The Lady of the Vineyard Blog Tour, Day 4

Wow … I can’t believe we’re already at day 4! Only one day to go! Well, I’ve got some sad news. This is our smallest day due to some problems people (including me!) had that made us have to do some re-scheduling! Oh, well. I deserve it for totally forgetting about 9/11.

Everyone: *posting pictures saying ‘Don’t Forget’*

Me: Don’t forget what?

Such a great American …

Anyway … time for Day 4!


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Today’s Posts:

A review and author interview by Angela R. Watts (The Peculiar Messenger) YES!!! AWESOME REVIEW! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TRYING TO SAY!!!

A character interview by Daisy Ferrell (Happy Days with Anonymous A). I love this one! Adele can be so much fun when she wants, and Zeph’s additions are great!

The Schedule:

(which has changed)

Thursday (the 8th):

Lana (The Music of Words) ~ author and character interview

Faith Potts (Stories by Firefly) ~ review, book spotlight

Aardvark Magazine (Aardvark) ~ author interview, book spotlight

Friday (the 9th):

Jesseca Wheaton (Whimsical Writings) ~ review, book spotlight

April McLauren (April Dreams) ~  author and character interview, book spotlight

Alyssa (Writing Anyone) ~ review

Saturday (the 10th):

Lily (Living By Chapters) ~ review, author and character interview

Grace (The Girl Upstairs) ~ author interview, book spotlight

Selene Silver (Hearth) ~ review, character interview, book spotlight

Katrina (Katrina Creative) ~ author interview

Sunday (the 11th):

Angela R. Watts (The Peculiar Messenger) ~ review, author interview

Daisy Ferrell (Happy Days with Anonymous A) ~ character interview

Monday (the 12th):

Morgan Dusky (Studies in Character) ~ author/character interview

Willowy Whisper ( ~ book spotlight

J.C. Buchanan (Beyond the Amethyst) ~ review

Kate Willis (Once Upon an Ordinary) ~ author interview

Allie Taylor (Another World) ~ author/character interview?

So, for today’s vlog, I decided to read you a poem I wrote (which felt very Troy-ish to me for some reason … though I admit I can’t see Troy writing poetry). I then proceed to ramble.

This is the worst vlog ever. *sigh* But I honestly don’t have time to shoot another one today! *curses soccer*

Fall Once Again

Kellyn Roth, 9/9/16

I’m sorry to continue this poetry oration

But some things deserve a standing ovation

For a poet’s best subject, of course, is the seasons

For hundreds and thousands and millions of reasons.

So I with my pen and my autumnish rhymes

Come up on the stage to take more of your time

And if you should yawn, please don’t let me know

I’ll try to read fast, unless I read slow.


You see in September the world gets quite cold

And then in October it’s turning quite gold

By November the whole season’s gotten quite old

Now I think that story is finally quite told.

Your thoughts? Oh, and I promise there’s gonna be a fun vlog post tomorrow! 😀

~Kellyn Roth

p.s. Today is the last day to VOTE FOR ME!!!


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