BIBPC, Category #6

Ok, it’s time for another BIBPC! This time the category is “action.” Well, a couple years back we went up to Wallowa with my grandparents in the fall.

wallowwallowa mountain

And it started to snow!

table snow

Can you believe it? It. Started. To. Snow.

tent snow


Well, Gidget, our dog, and snow have a love/hate relationship. She loves to play in it … but her way of playing is to bite it. So … she spent the larger part of our Wallow vacation eating it.

Therefore, my entry for BIBPC Category #6 is …

Gidget snow
Snow dog


~Kellyn Roth


8 thoughts on “BIBPC, Category #6

    1. Thanks! I just got it posted. I don’t know if it’s a little late for your time or not. I’m in Pacific Standard time and here it’s 5:30 … I don’t know what time it is there! Hopefully a bit before eight!

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