Describe the Days of the Week as People

Lily tagged me, and so here I am, describing the days of the week as people! 😀

The Rules:

Tag the person who tagged you.
Describe each day of the week as if it was a person.
Tag as many people as you like.
Have fun!


Monday is a always-rushed, work-obsessed single mom. She wakes up early each morning, pins her honey-blonde hair into a tight blonde, puts on a sensible amount of makeup, gets her kids breakfast, drives them to school, and hurries to her job, working as an accountant for a huge business cooperation.


Tuesday is a happy, easy-going, though tired, elderly man. He spends most of his time fishing. He lives in a cabin up in the woods. He’s been retired for a number of years, and his children and grandchild visit him often, though he prefers to be by himself with his dog, Brett.


Wednesday is a little girl with strawberry-blonde braids. She has freckles and light blue eyes. She’s a bit of a tomboy who loves playing with the boys. She especially loves baseball. Wednesday has three big brothers who push her around a bit, but she can usually keep up with them … and even best them, sometimes!


Thursday is a misunderstood musician. He has written many songs though no one seems to like them. But he dreams of having all his songs published someday. In the meanwhile, he works at McDonalds and lives in a crummy little apartment.


Friday is a young upper-class woman from the Victorian era. Though proper on the outside, she has a secret desire to become a writer. Afraid of what Society will think of her, she refrains from telling anyone about her talent.


Saturday is a rebellious teen. She sleeps in until eleven or twelve whenever she has the chance. She doesn’t really like – or talk to – anyone. She is constantly wearing headphones which are turned WAAAAAY up, and you won’t see her without her phone! Where she goes, it goes. She spends the greater majority of her life sending pictures of cats to her friends.


Sunday is an old woman from long ago. She is very strict and cold-looking on the outside, but she has a soft, gentle heart. She spends most of her time attending charity events.


I tag David, LanaMorgan, and KA. Anyone else who wants to do this can consider themselves tagged! 😛

~Kellyn Roth


5 thoughts on “Describe the Days of the Week as People

  1. I can’t believe I only read this now… 😛 I love your answers!
    Oh and that creepy photo you guys were talking about came from me. XD What? I couldn’t find anything else! 😛

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