Nothing More From Life by Kellyn Roth

Rain, Floor, Water, Wet, Drops

It’s been raining pretty hard for a couple days now. Our yard is pretty drenched. But you know what? I like the rain! And that inspired the following poem:

Nothing More From Life

I ask nothing more from life

Than to stand out in the rain

And smell the air so crispy fresh

And feel myself grow sane.


I ask nothing more of life

Than to in the puddles leap

And walk through the freezing air

And wade through cold stream deep.


I ask nothing more from life

Than a crackling fire

A book, hot cocoa, and a blanket

That is my heart’s desire!


To be fair, this ^ was taken the day before yesterday … before the rain began … as evidenced by the sunlight … but I had to share this adorableness with the world. 😉 She has her teddy! Well, technically, my old doll’s teddy. It’s so cute!

Well? What do you think (of the poem, not the cat)? Constructive criticism is welcome! 🙂

~Kellyn Roth


8 thoughts on “Nothing More From Life by Kellyn Roth

    1. Jensen’s Grammar. It’s terrible. Soooo stupid! I already know all this junk and what I don’t know, I’m never going to use! Am I going to be writing along in a story and suddenly go “Wow … that’s a infinitive! Suddenly my book just got better!” No, I’m not. But mom says I’ve got to do one year of English grammar according to the program we’re doing … so I have to endure this. 🙂


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