Flowers, Part 4

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19 thoughts on “Flowers, Part 4

  1. Agh its fantastic!!!! I srsly dont get why they all dont want adele to plant some flowers like why? Do they think she cpuld spend her time better or somthing? And I love the way adele chooses to plant the flowers, like all over and not rows like thats legit what I would do!!!

  2. Not been to Legoland- would love to. Been to the discovery center- ASDFJKL. Never been to Cali- don’t plan on going. Couldn’t physically sleep ’till noon- was up at six. I hate my brain sometimes.

    wait, kittens? where’d that come from?

  3. If you’re home, girl I need PICTURES. ;D Rest up, though. Trips are exhausting, though fun. 😉
    We didn’t feel it! But it was big enough to be picked up I guess… pretty weird, haha.

  4. Yes, you shall see … 😉
    Wow, that’s scary! We can apparently get tiny little earthquakes here in Oregon, but I’ve never had one in my lifetime.
    Well, I’m home now, but yes, it was all right. 🙂

  5. Aww! I like this part. Though, I’m confused to why Mrs. Collier seems to take her fear and frustration out on Adele…. but we shall see. 🙂 Judy is a sweetheart! I miss Troy, though. I imagine Judy does…
    I have not been to California! I want to visit there, though. Not live though… to many earthquakes and stuff. ;D Though…. a town like 40 mins away from us had a small earthquake that was picked up…. 0-0 Not safe anywhere, right?! ;D
    You went to Legoland? Cool. I’m glad you’re enjoying your trip! 😀

  6. Amazing Kellyn! Love the story! (Hating it was off limits, so what else could I have done? :p).

    Never been to California. Want to go there though. Hmm, I don’t use featured images, or do I? I am not sure. I do put images from Google on my posts, so maybe? I love the banner though! 🙂

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