sidebar. I guess the Pinterest link at the end of my posts is off? Is that what you’re talking about? ‘Cause I thought you meant the sidebar. XD Anyway, I’ll check that …

  13. Yes, definitely! Alicia and Evette are just … I don’t know. They sound kinda creepy for some reason to me … but that’s just my weirdness. And I think you’d have all kinds of cool facts! Just different kinds of cool facts. 😀

  14. Yes, I definitely like Alice and Ivy better, too. They’re just cleaner and sweeter. 🙂

    Okay, good to know! And yes, I’m sooo excited for Bean! I love this dog and I haven’t even written a word about him …

    Yes … White Horse makes much more sense than Dark Horse.

    I think I will, although it may be a while because I don’t want to do a ton of one kind of post at once. 😛

  15. Alice and Ivy definitely sound better than Alicia and Evette in my opinion. XD And DARN IT KELLYN YOU MAKE ME FEEL BAD AS A WRITER BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE COOL FACTS LIKE THIS. *cries*

    (Also, bad Kellyn! I need to see your Pinterest account and you still haven’t fixed the link! XD )

  16. Whoa. I knew most of those, but Alicia and Evette? …I think I like Alice and Ivy better. 😛

    Anyway, this is a really awesome post idea! I think 25 was a good amount and it was lots of fun to hear about the novel. Also I’m excited for Bean! He sounds awesome.

    *facepalms* I just realized that I read that song as “Dark Horse” instead of “White Horse”, and I was so confused… (I never pay attention to artists, so…) That makes so much more sense… 😛

    And yesss do this for all of your novels! It’s great! 🙂

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