What? Marketing!?

Well, I think I’ve finally worked the glitches out of The Dressmaker’s Secret! Now I’ve got to think about marketing.


I haven’t even begun (or at least not very much, besides this blog) but that was because I wasn’t really seriously thinking of more than getting a paperback of my own to show off  and maybe selling a few to close friends. And maybe some of you. 🙂

And saving the big dreams for someday. I’m unfortunately the kind of person who tends to live a little too much in the future.

Like, completely in the future.

As in, tomorrow I’m gonna practice my clarinet, next week I’m going to start eating well, next month I’m going to buy a mansion in Hawaii, in a couple decades I’m gonna do this and that and that and this.

But I want to try to see if I can’t get people to read my book now. Why not? After all, that’s why I published it, right?

And I know next to nothing about marketing. Oh, well. Probably I can find out everything I need to know on Google. 😉

How am I gonna find out? Well, I’m thinking about asking the advice of a professional author I happen to know. She’s, um, my sister. Please don’t give me that look! 😉 I did not inherit my talented writing from her and I’m sure if she were an electrician instead I still would’ve become an author.

Or maybe I’d be an electrician …. Deep thoughts.

I know that a lot of marketing has to do with social media … Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.

So a lot of marketing for me is gonna be nagging my mom …

Wish me luck! (or, you know, send your prayers. 🙂 Prayers are definitely more effective)

~Kellyn Roth


5 thoughts on “What? Marketing!?

  1. Lol! Kell, you make me laugh!
    I’ll help you buy that mansion in Hawaii! 😉

    I’ll be praying for you, ’cause I sure would be lost if I had to, uh, market my book. 😉

  2. There’s a writing blog I found that’s giving a email course thingy about marketing and stuff that’s free until…end of January. Lemme see if I can find that for you. I don’t know if it’ll be helpful (I signed up for it, but haven’t actually watched the videos, eheh oops), but hopefully.

    Aha, here. http://www.shesnovel.com Look for something about “Bestseller Blueprint” or something.

    I’ve actually been reading up on marketing somewhat. Finding other blogs that you can guest-post for about something and then have a little bio-thingy that mentions your book can be helpful. Also, finding people to do an ARC-review type thing. (Basically, they get the book for…free, I think?…and in return, they write up an honest review for you on their blog or whatever. I’ve never done an ARC review, so I’m not totally sure how it works.)
    Mostly what I’ve found is you want to start the marketing for a book about a month before it comes out, but I suppose that isn’t so much helpful here.

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