Announcing the New and PERFECT Blog Schedule + Merry Belated Christmas

As you can see from the title, today we will be announcing not the New and Improved Blog Schedule, but the New and PERFECT Blog Schedule! 😉

But, Kell, you just did this … like, in September. *glares because we don’t give a fluffy pillow about schedules … or about reading blog posts about schedules, for that matter*

I know, I know! But that one wasn’t working for me! It just wasn’t. And what do we do when we’re a perfectionist and whatever it is that we’re using isn’t working for us? That’s right! We throw it away!

WE MEET AGAIN!!!! (somebody tell we you still remember the infamous we?)


Now, this system is based on a four-week … turn-over. Er, I think a turn-over is a delicious pancake-like dessert … anyway, that’s what I’m thinking … words, words, words … okay, I’m just gonna use ‘schedule.’

A four-week schedule.

Lame, I know, but I can’t think of the word. Fudge. Wait, why am I thinking about fudge?! WE CAN TALK ABOUT FUDGE LATER, MMKAY!?!?! RIGHT NOW IS NOT THE TIME!!! It’s always the time. NO IT’S NOT. Yes, it is. SHUT UP! THIS IS MY BLOG POST!!!!! *evil laughter* That’s what you think.


Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely *glares* interrupted, the schedule has a four-week turnover.

Every week there will be four posts (although there are two “extra day” days. So yeah … at last I have admited my humanity). Here’s the schedule:

  • Week One: {Monday} Dares {Wednesday} Noveling Advice {Friday} Extra Day
  • Week Two: {Monday} Spotlight {Wednesday} Blog Tag Catch-Up Day {Friday} Excerpt/Spoiler Day/Reveal Day
  • Week Three: {Monday} Extra Day {Wednesday} Noveling Advice {Friday} Poetry and Photography (or Seasonal)
  • Week Four: {Monday} Author Updates and Writer Wramblings {Wednesday} Soul-Searching a Character {Friday} Short Stories and Serial Stories

Note that this is still a work-in-progress, so you can comment if there’s something you’d like to see less of or more of. I do have a couple fun things added in.

The spotlight, for instance, will always come with a smallish prize.

On Week Two Friday, there will occasionally be a ‘Spoiler Day’ in which I give away secrets. Don’t worry; you don’t have to read it if you’d rather be surprised!

Then you’ll note that Week Four Wednesday has a post currently labeled ‘Soul-Searching a Character.’ I’m still working on the name (suggestions welcome), but this is basically a post written about a character or even by a character. It’ll change month-to-month, but it’ll be a peak into the in-depth developement I put into every character I write. Including ones that only get mentioned … *sigh*

It’s a sickness I can’t shake …

Ooh, and ‘Blog Tag Catch-Up Day’ is another fun one! I figure this way I’ll be forced to remember to do blog tags. 🙂

Technically today would be Week Four Monday. But I honestly think I’ve been doing too many Author Updatey/Writer Wrambly posts of-late. Do you agree? I don’t want to bore you! Don’t be afraid to be honest in the comments. The comments are for honesty. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s insincerity.

Credit to the owner of this GIF, though I honestly don’t think you should have put it on the internet if you didn’t want me to steal it. 😉

And yes. I would react violently if someone stole excerpt of my book from this blog and passed them off as their own. However, I’m afraid pictures are a little different than writing. Put a watermark in it if you don’t want it stolen. *shrugs* Not my fault …

Sorry. I can’t be bruisingly sincere. XD

To wrap-up our discussion of the new schedule, comment any improvements you can think of. I’d really appreciate it. If not, just comment ‘cool schedule.’ XD

Now for what you’ve all been waiting for:


I love Christmas! We actually do most of our present-opening and celebrating on Christmas Eve. Everyone in our (extended) family) open presents from our grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc. on Christmas Eve. Technically then the individual families from the larger extended family (this all makes sense, right?) open presents Christmas morning like normal folks.

But my (intermediate) family opens our presents around ten or eleven when we get home from the big-extended-family celebration (which started around two p.m. for us, by the way!).

We do open our stockings Christmas morning (which for me this year was candy, mittens, a Kindle cover – though it didn’t fit, which is weird … because I was sure I added the right one to my wish list! – and some miscellaneous stuff like make-up), but otherwise we spend the 25th lazing around and admiring our gifts (which for me means reading! 😉 ). Well, the boys and I do … we always have my grandparents and sometimes other people (this year my father’s sister) over for dinner on Christmas day. So Mom basically cooks all day … yeah …

I was gonna tell you what I got for Christmas just because I’m happy … which doesn’t always happen. So, I got some really nice clothes, a recording device (maybe I’ll explain why I wanted this later), a few books (The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen, The Penderwicks in Spring by Jeanne Birdsall, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen), a couple movies (Maleficent and the first season of Psych), various make-up items, two CDs (T.S. 1889 and Sanctus Real’s Fight the Tide)  and … other stuff I’m not going to go into because this post is almost 1,000 words long now!

Anyway, how did you enjoy your Christmas? How do you celebrate? Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? Not that that’s the most important thing. Jesus is, of course! But presents are definitely a nice tradition, I must admit. Are you enjoying Boxing Day? 😉

Here are a few things to remember before I go:




For all of those delightful subjects, see this post for details!

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it, and I’m gonna try to have some fun posts in the future … so hang in there!

~Kellyn Roth


36 thoughts on “Announcing the New and PERFECT Blog Schedule + Merry Belated Christmas

  1. Cool schedule! I did get all I wanted for Christmas . . . Not that that’s the most important, of course – Jesus is! I spent Boxing Day lounging around and enjoying my presents . . . Christmas dinner with my grandparents went until midnight/one o’clock, and it was past two when we got home!

  2. Oh my gosh, I remember “we”…. that was terrifying. And fudge is delicious…yummy. We got some for Christmas from my grandma and it was so fabulous.

    I like the schedule; it sounds fun! I kinda like the spoiler idea, though I’m not sure if I want to read them…oh well. I can’t help myself from reading them anyway, so I’ll just have to live with the spoilers, haha… And I like rambling! It’s so fun to read (and to write)!

    Also, Merry Christmas! I’m glad you had a good Christmas; so did I.

    1. “We” is evil and awesome and terrible. And fudge is definitely awesome …
      I’m hoping the schedule will turn out fun instead of pressuring or creativity-smothering. I just know the other ones didn’t work out … so yep. 😀

      1. “We” is just scary. Yum. *wants fudge now*

        Hey, if it doesn’t work out, you could just not have a schedule, like me! (Actually, on second thought, don’t do that. I procrastinate way too much on blogging…maybe I would benefit from a schedule.)

          1. Haha…that’s basically what I do! Well, I don’t post fifty times a week, but sometimes I am tempted…like today. I want to write another post, but I wrote one yesterday…

                    1. We made the mistake of placing the laptop we were using to make the video with on a pillow. XD Shoulda thought of that. Anyway, the sound did really work … at all …

                    2. We did. We made 6 videos, each other ten minutes long …
                      The good news is that we cut the video number down to three because we didn’t do quite so much rambling the second time videoing them …

                    3. Oh no! But haha, that makes it a little better, I guess. Although the rambling is one of the qualities I like most about your vlogs… still, an hour long vlog would be very long.

                    4. Yes, it was ridiculously long! And we did ramble some … but we avoided chatting about … what was it? Oh, boys. Or rather the lack of boys … like, we know absolutely no boys. Yep, we were like, “Gosh, I don’t really want to date, but it would be nice to know some boys to refuse to date with …” XD And then we made fun of courtship, which was probably … um … not a good idea … considering some of my readers believe in courting (instead of dating). Yeah … we get crazy together. But filming in the morning, after some of the craziness had died down due to only four hours of sleep, definitely helped.

                    5. Oh hahaha those sound like some fun conversations. I didn’t even know there was a difference between courtship and dating…

                    6. Well, modern courtship is like dating, only you’re never alone with the man and you are with your parents hanging out with him all the time (as opposed to going out to dinner or something alone) and he officially announces his intentions to your father …? I don’t know, exactly. It confuses me …

                    7. That’s a little odd…but kinda cool, actually, hehe. In our church we’re not supposed to date until we’re 16 and then it’s recommended to go on group dates, which I think is great for getting to know guys without having to be awkwardly alone with them.

                      But eventually, I think you do have to spend time alone with them to really get to know them. But I like the gentlemanliness of the idea.

                    8. My parents won’t probably let me date (even if I knew a guy I’d like to date … or a guy at all … 😉 ) until I’m graduated from high school (I don’t know their rules exactly as I’ve never needed to …), so yep. And I’d think group dates would be a great idea … or simply hanging out as friends.
                      I agree with that. I don’t know how you get could to know anyone more with that much pressure! But yes, the gentlemanliness is cool. 🙂

                    9. Haha, that’s all right! I don’t think dating is that great, but I’ll admit that talking to guys is a good skill…one that I’m not very good at. But group dates are really fun ’cause they’re basically just hanging out with friends.

                      Hehe, yeah. I don’t know…I think they might just get scared away by my parents’ weirdness… 😛 We have a fun sense of humor, I guess.

                    10. That would be a great skill. I’ve talk with guys maybe twice, and they tend to tease me because I believe every crazy story they make up. Which is weird, because I’m so skeptical around other people … kinda. Maybe I just know that those crazy stories could be true because my little brothers would totally do that? 😛
                      My parents are okay. The real test will be whether they can stand my grandma. 😉 Just kidding. My grandma is the best person in the world (besides … other people … my grandpa, for instance!) … which is why the man I marry will have to appreciate her! 🙂

                    11. Hehe, I don’t tend to get teased by guys…I just laugh at them, which probably isn’t very nice. 😛

                      Hehe, they should definitely appreciate your grandma! …Why can’t all guys just be more gentlemanly? 😛

                    12. I wouldn’t mind that either…they should just open doors. It’s kinda fun to open doors for guys, ’cause some of them don’t say anything, some say thanks, and other of them are all “let me get that door for you” and it’s kinda funny ’cause it ruins the point of opening the door for them in the first place! 😛

                    13. Haha, that’s hilarious! I should try that sometime … 😉

                      It drives my brothers crazy when I require them to open the door for me. They’re like, “You’re not lady; you’re my sister!” 😉

                    14. Haha, you should, and then tell me which reaction you get. 🙂

                      Really? My brothers like to open doors for me…at least I assume they like it, because they do it a lot. -shrugs-

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