Beautiful People, March 2017


Hi guys! Can you believe it’s time for another Beautiful People? I know I say this every month, but wow. Time flies. It really does.

This month I’m interviewing a character from the novel I’ll be working on during April, Once a Stratton. Her name is Lilli Strauss, and she’s the main character of the aforementioned story. I believe you’ve heard of Lilli before. If not, there’s no time like the present to meet her. 😉

Before we dig into the questions, take a look around you (assuming you’re viewing this post on my blog). Notice anything … different? *flips hair*

(I’m not sure why I felt a need to flip my hair. It was an impulse. It must make sense, right? Or are my impulses really that random? Your thoughts?)

Before we begin, a quick guide to the answerers: Lilli, [Chris], Georgiana

The Interview

  • What’s your favorite book/movie/play/etc.?

Sorry, but that question is unfair. Please choose a different one.

You have to answer all the questions. That’s the rule.

Nonsense. I’m the answerer. I make the rules.

[Please just answer the question, Lilli.]

Oh, all right. Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beacher Stowe.

Ha! I knew you’d been reading it!

So what if I have? It’s my business what I read.

  • Is there anything you regret doing?

No. I have no regrets.

[Well …]

Chris, those … things … I confided in you … well, they were confidential.

[But …]

So perhaps I was a little hasty. I was young.

[… last year you were young?]

Yes. Last year I was young.

[And you’re not now?]


  • If you were sick or wounded, who would take care of you and how?

Chris would take care of me, of course. And as far as treatment, it really depends on what’s being treated! If I had a broken arm, he’d put it in a sling. However, if I had a cold … he’d just read to me and bring me coffee.

[I’m actually really bad at helping with injuries or sicknesses.]

Yes, but you’d do it anyway, for me, wouldn’t you?

[Yes. But I wouldn’t be good at it.]

  • Is there an object you can’t bear to part with and why?

Does Chris count?

[I don’t think I’m an object.]

Then no.

[What about your father’s letters?]

I … I suppose that’s true. I would hate to lose them. They’re very important to me.

  • What are 5 ways to win your heart (or friendship)?

I’m not sure. Here’s what Chris did, though:

  1. He was always there. Whenever I was hurt and in need of comfort or simply lonely and wanting to chat, Chris was someone I could run to. Even if he didn’t always agree with me, he would listen and offer his advice. I’m extraverted, and I honestly can’t stand being away from people … so availability is important to me. If you’re not there when I need you, I make it so I don’t need you.
  2. He wanted me to succeed. I’ve always rather enjoyed writing, but my sister doesn’t consider it ‘ladylike.’ I argue that many women write, but she doesn’t listen or care. However, Chris wants me to write because he wants me to do what I’m good at.
  3. He loves children. You should see him with his little brothers and sisters! And who can resist a man who loves children? Honestly, can you? If you’re a woman, I mean … if you’re a man, this is how to make yourself irresistible. [*laughs*] Oh, that reminds me …
  4. He has a good sense of humor. Don’t misunderstand me; Chris is very serious. But … he can laugh. Laughter is important.
  5. He’s just so devilishly handsome. [I am not!] Oh, stop denying it. You are. [No, I’m not. And if I were, that wouldn’t be a reason you fell in love with me.] Why not? [Because it’s shallow.] Maybe I’m shallow. [Lilli, you’re not shallow. Don’t let anyone tell you that. You’re just naturally happy. But you have such a heart for people, and …] I’m going to stop you before you start rambling. [Just think of a different Number 5, please.] All right. He likes coffee. [Oh, lieber gott …]

You two are doomed to fail.

Georgiana, please!

  • Describe a typical outfit for you from top to bottom.

[Before or after she married me?]

Nonsense, Chris. I never liked dressing up so fancy anyway. I’m not going to go to the bother of describing my ‘typical outfit’ because I don’t really care about clothes, but I usually wear a fairly simple dress with a narrower skirt than is fashionable (it’s just more practical!), a plain bonnet, and your average shoes. I am continually forgetting gloves, but then I wouldn’t wear them anyway anymore …

  • What’s your favorite type of weather?

Sunshine, of course … or rain … or snow. I prefer cold to heat, but otherwise, almost anything.

  • What’s the worst fight you’ve ever been in?

I suppose that would be every fight I’ve ever had with Georgiana.

They’re not really fights, per se. They’re disagreements.

Oh, right. Because fights are ladylike. I understand.

I’ll thank you to –

[Please, Mrs. Farjon.]

She’s impossible!

I’m impossible? What about you?


  • What names or nicknames have you been called throughout your life?

My full name is Lillian Grace Strauss …

[Shouldn’t there be a ‘Stratton’ in there somewhere?]

I’d think you of all people would want me to be all Strauss.

[I suppose so … but I do want you to get along with your family.]

Yes, well … anyway, I go by Lilli most of the time.

  • What makes your heart feel alive?

Oh. That’s a … rather … ridiculous question.

[Don’t be such a critic.]

Sorry. I told you: I have reporter blood flowing through my brains.

[Perhaps you do.]

That’s absolutely vulgar.

[Well? What makes your heart feel alive?]

I don’t know. If you’re asking what feels me with joy, of course it’s Peter and Chris. If you’re asking what makes me happy … oh, so many things. Coffee, chocolate, chickens … basically anything that starts with a “c.”

[Like Chris?]

Like Chris.

That’s all for today, ladies and gents! Thanks for reading this post. I’m planning on writing 15,000 words of Once a Stratton this coming April for Camp NaNoWriMo, and so I’m very excited about these characters and the story they’re a part of.

~Kellyn Roth

What did you think of Lilli? Of Chris? Of Georgiana? Do you think you’d like to read a book about them (and various other characters)? What are your thoughts on the new blog design? Should I do one of those signature things instead of putting “~Kellyn Roth” at the end of every blog post?

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43 thoughts on “Beautiful People, March 2017

  1. Okay so can I just say I’m really excited about this story? I’m trying to go through and read your works and first of all you’re an amazing writer and second of all I’me excited for this???? I love everyone!!!!! (But I’m probably impartial to Chris 😉 ) But anyways please keep writing about these characters, I love them so much for only having read one blog post about them!

    1. Thank you! I’m really working hard on my novels/characters/projects, so I’m glad you like them all. 🙂 I’m going to try to post about them a little more in the next couple weeks, so hopefully you’ll get to find out more about them.

      1. I would like to say excuse May for being rude, I’ve finally gotten a let up from all of my homework so I’m trying to talk to people in the blogging community. Is there something wrong with that May??????

        1. No, there’s nothing wrong with that, Amelie. I was just wondering why all of a sudden, you’re being nice and commenting on people’s posts. 🙂 Because you usually don’t do that. 🙂

                1. Well, I go by whatever people call me, including “hey you!” I’m not too sensitive, although it does annoy me when people (on the internet) call me “Kelly” because that means they weren’t paying attention. Either that or their computer autocorrected … I should probably get over that pet peeve, too. 😛

                    1. It’s frustrating though whenever you’re trying to write something and your character’s name is suddenly ‘bridge has’ or some strange phrase like that 😦

                    2. I don’t know, like off the top of my head I think I’ve met 3 or 4 different people with the name Chat a way. I might just steal it for myself 😉

    1. Chris and Lilli are kinda opposite forces, but they really get along well. I think mostly because Chris is pretty easy-going. I’m actually a little worried about making Lilli likable … I don’t even understand her yet (one of the things I’m working on a lot in outlining), so it’s hard, of course.

  2. HEY
    I KNOW WHO LILLI ISSSS *flails around excitedly because IT CONNECTS*
    *is very excited about this novel* *flails some more*

        1. It’s a little overwhelming, but it’s also amazingly fun. I’m not sure how I’m going to explain it to everyone … “Well, The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy isn’t related to Once a Stratton except for the fact that one of the characters from Once a Stratton is the mother of a character who shows up in Book 3, making them related … but you can read them separately … it’s just that they’re connected … and then there’s all those other series that need explanations …”

          1. It sounds like funnn! 😀

            And don’t worry, you don’t need to explain it to anyone. Your readers will figure it out and will be as excited as I am. 😉

  3. Haha, I loved this post! I enjoyed reading your charries banter back and forth, like charries always do. 😉 It’s inevitable, guys.
    What did you think of Lilli? Of Chris? Of Georgiana?: They’re coolio. B)
    Do you think you’d like to read a book about them (and various other characters)?: Um, YES??? Why wouldn’t I???
    What are your thoughts on the new blog design?: It’s lookin’ GREAT, m’dear. You look lovely in that header. 😉
    Should I do one of those signature things instead of putting “~Kellyn Roth” at the end of every blog post?: Well, I like being fancy and making graphics, so I say YES. But it’s your choice, so???

  4. Coffee, chocolate, chickens? Anything that starts with a ‘C’? You didn’t get that from my blog name, did you? *hisses* You plagiarist!

    1. Hey, there’s no ‘coffee’ in your title … but yes, I did think of that after I wrote it … but I just left it. I guess I underestimated your noticing skills … 😛

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