Reveries’s New Schedule

Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Lend me your ears!

(Do you like my introductory line? I made it up myself! 😉 )

Starting today, there will be a new organizational system on Reveries. I will be posting four times a week whenever possible. The post days will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and one on the Weekend.

What will be happening on those days?

Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Every Monday (barring unforeseen circumstances), I will be posting an interview with an author (or other prestigious person, though I can’t think who) or a review of a book, movie, etc. I also may occasionally do a guest post, if I have a proper candidate. 😉

If you’re interested in being interviewed, having your book reviewed, or doing a guest post, don’t hesitate to contact me. Or if you’d like to tell me about a book you think I’d enjoy, let me know in the comments. 🙂

(Note: there are some genres of books I won’t read, such as horror, and some I don’t prefer, such as science fiction. I also like books to be reasonably clean. I don’t want to read anything with much bad language, sexual content, etc.)

The Opinionated Author

The Opinionated Author 1

This will essentially be my “opinion” day. I’ll be writing posts such as Love Triangles, The Evil Subplot of Doom, or Character Plotting on Wednesdays. I may vary off writing “advice” on Wednesdays occasionally … well, whenever I don’t have any writing “advice” to give.

And, no. The pinecone in the above graphic has no purpose. Neither does the stick. Unless I have a sudden yearning to write a post about evergreens. But I don’t think I will.

And you can’t expect my posts to actually be witty, either. But, honestly, how many “w” words are there? Not. That. Many.

Poetry Teatime

Poetry Teatime

Poetry Teatime is something Mom, the boys, and me do every Friday morning. We sit down around the kitchen table, and Mom reads us poetry (and occasionally catches us up on history or whatever book we’re reading for enjoyment purposes) while we have a special treat (usually some form of cake) and drink tea.

Well, Mom drinks tea. Tad and I drink milk and James juice (or kool-aid if we have it). Unless the special treat includes a drink. Or I happen to feel like hot cocoa. I usually only feel like hot cocoa when we have marshmallows, though.

Nevertheless, it’s called Poetry Teatime, and every Friday I’ll be posting a poem, either penned by yours truly or by an actual poet. 😉

Note: I may also use Friday as a time to show off some of my photography … so be warned! 😉

From the Mixed-Up Files of Kellyn Roth

From the Mixed-Up Files of Kellyn Roth

A weekendly report from Kellyn Roth. This will essentially be author updates or just random stuff (hence the “mixed-up). A gentle warning for the orderly reader: I can be very arbitrary if I choose to be. 😉

This one may not be as consistent as the other three, being as it is a weekend posts and weekends can be alternatively super boring or super busy for me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This schedule will help me not be so stressed. This way I can actually know WHAT I’m supposed to be posting. Or have a general idea. Instead of floundering wildly for a idea for something to post about.

 ~Kellyn Roth


21 thoughts on “Reveries’s New Schedule

  1. Yes, VERY ORIGINAL first line.
    “To be or not to be. That is the question”
    I made that one up, even though it’s in my social studies textbook. The textbook is OBVIOUSLY plagiarizing MY mind and given my underserved credit to some guy named Shakespeare.

  2. LOVE the intro line lol!!! (whenever I hear ‘lend me your ear’ I get this horrifying vision of a person cutting off his ear with a chainsaw and handing it to the person who wanted it)
    (so, aside from that scarring vision, the intro line is awesome!) 😉

    The new schedule is quite brilliant as well!
    I think my fave post day will be apinionated author day
    from the mixed up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, er, Kellyn Roth.
    (have you seen that book?)(er I mean READ that book?)
    (it was like the first book I ever read)(*sighs in contentment*)(it brings back many happy childhood memories)(*smiles*)

    Happy saterday!

    1. I have read that book! It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

      Yeah … it’s actually a quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar … *sighs* I have no great, immortal lines of my own so I have to steal his. XD

      1. Oh wait so you were being sarcastic when you said “i made it up myself”?
        And Rose Lawson was being sarcastic when she said “VERY ORIGINAL first line”?
        I guess I, ahem, took yall too literally.
        *awkward silence*
        *backs away slowely*

  3. Its one of those books were i love it more for the happy memories it brings back than for the actuall book itself….I used to absolutely LOVE it, like, for itself, back when I was 11. But then I started loving it for happy memos 😉 I really identified with Claudia…..we both had this longing to stretch our wings and fly….we both wanted change….we wanted to shake the shackles of life fly into the sunset….*sigh*….(#so deep you had to break out the Kleenex)


    1. Oh, Bailey …. *smiles indulgently*

      So … I’ve been reading straight Elsie Dinsmore. HEEEEEELP!!!!! MY BRAIN IS FALLING OUT!!!!!!!!

      Am I the only person who feels, like, really guilty whenever I read Elsie Dinsmore? Like, SHE MAKES IT SEEM SO EASY TO BE PERFECT!!!

      1. *pets kell*
        I know girl, its hard. I feel ya, I know. I had a hard time with them theres elsie dinsmore too, but, all good things must come to an end, and now I really do like elsie dinsmore…even if shes like, got no fire in her….I read the hunger games last night….Whew! Talk about being left emotionally drained and scarred and aching! After I finished at like 2am I felt like I had been in those games and now im trying to recover…by eating 4 bowls of cocoa puffs,(yay! mom bought cereal for once!)…I serroiysly feel awful now that Ive read it….;( …I don’t know how ill be able to continue with life…;(

      2. Oh, yay! Now both of you guys have read it!

        So you’ve only both read the first book, right? If you want to talk about emotional drainage read Mockingjay. It’s so darn sad! And then it turns out kind of okay in the end but…. *weeps* *wipes away tears* I guess they’re all sad though…. I’m just thinking Mockingjay because it’s the last one and then you got all the emotions from the other books heaped on… *coughs*

        This comment is getting pretty long. XD Anyway, great post Kel! I’m looking forward to seeing the posts you get from your schedule. 😀

  4. Having a schedule is such a good idea – it organises yourself and let’s your readers know when to log on for the latest post they might be interested in. I might try something like this for my own blog.

  5. Ooh, cool! I’ll look forward to all of these posts, and I think having a schedule is a cool idea (though personally I think it would stress me out more, whereas it stresses you out less). Also, I commend you for doing 4 posts a week–I have my hands full just trying to do 2. Oh, and I love the header photo–so pretty! 🙂

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