Interview with Kate (the Scatterbrained Seamstress)

Hi, y’all! Did a fun little interview with a friend of mine from the blogging world, Kate (also known as the “Scatterbrained Seamstress.” 🙂

Hello, Kate, glad to have you here today! Are you ready for this?

Ready as I’ll ever be!

Good. Let’s go!

If you met a dragon, what would you do?

First off, I would probably scream because FIRE. Then I would be all excited and take a ton of pictures. And I would end up a burnt crisp in the end for trying to hug the dragon.

What if you woke up in a strange place with your memory erased?

I have no idea. I’d probably be immensely confused and pretty annoyed.

Where would you go if you found a time-traveling machine?

I would go to the past.

What would you do?

I would meet my favorite historical figures from the past.

Who would you meet?

Clementi, J.K. Rowling, Bach, inventor of sewing machine

Do you think you’d get into a lot of trouble there?

I’d probably accidentally become my dad’s love interest (*cough cough* Marty McFly *cough cough*). Not really. I might pull out my phone to take a picture with Bach and mess up the whole time continuum.

Are you writing a book for Camp NaNo this year?

Yes, I’m writing a royalty era/fantasy novel named “Masked Intent.”

What’s it about?

Since I’m really bad at summarising my own novels, here’s the summary:

Melly Aldridge is different. She’s trapped in a life filled with chore upon chore, her only solace the mischievous Samuel who knows Melly better than anyone else. Her parents were hung for treason when she was nine by a King whose son was Melly’s childhood friend. Suddenly, the memories she had buried and tried to forget are upturned, and Melly is forced to return to the palace, the place where her parents were murdered and her heart was broken. But as she learns the secrets of her past and discovers new ones, she must choose between old friendship or new love, adventure or familiarity, and perhaps life or death.

Very vague, I know. You’ll just have to wait until it’s published. 😉

Where’d you get the idea?

A dream. It was an awesome dream, and right when I woke up I wrote onto a piece of paper, and Masked Intent was born.

Do you think you’ll write a sequel?

Yes, I’ve already got plans for the plot ;).

What’s your favorite book? (I’m so evil!)

Very very evil. I’m going to do three because I’m very evil too (mwa ha ha). Red Queen, The Book Thief, and The Secret Life of Bees.

Your favorite character in fiction (other than your own)?

I would have to say Lily Owens from The Secret Life of Bees. She has some lovely character development and is just a well thought out character overall.

What are your plans for the future as a writer?

To actually publish Masked Intent (and of course finish it/edit it)

As a blogger?

To blog once a week.

Do you like cheetos? If you haven’t had them, do you think you would?

Cheetos are delicious, especially with a glass of milk. Mmm!

Oh, yeah! 😀

What music are you listening to?

Twenty One Pilots. They’re my favorite band and just plain awesome.

What’s your favorite kind of pie?

Key Lime.

Do you have any pets?

I have two fish named Luna and Tim. 🙂

How about siblings (not so fun as pets, I know)?

I have four siblings, from ages 1 to 10 and they drive me insane, but hey, I love ’em.

Do you have a favorite color?

Any shade of blue, but especially seafoam greenish blue.

How about a favorite food to have for dinner?

Pork Tenderloin with asparagus and mashed potatoes. My mouth waters just typing it.

A favorite dessert?

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Do you have anything to say to all these lovely readers? (You know, assuming we’re not the only ones here!) 😉

If you’re doing Camp Nano: go write!!
Everyone else: ignore the last sentence 🙂
Thanks so much for interviewing me, Kellyn! Its been fun.

Thanks for reading everyone! Have a *slightly sarcastic voice* great Monday!

~Kellyn Roth

p.s. I probably won’t be doing a review today, but there’s a slight possibility of it happening if I have extra time and my guilty feelings about bombing you with posts on off-days as-of-late goes away.


Kate is an aspiring artist from the US who enjoys writing, sewing, reading, and drawing. You can find her at Between The Sky and Me, her writing blog, or at Scatterbrained Seamstress, her sewing blog.


48 thoughts on “Interview with Kate (the Scatterbrained Seamstress)

  1. Hey, that’s me! ;p
    Just a small thing, but its a ‘c’ nor a ‘k’ for scatterbrained in the title :p.
    Thanks again for interviewing me!

  2. OOH HI KATE 😀 Cool interview! I learned some new things about you–what kind of fish do you have? I definitely want to see Masked Intent get published and–nooo you can’t make me wriiiteee… *is totally not behind*

    1. *knows you are totally behind* GO WRITE I FORCE YOU NOW *or we can word war 😉 ;)*
      Tim is a blue guppyish thing and Luna is a sunburst platy.
      *gives you a signed copy of Masked Intent that is yet to be finished and edited and reviewed and sold to a super big publishing company and top the best sellers lists for 52 weeks*
      You’re welcome.

      1. WHAT HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS BEHIND? And…I did write, a little bit. Ish. I’m still behind though.

        Ooh, they sound awesome. I think I had a fish once and it died because I didn’t feed it or I didn’t clean out its tank.

        Ooh, thanks so much! On the bestseller lists for a year, huh? It sounds great! 🙂 And a signed copy? It’s…it’s like I actually know the author personally! *fangirls*

          1. Hehe. Kate, when you’re a published author on the bestseller lists, just remember who your first fangirlers were…

        1. hehe *fangirls with you because she knows the author even more personally*
          oh, poor fish.

              1. I’m patient. I mean, sort of. I mean … when I have to be patient, I’ll be patient even though I’m impatient. XD That made … lots of sense.

                1. Lots of sense, definitely. You’re a patiently impatient person. Or if you’re waiting in line for the doctor, you could be a patiently impatient patient. *coughs* sorry bad sense of humor

                  1. *laughs* That’s ok … I’m used to kind of silly jokes … I actually like them … and then I laugh … and everyone’s like, “You have no taste in humor.” XD

                    1. Hehe. I just make them up and people are like “Ha. Ha. So funny, Lana.” And I’m just over there laughing at my own jokes. I think they’re just so horrible that I either laugh or cry at my own bad-joke-making-ness, so I choose to laugh instead.

                    2. I actually think it’s fun to amuse myself. Everyone probably thinks I’m weird but I like laughing at my own jokes. It makes me happy.

          1. *more fangirling* *buys book* *draws pictures of characters and hangs them on my wall*

            AH AH AH BUT I MEAN…

                    1. Well, you can sleep after you write! Or you could sleepwrite, though that would be difficult and it probably wouldn’t make much sense…

                    2. We should! Then we could use the time used sleeping to our best advantage.

                      Of course, sleepwriting would probably yield some very…interesting results, but at least we’d be writing. 🙂

                    3. Haha, probably. 😀 Actually, they would probably be worse, because my dreams are really weird at times.

                    4. *nods in agreement* Yeah … my dreams are super weird. Like that one time when we were at the park and we slid down a slide and landed in this Alice-in-Wonderland place and there were the little doors and they got smaller and smaller and suddenly we were in this little room with a teakettle … yeah.

                    5. I’m confused just listening to you talk about it, hehe. I can’t remember any of the weird dreams I’ve had off the top of my head (except for one, but that’s only vague and it’s really long anyway).

    2. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind … but I’m pretending not to be by saying I never really wanted to do more than write a little every day, anyway, and I have been writing a little (three or four words …) every day. XD

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