Relatable Things for Homeschoolers

I know I’m not supposed to post on Sunday … but to be fair, this isn’t posting. It’s reblogging. Reblogging is very different from posting.

Anyway, this as a great post from The Upstairs Girl (a cool blog you should check out) and … yep. It’s about homeschoolers. It’s pretty hilarious.


The Girl Upstairs

Hi guys! *waves*

First off, I want to thank all of YOU for the lovely feedback you left me on my survey. 🙂 Nearly 40 of you took it and you had some extremely helpful thoughts and aroused some new posting ideas. (I’m going to post a new blogging series on Monday! 😀 )

A lot of you said you loved my post, The Life of a Fangirl, and I decided to do one similar to it. 🙂 This time, it’s Relatable things for Homeschoolers! (I was thinking of turning posts like this into a series…what do you think?)

Today I have a list of things that homeschoolers can relate to and will probably find funny. 😉 If you’re not homeschooled, this post might help give you a look into the life of a homeschooler. 🙂

Let’s begin, shall we? 😛

i am both of these. (and yes i'm a princess too.):


Sooo true! I’m Rapunzel…I woke up at 5am this morning. o_0…

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