FNWC, Challenge #2

It’s time for the second entry in the FNWC contest, hosted by Rutvi of https://sosugarsweet.wordpress.com/.

The Prompts I Used

[These images have disappeared!]

Not very many, I know, but I tried. 🙂


Ten Seconds to 2nd Grade

    “Gem Farjon, you have ten seconds to get down those stairs! Do you hear me, young lady? Ten!”

Gem sighed and stood up. “Good-bye, Shelley,” she said to the chair opposite her. “I guess I’m going to have to go again. I know we don’t spend much time together any more, but we’ll figure it out, ok?”


In Gem’s mind, Shelley nodded.

“I’ll tell the rest of my story later. And then I’ll tell you another. The one about the burnt rose,” she added. The burnt rose was a fairytale her grandfather had made up. She didn’t remember him – he’d died when she was a little baby – but he had been an author and written her a story.

“Eight! Gem, I mean it! It’s time for school. And you’d better have your room picked up, too, young lady! You’re seven whole years old; it’s time for you to be responsible!”

Gem scurried to pick up her clothing.


Gem heard her mother’s steps coming towards her room. Thankfully, Mrs. Farjon paused a few doors down the hall.

“Louisa, aren’t you supposed to be going to school, too?” she asked Gem’s big sister.

The evil school-enforcer, Gem thought.

“Yes, Mamma, but I wanted to finish this chapter first. It’s a great book! Here, listen to this. ‘She parted the leaves to reveal a throne. I pulled at my shirt. “It’s hot.” “It has to be hot to ride her ice-cold heart of stone.”’ What do you think of that?”

“I think you’re reading trashy novels again. Gem, six!”

Gem shoved her pajamas under her bed, pushed Daisy’s chair, her chair, the table, and the tea-set into her closet, and slammed the door. Poor Shelley! Gem thought, then, No, a second grader can’t have an imaginary friend. I shan’t have Shelley anymore.






    “Gem, are you ready to go to school?” Mrs. Farjon glanced about her room. “Well. It looks great in here. I am pleasantly surprised. Grab your backpack.”

Yes, that is the same character from the last prompt, only many years younger and going by her childhood nickname. 🙂

~Kellyn Roth


20 thoughts on “FNWC, Challenge #2

        1. Honestly, I based the Farjons a little off the characters from Philadelphia Story and High Society.

          Yes, I know you and no one else has heard of those movies … they’re about upper-classy people in the 1930s and 40s. They’re old movies no one has heard of in years. 🙂

          1. I like old music so, I konw what you mean. My friends are like “what song do you wanna listen to?” and i’m like dont speak spiderwebs and they’re like “whaaaaa?”

  1. Interesting story…I like how it ends and how Gem gives up her imaginary friend. And “I think you’re reading trashy novels again.” Haha! That made me laugh. I was a little confused because Gem told Shelley that she’d tell her stories later but then decides she shouldn’t have an imaginary friend, but it didn’t disrupt the story much. Again, you did a really good job of fitting all the prompts in, and it was fun to read. Thanks for sharing!

    1. My mom tends to think I’m reading books that aren’t of the greatest quality (see “Christian trash” rant XD ) and … yeah, that’s where I got it. 😉

      1. That’s so funny, but it’s even funnier in the scene. I don’t know, it must have been the way you wrote it or something, but Gem’s sister sounds so eager and then their mom is just, “I think you’re reading trashy novels again” and immediately goes back to talking to Gem. *giggles* I love it.

  2. Oooooo I lluved it!!! It’s awsome how u took all these promts that seem made for some kinda future mysterious steampunck novel and fit them into a historical fiction scene! Totes cool!;-)

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