Sleep Deprivation Hillarities

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22 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation Hillarities

  1. Ohmygoodness kelly!!!! 😉 These made me die!!!! (of laughter of course) 😉 I think my fave was the money one and the riley one! Those were out of this world funny!!! 😉
    Thanks for the laughs, kell! 😉

  2. Those were funny. My cousin has a life-size Princess Leia cutout attached to her door. Does that count as a girl way?

  3. Those were some funny mistakes! I especially liked going to the store to buy some money. 😀 That’s my favorite hobby! 😉 I made a silly mistake the other day. I was studying for a test, and I had to memorize the phrase, ‘The Present is the key to the past’. I said it aloud, except I said ‘The key is the present to the past’. XD


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