The Lady of the Vineyard Blog Tour, Day 1

Wow. I have never been so nervous and yet so excited at the same time. 😀

My very own blog tour! How marvelous! How wonderous! How perfectly … I’d better stop before I end up doing another Cruella Deville impression, but you get the point. It’s so exciting! 🙂

TLOTV blog tour 2

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The Posts for Today Are:

A Book Spotlight and Review by Faith Potts @Stories by Firefly

A Character and Author Interview by Lana H. @The Music of Words (She’s also my cover artist! ❤ )

A Book Spotlight and Author Interview by Sarah Briel and S. Isabell Jacobsen @Aardvark Magazine (The interview was done in-person! Also, if you want a real kick, check out this interview I did with the same wonderful people several years ago back when Madeline Farrenson and Quiet were the books I really wanted to publish!)

The Schedule:

Thursday (the 8th):

Lana (The Music of Words) ~ author and character interview

Faith Potts (Stories by Firefly) ~ review, book spotlight

Aardvark Magazine (Aardvark) ~ author interview, book spotlight

Friday (the 9th):

Jesseca Wheaton (Whimsical Writings) ~ review, book spotlight

April McLauren (April Dreams) ~  author and character interview, book spotlight

Alyssa (Writing Anyone) ~ review

Saturday (the 10th):

Lily (Living By Chapters) ~ review, author and character interview

Grace (The Girl Upstairs) ~ author interview, book spotlight

Selene Silver (Hearth) ~ review, character interview, book spotlight

Katrina (Katrina Creative) ~ author and character interview

Kate (Wandering in Bookland) ~ review, author interview

Sunday (the 11th):

Angela R. Watts (The Peculiar Messenger) ~ review, author interview

J.C. Buchanan (Beyond the Amethyst) ~ review

Daisy Ferrell (Happy Days with Anonymous A) ~ character interview

Monday (the 12th):

Morgan Dusky (Studies in Character) ~ author/character interview

Willowy Whisper ( ~ book spotlight

Kate Willis (Once Upon an Ordinary) ~ author interview

So, yeah, we have a busy schedule!

Now, time to get to the real reason I posted. Every day for the next five I’ll be doing a vlog-thingy. Basically, I’ll be rambling at a camera and then sharing it with you. Just to give you an idea of the awkwardness, here’s a little piece I did last night while trying to figure out how to work the stupid video thingy:

Yeah … I’m so weird …

Today’s video discussion will actually be on Christianity in The Lady of the Vineyard (or rather the lack of it).

(This was after I got angry with Vimeo …)

 Be sure to share this post, the graphics from it, the video, or anything else you have a mind to and have a nice day! 🙂

~Kellyn Roth

p.s. What should I do tomorrow for the video? The day after that? The day after that? 😀

p.p.s. sorry for the post being so late! I had troubles uploading the videos. They won’t be from now on, hopefully.


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