BIBPC, Category #4

Well, it’s time for BIBPC again! Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for anything today. And, once again, my head is spinning. I, um, stayed up until 3 last night reading Catching Fire. And I like Peeta a lot more now. Though I still like Gale more.

Think about it.  Sure Katniss and Peeta share this traumatic experience, but Katniss wants to forget that, right? And what better way than to leave Loverboy behind and marry Gale?

Maybe I’m just being stubborn because I originally decided I liked Gale better, and my pride won’t let me back down. XD


Anyway … here’s my photograph for Category #4, which is “funny.”

Puppy in a Pot!


That’s Jake. He was a pup we had in 2013, but since then we have parted ways … and no, he didn’t die; we sold him. 🙂

One day, Mom was outside planting flowers in pots, and Jake just crawled into one and laid down. *grins* He was trouble, but oh so cute!

And … I know that’s not extremely funny, but I’m cutting close the deadline and I’m too exhausted to think of anything better, unfortunately. Maybe I’ll be able to think of something more original for the next category.

~Kellyn Roth


20 thoughts on “BIBPC, Category #4

  1. Well, he IS cute, which might constitute as funny… XD Maybe you wouldn’t be so tired at the end of the day if you went to sleep BEFORE midnight?? 😉


      1. Me too! And in the morning!
        Once I’m out of school, I’m going to get up SUPER early in the morning (4:30 ish), go to sleep right after lunch (1:00 ish), then wake up in time for dinner (7:15 ish). And go to bed between one and three in the morning.

        1. Goodness, that’s an interesting schedule! I wouldn’t be able to follow it, though, I don’t think. There’s so much noise around here in the afternoons with the boys running around and stuff.

          1. Or if one guy likes a girl but she likes another guy but that guy likes a different girl and that girl likes the first guy…

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