Poetry Teatime, 3/4/16: Ode to a Plateful of Peas

Poetry Teatime

As a child, I could be a really picky eater. Actually, I still am a picky eater. And this is my five-year-old self sitting pouting at the table while my parents clean up dinner …

Ode to a Plateful of Peas

When I am grown, I’ll do as I please;

I’ll never eat your icky peas.

I’ll never, ever go to bed;

I’ll never do as anyone says.


I’ll never, ever read a bit,

Or do some math, less I see fit,

And as for dull geometry,

I shan’t know of the word! You’ll see!


I’ll live on sugar and on cream;

I’ll eat exactly when I deem,

And if someone says, “Time to wash!”

I’ll just say, “What a lot of bosh!”


When I am grown, I’ll do as I please;

I’ll never eat your icky peas.

Vegetables, Peas, Harvest, Food, Green, Frisch

I do realize that the rhythm is pretty off at times … but what do you think about it, other than that?

~Kellyn Roth

p.s. What do you think of the new look for the blog? What do you think of the “Poetry Teatime” banner?


12 thoughts on “Poetry Teatime, 3/4/16: Ode to a Plateful of Peas

  1. Love it!! Ya the ryme was off a lil bit, but other than that, tis terrific!!! 😉 (this is like the first poem you’ve ever wrote with the ryme off!)*gasp*(How could you!?) 🙂
    Haha and the banner is awesome! Like totes beautiful!! 😉
    But the new look for reveries is where I get my hate on! (haha jk jk!)(not hate)(that’s a strong word)(more like dislike)(ahem)(not even dislike, more like ‘not as much like’)(*stares confusedly at coment*)
    The new look is….well….its a look. (who do I sound like lol!?) 😉

    (I really love that pic of peas lol!) 🙂

    1. You love … the plate … of peas. Hmm.

      Well, I’m changing the look every thirty minutes as it is, so it probably won’t last. XD

      And … I don’t know. It must have been, like, a weird day for me. A rhymeless day. XD

      1. Yeah that plate of peas is cool looking!
        You gotta get some appreciation for the small stuff in life, girl! 😉
        Like sarah (cough cough eva cough cough) said, it really captures the grumpy five yr old fantaboulously!

        1. I know, I feel like that whenever I call her Sarah! Especially since I’ve know several other people called Sarah. And I can’t stop thinking about “Sarah, Plain and Tall.” Which Miss Briel sort of is. I mean, she’s tall … she’s not really all that plains ….

      2. Hey, if it makes you guys feel any better I feel weird being called Sarah/calling myself Sarah…

        You can call me… Minty. That’s more normal, right? You can even call me that IRL if you feel like it. XD Or, I don’t know, Vicky or Victoria would be fine (even though I’m not like her at all… *coughs*).

  2. I liked the old version better. (The white background/laptop thing on top, not one of your other million themes. XD)

    The poem is nice. I think it captures the grumpy five-year-old very well. 😀

    1. Yep. I do admit that I must have been a pretty grumpy fire-year-old at dinnertime, though I think I was a wee bit better throughout the rest of the day (when I wasn’t forced to eat). 😉 😀 🙂

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