March 2017 Dares

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16 thoughts on “March 2017 Dares

  1. I still don’t post on the bloggers who I get an email from…they’re just the ones I always read. 😉 But I do try to respond to most of them.

    Yay for more dogs!

    Hm…nope. I’ve had that one for more than 6 months. But I’m glad it still works! 🙂

  2. That’s what I figure! I do have certain bloggers who I always comment on because I actually have their posts sent to my email instead of just browsing through my reader … but for the most part? I never remember.
    Yeah, cursive isn’t probably the best idea …
    I love the dog, too! I’m going to start working on putting that dog (well, border collie … 😉 ) image into most of my graphics.
    I thought you did a new blog design recently. Okay, about six months ago … or longer … I think it like was last February … but whatever. I still feel like it’s fresh and sharp. 😛

  3. Haha, same here. But at least I get around to commenting on some of the posts I’ve read, right?

    Yeah, probably not…it’d be hard to get through a few pages of that. (But who knows, maybe it’ll really help you edit…)

    Hehe, I like the new graphics, especially the button with the dog! *cue cute animal squeals* And all of your pretty pictures, of course.

    With all these people doing new blog designs (seriously, there have been three in the past week), I feel like I should too…I don’t know what I’d do, though.

  4. I rarely remember to respond to posts, honestly, so you’re not alone … I try to remember to, but sometimes I just forget. I read them and like them and if I like them I think, “Oh, I must have commented … I comment if I like usually, right?” XD No … not really …
    I’m going to try that now. *scrolls through fonts* *decides that that complicated cursive one isn’t a good idea* *even though it’s pretty* 😉
    I actually really want to redo my graphics to a certain extent. I don’t like how the header is all pixilated because I used too small an image. *scowls at image* So yeah, I might try that! Thanks! 🙂

  5. Agh, I didn’t respond to this one when I read it! (That’s a bad habit…I read everyone’s posts and then I just don’t respond…) Oh well, it’s never too late, right?

    I really like the highlights section! I did something similar too since I realized that I did do some awesome stuff that wasn’t on my dares and I wanted to include it. It sounds like February was a fun month for you! 🙂

    I’ve heard that changing the font helps with editing. I’ve also heard changing the size of the font can help (I think?), and that reading it out loud also helps with weird sentence structure and stuff like that. And, of course, having other people look at it.

    For word count meters…I really enjoy the critique circle one ’cause it’s pretty:
    But that one stopped working on my blog months ago and I’m not really sure why, so now I use a different one…I’ll see if I can find the link.
    …Nope, I can’t find it. But if you google “word count meters,” a lot of different sites will come up and you can choose your favorite one. 🙂

    Hmmm…improving Reveries? Welll…. *takes deep breath*
    Just kidding. Your blog is amazing! You’re nice and you post fun things and I love reading it. Honestly, the only thing I would alter are the graphics–just a little bit. I think the main problem is that (especially with the header), the text is totally black and if you look at the picture of the girl & the background, there’s no black in it. I would go with one of the darker browns you can find in the picture, and if that’s too light, you can still make the brown a little darker, just not black. But that’s just my non-professional opinion, so…

  6. YOU FINISHED FLOWERS?!!!!!!? I NEED TO FINISH IT. I HAVE TO READ IT. AHHH. CONGRATS! *sprays confetti and orange juice at you lol* (by the way, I enjoy your life highlights!)
    You did great blogging this month, if I do say so. 😉 Seriously… if you get a random idea for a post that you like… go for it! xD Professional is nice, but I enjoy individuality a whole lot! ;D
    EDITING. Ah. OK, you should definitily play with the fonts! It is so fun. And helps set the mood/makes it easier to focus. And maybe change the paper color- white can be eyekilling when the screen is blinking at you, so making it cream or something can help make it ‘sit still’, haha! And also maybe change page size- so it doesn’t get overwhelming….
    You can do these goals, Kellyn! Rock on. 😀

  7. All right, all right, I’ll wait until Wednesday … *deep sigh of sadness*
    Maybe I should do it in-between … I don’t know. You’re probably right about it not being first and foremost, though. 😛

  8. How did February go for you? Was it a fail like mine? Have you found that the short month makes it harder to accomplish as much stuff as in longer months?: OMG I FAILED SO HORRIBLY FOR FEBRUARY I’M JUST CRINGING TO MYSELF.
    What are your goals for March?: Accomplishing stuff. 😉 SHEESH, CAN’T YOU WAIT UNTIL WEDNESDAY FOR MY GOALS??? *shakes head at impatient Kellyn*
    How should I record word counts/progress on my sidebar? I’ve yet to find a word count meter I like.: I HAVE NO IDEA. 🙂 I would recommend mine but it works sometimes and fails other times…
    Have you any tips for editing? Because I’m trying to think of something fresh to do. I should probably just change the font or something …: Oh. Haha. Um. I’m really bad at editing. So. Just pretend this was never asked.
    Is having a highlight at the start of each ‘dares’ post a good idea … or a bad one? Did you enjoy this month’s highlight?: Maybe have it at the end??? IDK. I feel like it would be better if you reflect on last month’s goals, then this month’s goals, and then highlights. But that’s just me??? Actually, ignore what I just said.
    Is there any way I could improve my posts on Reveries? Is there anything missing on Reveries? Is there anything unnecessary on Reveries? (Don’t be afraid of honesty! My feelings are not as important as the truth.): Hmm… MAKE THEM LONGER. 😉

  9. I just saw that you followed my wordpress blog, and I just wanted to let you know that is not my actual blog. It was a test I was doing for something else, but my real blog is on blogspot. XP It’s if you want to follow me there. 🙂

  10. Good, I’m glad I’m not alone! I was wondering if I was the only one losing time in February … 😉 I hope you’re able to accomplish that. And my CA trip was … oh, pretty good. A little boring at points, but nice. You too!

  11. Yes! The short month does make everything much more difficult. XD I didn’t get half as much done as I’d hoped to. For March, I don’t have any outlined goals, but plenty of day-to-day stuff like writing and blogging more consistently, etc. I’m glad your trip to CA was enjoyable. 🙂 Have a great March!

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