Beautiful People #19 & #20

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20 thoughts on “Beautiful People #19 & #20

  1. There weren’t very many, I know, but there were some, and his father was one of those some! I actually (kinda sorta) did a bit of research on this. Not that I know the difference between a … one kind of plane and … another kind of plane. XD

    The Spanish Flu I got from Downton Abbey. *facepalm* Yeah, ‘Researchless’ may be a good name for me …

  2. Uhf! Researchless, do you know how many men were in the air corps back then???? I guess it’ll be all right as long as he didn’t become and ace….there were like three. The Spanish Flu was a good one….

  3. That’s sometimes how life goes… But in TLOTV, I did find that even though some serious stuff happened, he still had that sweet streak… He didn’t lose who he was. 🙂

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