Blog Tags Are Taking Over the Universe

Run, run, as fast as you can

You can’t hide from me

I’m the blog tag … girl

I’m a terrible poet.

And yes, I do realize that with just one post a week, spending it on blog tags when a great deal of my followers have said they actually don’t read the blog tags is probably a stupid thing for me to be doing.

But what do I care? I can be stupid whenever I want. *dances*

Before we begin, I made up my own rules for this particular batch of blog tags as this post would be waaay too long if I followed the actual rules.

  1. I’m not tagging anyone. If you want to do the tags, you can, though.
  2. I’m not making up more questions for you people to answer.
  3. I’m not following any of the rules except the ones that appeal to me. Yeah … this is basically my life. Ask my parents.

Let’s start with The Versatile Blogger Award. I was tagged by Kels. Thanks Kels! Love ya, girl! *is creepy* *and a good Christian* *’cause we’re supposed to love everyone* *even random people on the internet*


  • Share the award on your blog
  • Thank the person that nominated you and link their site
  • Nominate 10 bloggers
  • Provide seven facts about you

Le Facts

  1. I really love horses, cows, cats, and dogs.
  2. My cat is a psycho.
  3. I adore old movies.
  4. I also adore historical dramas (BBC is awesome).
  5. I’ve just got one more year of school to go.
  6. I’ll be volunteering at a museum/historical site this summer.
  7. My plans for the future include working at a pizza joint as a waitress. You thought I was cool? Think again …
The Blue Sky Tag!
  1. Thank the person who tagged you
  2. Answer their 11 questions
  3. Tag 11 people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer

I’m just going to be thanking Tessa Megan and answering her delightful questions. Oh, and calling her a sweetheart because she said I was her favorite blogger.

  • Do you have any imaginary friends?

Yes. There’s Pome, Jeffy, Paul, George, Shelly … shall I go on? And then there are my characters. They, too, are imaginary (though don’t tell them that).

  • Have you ever been to the beach or would like to go?

I go to the beach just about every year. I’ve been to beaches in Oregon, California, and Florida. So yes.

  • Have you ever entered a writing contest?

A couple times, yes. More often I chicken out and don’t submit, though. Or simply don’t finish the story.

  • If possible would you go into writing as a career or will it just be a hobby for you?

A career! But I doubt that’s going to happen.

  •  Do you like to sing?

I do. But I’m terrible at it.

  • Do you listen to music while you write?

Nope! Elsewise, I start singing along with the music. It’s sad …

  • What book(s) have you recently read?

I just finished a romance collection called Oregon Brides. It wasn’t so good. And I’m in the middle of The Selection. I’m actually enjoying it. *is always surprised when I enjoy a popular book*

  • Do you like country music?

YES! A little more than is healthy …

  • What’s your favorite movie?

Um … I’m gonna have to do top three.

  1. Gone with the Wind with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable
  2. Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFayden
  3. Vertigo with James Stewart and Kim Novak
  •  Have you read A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierley or heard of it?

I’ve never heard of it. Until now, I guess.

  •  Do you watch or read the news?

Sometimes? I think? Not normally, though. When I do, it’s only to have my opinions on something confirmed by the people who will confirm my opinions. *shrugs*

The Writer’s Ink Challenge

Tessa tagged me again for the Writer’s Ink Challenge.

  1. Thank your nominator.
  2. Answer at least 8 questions about writing.
  3. Nominate at least 5 people.

I’m doing 2/3 of the rules. *pats self on back*

  • When did you first start writing?

When I was about seven, give or take.

  • Have you always been interested in writing?

Pretty much … although not as a career until I was ten or eleven. And even now I don’t consider it to be a career, exactly.

  • Why do you like writing?

It quiets the voices in my head. A little.

  • What genre do you write in?

Historical fiction. Some fantasy. Also, I have a great idea for a fantasy in a steampunk world. *ignores weird looks at contradicting statements*

  • Who or what motivates you to write?

My friend Bailey, actually. You should see her face light up when she reads what I’ve written. I don’t know if she’s acting or not, but it still makes me want to keep going. Also, again, the voices …

  • Do you write poetry?

Not good poetry, but yes!

  • Have you ever written a story with a friend?

Yes, but we never finished it. Poor little SOTG …

  • How do you write your stories (first person, third person)?

Both. I write primarily in third person, but my current WIP is in first.

you'll never be bailey
The Happiness Tag #usesrandompicturesofBayagain

Next, Crystal tagged me for the Happiness Tag. Thanks, Crystal!

  1. Name five things that make you happy.
  2. Name five songs that make you happy.
  3. Nominate five bloggers to continue this tag.

I bet you can guess which rules I’m following and which rules I’m not!

Five Things That Make Me Happy

  1. My friends
  2. My dogs
  3. Writing
  4. Good movies
  5. Good books

I know, I know. I should probably go into detail (and be less shallow), but I’m not going to bother.

Five Songs That Make Me Happy

  1. Fabulous from Phineas and Ferb
  2. Fun, Fun, Fun by The Beach Boys
  3. All You Had To Do Was Stay by Taylor Swift
  4. My Gidget from Gidget (TV show)
  5. Blue Skies by Irving Berlin

I just listed five random ones, because there are so many.


May also tagged me for the Blue Sky Tag. So I thought, “What the hey? I’ll do it again!” You know the rules. Here are May’s questions!

  • What is your favorite color?

Pink! (I’m sure May sympathizes …)

  • What is one tangible thing you can’t live without?

My dog. *keeps a straight face* *barely*

  • What is one intangible thing you can’t live without?

God! Although I suppose He’s … sorta tangible, too? But not really. And He’s not so much a thing as, you know, God. But I can’t think of a intangible thing I can’t live without.

  • How many hours of sleep do you get on average?

2? 3? (More like six or seven …)

  • When are you the most productive?

Right before I need to go to bed.

  • If you could eat one thing only for the rest of your life, what would it be?


  • Would you rather watch TV, play video games, or read a book?

It depends.

  • Name three items that pop into your mind.


  • What are you wearing right now? (don’t worry about undergarments)

*coughs* I wasn’t, um, going to …

So, jeans and brown t-shirt with “Hollister 22” on the front in white and turquoise letters. Oh, and the outline of a seagull. I frankly have no idea how or why I got this shirt …

  • What is something you want for your birthday?

A horse. Duh.

  • And finally… How are you doing?

Fine. *hides broken pieces of my heart* Yep … just fine. (Yeah, I’m joking. Although who can listen to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman and not end up in tears?!)

As for May’s other nomination of me, for the Writer’s Ink Challenge, I … have already done all but the bonus question she provided.

  • Where do you see yourself writing-wise in one month? One year? Ten years?

(None of this will probably happen, but …)

One Month

On May 24th, I should be practically finished with both IvIn and TDS (probably proofreading). I also want to have about 35K of Once a Stratton written. So a little under halfway. Although I frankly don’t know how long this book is going to be.

One Year

In April 2018, I will have published IvIn, TDS, and a couple short stories. I will have finished Once a Stratton, Beyond Her Calling, and maybe another project or two. I’ll be in the middle of editing At Her Fingertips and whatever else I have time for.

Ten Years

I … frankly don’t have big plans for 2027. I mean, seriously, that’s an insane long time away! I’ll be twenty-five. Almost twenty-six. So … I’ll be married and have 4/12 of my kids. *shrugs* *again, manages to look very serious*

I don’t really have any writing plans for ten years. I’ll have gotten out of the 1800s (in 2020, actually) and probably finished most of my 1900s stuff … so I don’t know. All this will be done, I think:


What will I do without this incredibly complicated series? I guess dig into my plot bunny folder.

Well, that’s it! And I managed it in under 2,000 words. In fact, at only about 1,500. *big grin*

Until next week,

~Kellyn Roth~

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Do you enjoy blog tags? Have you/will you be trying any of these out?

If you don’t like blog tags, I want to thank you for making it to the bottom of this post. What would you like to see next week? On Wednesday? When I’ll be returning to my old schedule? #letthatslip


31 thoughts on “Blog Tags Are Taking Over the Universe

  1. That poem was really funny. XD
    I have some three blog tags I haven’t responded to but honestly, doing tags freaks me out. I mean… It’s like the person who has tagged you’s saying something like ANSWER ME, OR ELSE…

      1. I agree! It is time we aroused a blog tag rebellion! Oh wait, but I just got tagged for the A-Z tag and that sounded sort of fun… Nah, the world is fine as it is. Tags and everything. XD

        1. I was tagged again just yesterday or the day before. I was like, “Seriously? SERIOUSLY!?” XD No, I’m kidding 100%, I was not like that, but I still thought it was kinda funny.

          1. I don’t get tagged quite THAT often. Guess I’m on the safer side! 😀 And this is completely unrelated, but I wanted to wish you a happy Poem in Your Pocket Day with this quick poem by Erin Hanson:

            You are just a tiny speck
            Within the universe, it is true,
            But please don’t you forget
            That it it also within you.

            You can check out my latest blog post if you’d like a brief on Poem in Your Pocket Day. 🙂

  2. Agh *creepy zombie sounds* lol;)

    I love tags!!! I learned nothing new about you tho but still I love them!!!! Im sorry I just know u too well my bad;)

    And whats my light up face look like?

    1. Uh … I don’t know. Like, happy. I think I was more describing your shocked face and your sad face and your “ohmygosh this is dramatic! DID GEORGIANA JUST SAY THAT IMA GONNA PUNCH HER” face. But I just said ‘lit up’ because it’s less complicated …
      But really, you have the best reactions to everything. 😛

      1. Oh ok you just categorized all the emotional face expressions under “lit up” . Wow thats pretty smart! I mean like, its smart for YOU, not for normal people. Yeah *puts on cool glasses* *smirks* *wiggles eyebrows* 😉

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