BIBPC, Category #5

bibpc poster 2

Well, it’s time for another BIBPC! 🙂 This week’s theme is flowers. So, here’s my humble contribution to Team Hummingbird …

Sunflower Bee
Sunflower Hill

I just love this picture! I took it the day before Easter when we had my nieces and nephews over to color eggs.





We colored them really fast (because there were a lot of us)! I was taking pictures of the egg-coloring process with my camera, and so when we’d finished, I decided to go outside with the kids and take pictures of all the springiness around us.


My niece Holly and I walked out into the field …


And then we reached the Sunflower Hill!


And I took a lot of pictures of sunflowers. Of course, taking pictures of these sunflowers involved a lot of careful stepping … this hill drops off rather suddenly, like so …


And the best sunflowers are always on the side of the hill, so to photograph them you have to hang half off the hill. Still, worth it! 😀

Well, I’d better post now! 🙂

~Kellyn Roth


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