Beautiful People #22, A Free Book, and a Poem

Guess what? Beautiful People is back! *dances*

Okay, so let me be completely honest with you … Beautiful Books was fun and all … but I totally missed talking about my characters … or rather from my characters’ perspectives, as I always change the questions so my guys can answer them instead of me. Because I’m boring. But me charries? Not so much.

For those of you who don’t know, Beautiful People is a monthly linkup hosted by Cait and Sky. You can find out more about it here.

Before you read on, I have something really cool to share with you … a free ebook!


That’s right! The Lady of the Vineyard is free on Amazon Kindle today. Get it now! You should ’cause it’s a great book. It has people in it. *nods*

And … I wrote a poem! Again! I know, I should just stop … the world is sinful, sure, but it doesn’t deserve this much torture. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and … um … what else can you do with a poem? I don’t know. Eat it? No wait … that would be weird … especially since you’re presumably reading this on a computer/phone/other electronic device, so you’d be eating, like, plastic and mental and wires and stuff. Or whatever’s in these things …

Three Good Reasons Why February Should Be Banned

First, the month is so dreadfully small

It hardly seems to be there at all

(Unless, of course, it rains or it snows

And then you find there’s no where to go

And then it’s twice as long as most)

I think that this month should roast.

Second, there is a matter of winter

There’s patterns to others, but Feb’s a free-thinker

She chooses her weather (though leaning towards gray

In the darkiest, cloudiest, dingiest way)

You cannot deny that she makes quite a fuss

It’s ridiculous that she’s allowed to do thus!

Third is a matter we all can attend to

We all know that love is occasionally bumped into

At one point of our lives (or another if not)

Flowers and chocolate and romantic thoughts

Well, old Feb knows this, and so she made a day

To honor these feelings in the stupidest way

Well, by now I’ve convinced you it ought to be banned

I think we could do this if the doing’s well-planned

Add a few days onto June and July

Put the rest onto August and then you will find

That old Feb is gone, for better or worse

Oh, dear, here comes another cloudburst!

Isn’t it great? 😛

Now onto the questions!

The Questions (and answers … because I always say “the questions” … and then the answers are here, too … so …)

  • How and why did you meet?

Adele: First, can we just establish the fact that we’re not actually ‘a couple,’ per se?

Troy: *laughs* All right, so we’re not a couple. That doesn’t mean we weren’t a couple. We have a history together.

Adele: One I’d much rather forget.

Troy: Fine. I remember. I’ll take the questions.

Adele: Oh, no you don’t! We’ll take turns, and I’m going first.

Troy: All right. Go ahead.

Adele: It all started when that heathen of a man was stalking me –

Troy: What? That’s not what happened!

Adele: You keep quiet. It’s my turn. Anyway, he followed me into my flower shop and was practically desperate …

Troy: What?!

Adele: … so I gave him a date. And that’s how we met.

Troy: I think you’re seeing this through smog-tinted glasses, Della.

Adele: Oh, shut up.

  • What were your first impressions of each other?

Adele: I thought –

Troy: It’s my turn.

Adele: Oh … well … go ahead.

Troy: I thought she was beautiful. I mean, what first impression can any fellow claim other than that? You can’t tell a lot about a person from a glance. But as I got to know her, I realized … well, I thought there was more to her than that. I’m not sure now.

Adele: Die.

  • How would you prove your love for each other?

Troy: *coughs*

Adele: Um …

Troy: Should we just … skip this one?

Adele: Yes … let’s …

  • What would be an ideal date?

Troy: I don’t know. You remember any dates, Della?

Adele: My name isn’t Della, and no, I don’t remember a single one.

Troy: Remember that little restaurant in Paris?

Adele: No.

Troy: Ah, you remember.

Adele: I don’t. Let’s go onto the next question …

Troy: *sighs* All right …

  • Is there something you emphatically disagree on?

Adele: Everything, I think.

Troy: Yes, I think we’d be more hard-pressed to find something we agree on. I can’t think of a single thing.

Adele: Well, we both like to dress well – although you always look like you slept in your clothes, which is a wonder, considering how tidy you are in other areas. We both think the Riviera – and France in general – is beautiful.

Troy: I suppose there is that …

  • List 5 “food quirks” you know about each other.

Troy: She eats nothing but toast.

Adele: And tea.

Troy: Tea is not technically something you ‘eat.’

Adele: Well, you eat nothing but chocolate!

Troy: That’s not true. I eat everything placed in front of me. I’m just more enthusiastic about chocolate.

Adele: *eye roll*

  • What’s one thing you know about each other that no one else does?

Adele: His middle name. I’m not even sure Lola [his sister] knows that.

Troy: True. And I know your deepest fear.

Adele: What, pray tell, is my deepest fear?

Troy: Spiders, I’m sure.

Adele: Not even close.

Troy: Oh, right. That’s mine … *shivers*

  • What’s one thing that you keep a secret from each other?

Adele: *awkwardness*

Troy: Um … I don’t know. What is one thing you keep secret from me, Della?

Adele: My life is an open book. What about you?

Troy: Uh … nothing. Nothing.

Adele: You hesitated.

Troy: I did not hesitate.

Adele: Yes, you did. You hesitated. What is it?

Troy: Nothing … nothing at all …

  • How would your lives be different without each other?

Adele: Let’s find out.

Troy: *rolls eyes* Already have. It’s a lot simpler, a lot neater, and a lot quieter. *drops mic*

Adele: *picks up mic* Well, mine is a lot … a lot … funner. So there.

Troy: More fun …

Adele: What?

Troy: Funner isn’t a word.

  • Where do they each see this relationship going?

Adele: Down the drain.

Troy: Agreed. Can we go now?

Adele: No, we’re bound to Kellyn for life, remember?

Troy: Oh, right. Oh, the woes of fictional characters … our life forever in the balance …

They’re fun, aren’t they? What? You don’t like them? *glares* *pulls out revolver* Feel like changing your answer?

Okay, okay, I’m joking … I would never shoot you. Probably.

~Kellyn Roth

What do you think of Adele and Troy? Have you read The Lady of the Vineyard? If so, why haven’t you reviewed it? Planning on picking up a copy now? What do you think of my poem? Really deep, right? I mean, we could use a little more summer, so … I figure it’ll work. Do you like the GIFs (few in number as they may be)? What are your thoughts on Kleenex?


42 thoughts on “Beautiful People #22, A Free Book, and a Poem

  1. Kellyn you are hilarious xD I love how involved you are with your characters. I haven’t read any of your books, but Adele and Troy are really funny–I need to pick up the Lady of the Vineyard soon!

    1. Adele and Troy are fun together … although Adele can be pretty mean sometimes; she’s not really the nicest person, but then I figure none of us are really the nicest person if you know what I mean! 😉

    1. All my characters end up being little me-clones, thanks, awesome!, I agree toilet paper is scratchy but less expensive, and GIFs are the little moving picture thingamagummies.

        1. Thank you! I really appreciate it. If you have time, I’d love for you to leave a short review (even as long as that comment you just did) on Amazon ……. if not, no problem! It’s okay. I don’t care if you don’t. 🙂

  2. I just got Lady and the Vineyard! I’m so excited to read (and hopefully review) it– after my mountainous to-read pile and beta reading Ivy Introspective and reading/reviewing Annika’s book for her blog tour although I probably will still read it tonight because it’s an e-book.

    1. I know what you mean! I have a huuuuge to-read list … both books I need to read, books I want to read, and books I should read (whether because they’re due at the library or because I simply should read them because they’re good books!). Honestly, I haven’t had time for much reading recently. :/

  3. That has got to be the best beautiful people I have read so far. Their reactions were hilarious! They’re characters in Lady of the Vineyard? I just grabbed a copy, and I’m really looking forward to reading it now!

  4. What do you think of Adele and Troy?: They’re awesome! Adele sounds like a character I’d write, honestly. 😛
    Have you read The Lady of the Vineyard? If so, why haven’t you reviewed it?: *guiltily looks away* No, I haven’t… I’m broke, have no time, and when I DO have time, I’m too caught up in myself. 😦 Sorry, Kellyn! (But it sounds amazing and I’m sure I’ll get around to it ONE DAY.)
    Planning on picking up a copy now?: Erm, maybe?
    What do you think of my poem? Really deep, right? I mean, we could use a little more summer, so … I figure it’ll work.: YES. I LOVE THE POEM. I mean, I’m horrible at rhyming, so when I read poems with rhyming in it, I automatically appreciate them. And your poem was awesome.
    Do you like the GIFs (few in number as they may be)? THE GIFS WERE A+.
    What are your thoughts on Kleenex? I think that people shouldn’t call other tissues “Kleenex” because it’s not Kleenex, and they really need to get their tissue brands straight.

    1. Adele can be really selfish, but she’s pretty much a good guy. She’s just … a little … self-absorbed. Sometimes. XD
      Nah, I was just joking; I’m not gonna make everyone read my stories! 😛
      Haha, someone else said the same thing about rhyming poems!
      That’s a good point! I suppose they’re all ’tissues,’ technically, no Kleenex …

      1. She seems like a really fun, witty person. 😛 (Like me.)
        Haha, if only, right? XD
        Rhyming is so hard though! Sometimes I will rhyme unintentionally, which means I have to make other lines rhyme, and then the whole poem turns out in a horrible mess.
        *nods* It’s a very real issue that deserves to be acknowledged.

            1. I never write poetry that could be negative … I just write about weather and people and stuff … usually semi-comically. I’m more of a … hmm, Emily Dickenson/Robert Louis Stevenson/Robert Frost kinda girl. 😛 (Yeah, none of that made sense to you probably … BUT THAT’S OKAY! I mean, most things don’t make sense to me …)

  5. Ahhh … I love Adele and Troy. 😀 Which reminds me … I still need to read Flowers *should probably stop waiting for a time to come along and declare itself the perfect time to enjoy reading* GIFS are fabulous. And Kleenex are … Kleenex … Yeah. XD

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